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   Chapter 7 NO.7

MAFIA INDEBTED (Mafia Series 1) By NSH_SHAHEEN Characters: 10317

Updated: 2018-05-18 21:55

"What?" she asked in complete shock, her mind unable to understand. He smiled a small smile, his thumb caressing her lower lip. "Compose yourself and come out in the patio. Then we'll talk." He said and let go of her chin and stood up, towering her being.

"Oh, and don't get any crazy ideas about running away. This place has high security. You so much as put a foot out of this place and you will be shot down. Keep that in mind." He stated, his cold eyes mercilessly unfeeling. With that said, he walked out of the room.

Tears were already falling out of her eyes as she tries to comprehend the situation that she was in: she was kidnapped by none other than the man who had come to her house with a marriage proposal. What he wanted from her was beyond her comprehension at the moment. However, one thing was clear that she should anticipate what every kidnapper would want: her.

He wants me? But why? What did I ever do to him? What could he possibly want from me?

She wasn't coming from a rich family and her parents were never in any sort of trouble with anyone then all that was left behind was her. The veins in her head were throbbing badly against her temples as she tried to put two and two together. Because she knew that this wasn't the first time she was in a situation like this. Before her mind could come up with absurd things and her imagination ran wild, she tried to clear her head and focus.

I need to think straight. I need to handle this problem with my head. She tried to be brave. Now wasn't the time for her to show weaknesses. Trying to calm herself down, she tried to get up: her limbs were badly shaking but she managed to stand. Straightening her shirt, she realized that she was still in her white coat and her hand bag was nowhere to be seen.

Perfect! Just when I needed it the most too. She fought against the fear and made her way towards the door. Adjusting the dupatta properly on her head, she headed towards the living room. At first she was left in awe of the luxurious surroundings that she was in however that wasn't her concern at the moment. I need to figure out what this mad man wants from me so that I can leave. She scanned the room and tried to look for any way to escape but unfortunately found none. All the windows were grilled and the only two double doors that she found were locked and bolted. Gulping and mustering up her courage, she made her way to the open patio.

He smiled at her when he saw her approach the patio in all her grace. "Please have a seat." He gestured towards the seat across from him. She narrowed her eyes at him but sat down nonetheless. It was almost evening as she saw the sun setting in the sky.

"I'm glad that you have a smart head on your shoulders. I wouldn't want to discipline you again on your bad conduct." He stated. She flinched at his cold response.

She swallowed hard and looked at him: observing her surroundings and looking for anything that she could use in case if the situation turned bad. Now that she looked at him, he was wearing a suit jacket and a black handle on a g

s and before he knew it, his hand slapped her again on her face and she screamed, feeling the sharp pain sting at her cheek. "I fucking came to your house and tried to respectfully take you but you and your fucking parents dared to insult me? Me, the fucking mafia king of the country!" he shouted. "I was decent enough to respect you and your family but clearly that isn't want you want. It's not good enough is it? I ought to make you my mistress and fuck you instead!" his voice rose octaves high. "You have no idea who the fuck you are talking to right now. I ought to whip you until you bleed for this disobedient and disrespectful outburst."

Her eyes widened and her mouth went dry as it hung open. Not at his threats but rather the vclaim that he made—his words echoing in her mind.

The mafia king? As in the leader of the vicious MMM group from Karachi?

Never in a million years had Anissa thought that she would be facing the leader of the most powerful mafia in the country. The identity of the leader of the mafia was kept hidden from the public but his malicious and merciless killings and acts were infamous throughout the country. Anissa wasn't that much of a news person or a socialite but she knew about the recent kidnappings and government bombing in which the MMM gang leader took responsibility, causing fear and unrest throughout the country.

She never thought that this handsome man, who was the CEO of Pakistan's most powerful cooperate firm could possibly be the mafia king. He was sought by the FBI as well as the Pakistan Army inteligence for all his illegal acts and gang wars going on in the Sikhai region in central Pakistan.

When Shehryaar saw the familiar flash of recognition cross her hazel eyes, he felt his anger subside a little and smirked. "Yes, meri tara, I am Shehryaar Ghulari, the leader of the MMM mafia gang. Also, I am your future husband." He declared, his voice smooth and assertive.

Anissa felt her world come crashing down. She gawked at him in disbelief.



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