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   Chapter 24 NO.24

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Sadia was lost in a daze.

She never knew that she had taken so many things for granted.

As she sat in a patio, her eyes kept wandering to the view surrounding her.

And Zameer kept his eyes on Sadia. She sat gracefully with her shoulders squared, her legs crossed and her hands resting on her left knee. Her face was turned away from him and he appreciated it. It gave him the opportunity to look at her.

She was beautiful without a doubt. And now she was his wife. He couldn't help but admire her. By all means, she could be his. But he knew that it wasn't possible. And more then anything, he shouldn't even be thinking about her in such ways.

As he saw her face, so bright with the look of contentment. Her eyes: if she would just turn his way and let him gaze into those unique eyes, then it would certainly make his day.

"Do you like this place?" Zameer asked in hopes that she would turn. And indeed she did. Sadia turned her face around, her eyes sparing a glance until she lowered her eyes and that action alone irritated Zameer. He wanted to look into her eyes but she never gave him any chance to avail the opportunity.

"Yes," she replied in a mere whisper.

"It's a nice relief from a confinement, at least." She managed to finish the whole sentence, feeling relaxed a little after so long. She felt so comfortable to breath in the fresh air and enjoy the beauty of nature. She never knew that these small things mattered so much. Not until you lose it, you never realise it's worth.

"If you like it so much, you are welcome to come out here anytime you want." Zameer offered. Sadia's head snapped up, her eyes connecting with those of Zameer's. And Sadia found herself staring into his dark orbs and she couldn't stop. His gaze was soft yet guarded. All of a sudden, her mind flashed back to the moment she had last locked eyes with him: he was so angry and livid then, with a look of a killer. But right now, he almost looked human. But as usual, her coyness didn't allow her to keep up with it and her eyes went back down.

Zameer, on the other hand, enjoyed the moment so much that when Sadia looked away, he chuckled in amusement.

She's so adorable. He thought to himself and he didn't stop himself from adoring her. She deserved it.

"You will.....let me move freely?" She whispered.

Zameer looked at Sadia and chuckled when he realised what she meant.

"It's not what you might be thinking Dr. Sadia." He fixed his hard gaze on her to make her know that what he was saying, he meant each word.

"I would let you roam free but only within this establishment. And don't think that I'm allowing this because I trust you."

"You don't?" Sadia inquired.

Zameer chuckled lowly and then smiled. "It's not a matter of trust more like a matter of knowing what measures were taken to guard this place. And it is those measures that I trust." He stated. A maid came around with a trolly full of treats and goodies. The maid proceeded to pour the their cups of tea.

Zameer kept his watchful gaze on Sadia. He observed her as she sipped on her tea, her neck constantly bowed down and her eyes set on the ground. Her actions were poised, gentle and graceful. Even now, every aspect of her screamed ladylike. Ever so attractive.

Sadia didn't show any reaction to what he had said. So to make things a little more clear, Zameer decided to ruffle her feathers a little.

"What are you thinking about Dr. Sadia?" Zameer said, his voice deep. Sadia noticed his tone and her cheeks immediately coloured as her heart began to pace. She was nervous. More then nervous, she was feeling agitated. Zameer's gaze was on her, she could feel it burn on her face. And she didn't like it one bit because it was making her feel self conscious. And because she wasn't wearing her contacts, she didn't dare raise her eyes. Without her contacts, she felt naked at the eyes.

Why am I reacting this way? She thought to herself, feeling annoyed with herself. But then again, she was always coy. And being alone with the opposite gender, and that to

se it. And for the first time, she noticed him. His short hair was wet and sticking to his forehead and the sides of his face. His strong jaw was prominent and his high cheek bones accentuated under the moonlight. And what was more, his soaked white shirt was stuck to his toned chest and she could literally see his sculpted figure through his soaked suit.

Sadia's cheeks flared up and her heart almost skipped a beat. Under any other circumstances, she had never allowed herself to look at him. Her eyes were always low.

But because she was so relaxed now and not on high guard, she looked at him.

And for the first time, she noticed how attractive and handsome he was. And what was more, when she locked her eyes with his, she saw something: His dark eyes were lustful, full of wanting and desire.....for her?

That made Sadia feel strange. Cold shivers ran down her spine. And she felt her skin burn. The pouring rain did little to distract her.

She almost sensed a pull. As if an invisible force was attaching her towards Zameer.

Zameer came close to her. His eyes were still locked with hers. He came so close that Sadia was only an inch away from her. Her chest was heaving and her cheeks were bright crimson that he could easily spot in the dark. He could sense her pacing heart. And he knew that she felt the same attraction towards him as he felt towards her but his was even more stronger.

The tension was too much.

Sadia couldn't think. All rational thought had left her mind. And her natural instincts took over. Her stomach felt weird, her heart was beating too fast and her breathing was becoming erratic.

Zameer moved, his head descending down. Sadia's face moved up as if almost on instinct and Zameer knew that she wanted the same as him. When he was close enough, he looked into her eyes and saw the anticipation there. She wanted it. She wanted him just as much as he desired her at the moment. But Zameer has to tread carefully. Unlike the last time, he didn't want to be impulsive.

So he was going to try and be careful.

Slowly, his lips connected to hers. And if there wasn't a zap of lightening in the skies, then they had most definitely felt her when their lips met.

Zameer was pressing his luck but Sadia didn't resist and when she closed her eyes, he knew that it was alright to proceed. And all of a sudden, he let his control slip and his arms wrapped around Sadia as he deepened the kiss.



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