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   Chapter 8 NO.8

MAFIA INDEBTED (Mafia Series 1) By NSH_SHAHEEN Characters: 14614

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Shehryaar tried to calm himself down and breathed in deeply.

Fuck, she just knows how to push my buttons.

He clenched his teeth and released her hair. Opening his eyes, he saw her stilled in her state of shock. The hit marks on her face were bright red now and he felt disgusted at himself for treating his future wife with such hostility but he couldn't help it. She forced his hand at it and he wouldn't hesitate to repeat it again if she repeated her outbursts again. He didn't mind her bravery or her courage for stating her opinions but what he didn't approve of was the blatant disrespect that she showed him and that's what he didn't tolerate in the least.

Closing his eyes and opening them again, he tried to be a little less aggressive and carefully took her arms and pulled her to her feet. She was still in shock and didn't respond to his touch so he carefully caressed her cheeks, the hit from his calloused hands were forming bruises on both her cheeks. Her eyes blinked at the tears that formed and she began to quiver under his touch but didn't dare to push his hand away as she saw his cold grey eyes slightly soften.

"Anissa, I will only say this once so be sure to always remember this; I do not, under any circumstances, tolerate disrespect, disobedience or lack of discipline." He stated resolutely.

"I've waited a long time for you, meri tara, " he murmured and carefully caressed her bruised cheek. She flinched from the pain and began to sob.

What have I gotten myself into? She thought woefully.

"I should make you my mistress since I've already kidnapped you—but I want to give you the place of respect and dignity that you deserve by my side. That's why, I'll give you a choice; either way there is no escape. You should consider yourself lucky that I want to marry you." He muttered his voice low and a bit gentle but to Anissa it was harsh and domineering as always.

"Now, I will take you back home and you convince your parents to have you married off to me within this week; however you do that is up to you and I will give you only 24 hours to make up their mind and give me a verdict." He declared and stared deep into her hazel orbs. They were still glistening with tear. Carefully, he wiped them off with his thumbs and gave her a small smile, one that was vicious and held many promises. "However fail to do so then I will forcibly take you and make you my mistress." He deadpanned.

Her eyes widened and before she knew it, her palm went up and slapped him hard against his cheek. Her hand stung from the impact but she didn't retreat and held her ground. He turned back his face and smirked.

"Feisty as always, meri tara." He uttered in amusement. She just couldn't fathom what kind of a sick person this man really was.

"Stop calling me that! I am not your tara." She snapped. "And I will not marry you!" she proclaimed fearlessly.

"How dare you even try to assume that you could force anything on me? I'm a free person and I have my own rights. I will not accept this!" she shrieked and half expected him to hit her but to her amazement, he burst into a fit of laughter—she couldn't figure out what part of her words held so much amusement for him that he laughed this hard.

"Oh Anissa, " he drawled, her name rolling off of his tongue so smoothly. "You became mine the second I laid my eyes on you." He asserted. "And I love that fire in your eyes—this fire burns like amber in your eyes. I fucking love it, " he assessed and came within close proximity of her. Before she could move back, he had cupped her cheeks and leaned closer. "I can't wait for those eyes to burn brighter when I will have you begging under me while I fuck you." He whispered in her ear, causing cold chills to crawl in her skin. She slapped his hand away and immediately backed off.

"Don't touch me!" she hissed. "I will not marry you. So you better let me leave right now or else." She asserted, earning yet another amused fit of laughter from him.

"Do you seriously think that I could let you leave? You clearly underestimate me, babe." He stated in English and took a step forward in her direction. "And what can you do exactly? You aren't in any position to be making demands or more or less threatening Me." he stated, all the humor and amusement wiped off of his face. His eyes darkened, the grey hidden under the black

thinking, she fired at them, hitting one of the men in the leg and the other one in the thigh.

The adrenaline rush enabled her to make a run for her life. Blood drummed in her ears and energy coursed through her body. She dashed through the carpeted lobby way. She looked back and saw that no one was following her but she didn't stop and made a run for the emergency exit. Climbing down the stairs, she willed her legs to keep carrying her down. Blood pounded in her ears and her heart raced, her breathing harsh and contricted. Her hands kept her grip on the handle of the gun firm while she kept looking back and was surprised that no one was following her. But she wasn't out of it yet and didn't let relief wash up her senses. She knew she wouldn't be getting out so easily. As she approached the ground floor, she made her way to the crowded lobby of the hotel.

She slid the gun in the pocket of her white coat and quickly passed her hands through her hair to look a bit casual and composed as she willed her shaking legs to carry her towards the exit through the sophisticated crowd. People gawked at her in surprise as she made her way to the exit but she didn't bear them any mind.

I need to get out before he catches up to me.

She made it to the exit and frantically looked around for a taxi or any vehicle that she could land her hands on in order to flee from this place. And to her luck, she saw a car standing open with the driver's seat door wide open. It was empty and without much thought, she ran to the open door of the car and climbed in. the key was already in the ignition so she quickly turned it and pressed on the accelerator. Within seconds she was speeding away from the tall building of the Grand Hotel Islamabad. Her eyes kept looking in the rear mirror and when she saw that he wasn't being followed, she finally breathed a sigh of relief.

"Oh thank God!" she exclaimed and tears of joy crept in her eyes and her taut muscles relaxed. Within a minute, she drove into an empty road that led straight to the motorway and geared up in the direction of her home. Relief was the least that she felt as utter excitement and victory washed up her being. She couldn't believe the situation that she was in but thankfully, she got out of it.

Her heart was still pounding and her cheeks were still flushed. She felt her lower lip swell up. Feeling repulsed, she wiped her mouth with her sleeve and continued driving within the limits. As she approached the toll plazas, she could hardly contain her respite.

Another few meters and I'll be home free.

However, her joy was short lived when she saw two sleek black cars approach in her direction from the rear mirrors.

The black tinted windows moved down and her eyes widened when she saw a man in a mask come out of the window of the moving car with a shot gun in his hands.

No no no!

She saw him aim in her direction.

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