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   Chapter 6 NO.6

MAFIA INDEBTED (Mafia Series 1) By NSH_SHAHEEN Characters: 9961

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"The dealings in Lahore were sorted out. We have to send in capital through Karachi to make this project complete. The Chinese investors want to discuss about options for Gwadar as well."

"Hmm, I see. Handle it carefully Zameer." He ordered and the man nodded in affirmation. His secretary left with the given orders and when they were certain that no one is present, Zameer, who was tall lean man with pitch black hair and eyes stared at his boss with utmost seriousness.

Shehryaar eyes him blankly and motioned his finger for him to stay silent; he had noticed the change in Zameer's body posture which made him understand that what they were about to talk about was about his 'other' business. Shehryaar pushed a button in the left side of the his desk and immediately, the familiar click of the doors and windows indicated that they were now locked in a soundproof environment with multiple cameras footage being revealed on the computer screen on his desk.

Motioning two fingers for him to speak, Zameer began, his dark eyes void of emotions and his face completely blank. "We caught the spy. Apparently he had not only been supplying the eastern mob with our supplied but also had been sabotaging a few of our shipments to Dubai." He said.

Rage flashed in his grey eyes. Shehryaar held no regard for traitors. He dared to betray him! Red hot anger pulses through his veins. He wasn't surprised since the eastern mob had been growing strong lately but what he didn't expect was that one of his one people would turn out to be the spy. He trusted all his men. He was a leader, a Mafia boss of the most dangerous gang in the country, the Mutehda Muhajir movement (united emigrates' movement) party that was on the surface a political party fighting for the rights of the emigrants who came from the neighbouring countries yet in truth, it was a malicious Mafia gang that recruited and trained emigrants and made them into killing machines. Shehryaar held power over them and was the leader of a hundreds of thousands of men. In time he would be so powerful that he could easily overthrow the government and take over. But recently, his half brother Nawaz, who was the illegitimate son of his father, had become the gang leader in the east and started conspiring against him. It was easy for Shehryaar to be done away with him but he had bigger plans that's why he was being patient and letting his fucked up brother make his small efforts in trying to distract him. But this was beyond enraging when he learned that now he was making traitors out of his own men: men that HE owned! the mere mention of one of his own people betraying him made him angry beyond compare.

"What else?" He growled, his voice calm but his eyes said otherwise. Zameer knew this side of Shehryaar all too well.

"We interrogated him yesterday. The bastard wasn't speaking much in the beginning, but when we started with cutting off his fingers one by one, it didn't take long for him to open

d for support as sheer terror began to clench at her heart when she saw Shehryaar move towards her.

"S-stay where y-you are!" She stammered in a broken voice, her hand moving up in silent demand. A deep throaty chuckle vibrated from his chest as he kept moving towards her until he reached her hand and gently took it his.

"I don't think that you're in any position to make demands." He claimed, his voice dead serious.

Her eyes widened and as if his touch burnt him, she instantly snatched her hand away. She began to run in the direction from which he came only to have him catch her by her waist and hold her strongly against his chest.

"No!" She screamed and began to punch his chest only to earn another amused chuckle from him. "Let me go! Let me go!" She shrieked. Her heart was hammering against her ribcage as cold terror sealed through her skin and made her senses hyper aware. He on the other hand was enjoying her little outburst until amusement got replaced by annoyance.

"Enough!" His loud voice was enough to silence anyone but she wasn't having it and kept punching and clawing at him. Sighing, he released her waist and backhanded her, hitting her cheek and causing her to fall on the floor.

Touching her cheek, she felt the sting of the hit and looked up at him in shock and fear: no one had ever raised so much as a finger on her and this man had raised his hand on her. He just fell in her eyes even lower.

"You done? If you are then now we can talk like adults instead of you acting like a spoilt brat because trust me I will not hesitate to put you in your place." He deadpanned, making Anissa gulp and her already shaking body began to shiver more.

"Wh-what do you want?" She inquired, her voice breaking. He smirked and squared to her level, grabbing her chin gently, her stared deep into her hazel eyes, causing knots to form at the pit of her stomach. "Isn't it obvious by now?" He said, his eyes twinkling with mischief.

"I want you."

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