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   Chapter 23 NO.23

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For Zameer, marriage never really meant much.

It was just another step up the hierarchical ladder. If it meant that he would gain a lot of advantage from any action then he was more then willing to do it. As long as the MMM, which was his whole life, stood to become even more powerful from those actions then he would certainly do it. And he never cared about his own individual self.

He was a nobody. He was an orphan, a street rat when the Ghulari twins had found him. And then he became somebody. He became their second in command. That's why he never hesitated in making the MMM a great mafia. His efforts were always centered around getting the job done no matter what it cost him.

But still, as he stared at the blank space which required his signature at the bottom of the marriage certificate, he couldn't help but feel hesitant.

Would I be feeling like this when I will have to sign it again? He thought to himself, thinking that would be feel the same way when he would be marrying Sarah Khwarizmi. He treated marriage as a game, just a show that he needed to put on. But as his eyes went up to Sadia who sat in the hospital bed, her face crestfallen, He couldn't help but think of what she had said to him.

'does the sanctity of marriage mean so little to you?'

Does it? Why am I even bothered with this anyway? Zameer thought as doubt threatened to plague his mind.

'Always protect her Zameer.' Shahzeb's words echoed in his head.

No, remember why you need her. He reminded himself and without further hesitation, he jolted down his name on the contract, thus entering into another opportunistic venture.

She's just Dr. Sadia to me. Nothing more and nothing less. He told himself.


She was married now.

She tried not to think about it but her thoughts seemed to wander in that particular direction ever since she had signed her name on the marriage contract.

It had been two days since then. She had been on edge, her thoughts going haywire. There was a constant feeling of guilt nagging at her, almost mocking her.

This wasn't how she had ever imagined getting married. But then again, she was someone who never gave any thought to men or marriage. She was always so goal oriented. And not to mention, she always knew that she had to marry her cousin so she never concerned herself with the topic of marriage until recently.

But still, she had never decorated any bright dreams about marriage. It never held much of an importance. She was still too young to be thinking about something as serious as marriage. But she valued the sanctity of marriage. However, she had to stop herself from feeling guilty about it.

And right now, her situation wasn't normal or ordinary. Her morals were not accepting her situation.

Please Allah, help me. She thought. This much she knew, she had to come up with a plan to escape and fast.

She jerked out of her thoughts when she heard the door open.

She didn't need to know who it was for she already: it was Zameer, her husband.

Husband? She scoffed lowly to herself.

Zameer was quick to notice.

"Everything alright?" He inquired. He had been checking up on her and so far her treatment was going well and she was better enough to leave.

"Y-yes," Sadia whispered, feeling self conscious.

Come on Sadia, hold yourself together. She reprimanded herself as she slowly sat up but found it a bit difficult since her body was fatigued from lack of exercise.

Zameer noticed and without a word, he approached her. Sadia immediately went rigid when she felt Zameer's arms around her shoulders as he helped her up.

"Um, you-"

"It's fine. I know you're still healing so no need to be uncomfortable about it." Zameer said and quickly maintained his distance from her once she was seated properly.

"The doctor gave me your report. You'll be discharged within another two days or so." He told. "You'll be under my supervision from now on. Your accommodations have been arranged." He informed in monotone.

Sadia nodded.

"What....will you do then?" She inquired in a low voice.

Zameer released a

ything in him to not pass a snide remark.

"What exactly happened that caused her to become like that?" He manages to ask, exercising control on his emotions.

Before Shehryaar could answer, a light knock on his door distracted him.


The door opened and Sadia came inside.

"I assumed you're done." Shehryaar's voice had turned cold all of a sudden. And for some reason, Zameer didn't like it one bit.

"Y-yes," Sadia kept her eyes downcast. It was one thing that she refused to look at a potential sociopath in the eyes because she wasn't wearing her contacts but she feared that if she looked at Shehryaar then her resolve might break.

"She doesn't......appear to show any physical signs. But with-"

"That's enough. Leave." Shehryaar flicked his wrist at Zameer who only nodded and escorted Sadia out of the office.

They were walking down the hall when Sadia stopped by a large wall window. She became captivated with the view almost immediately, not able to take her eyes off at all.

It was a beautiful garden: full of blooming flowers and fountains.

Without realising, Sadia had moved towards the window, her hand coming up and resting against the cold glass.

Zameer noticed that Sadia wasn't following him and when he looked back, he saw Sadia gazing out of the window.

The look on her face was one of longing. And why wouldn't it be? He understood completely. It had been three weeks since he had abducted her and made her a prisoner. So it was only justified that she would want to take a breather.

"Dr. Sadia?" He called. But Sadia was just lost in her daze. Zameer was amused. Normally, anyone would ignore such frivolities but knowing her situation, he realised that she was appreciate the little things.

But that wasn't all. She looked so focused, so lost. And the look of innocence on her face only made him feel more for her. More then he should. The way that her eyes just looked ahead, the daylight reflecting in her blue brown eyes had him wanting to touch her. And again, he was reminded that he was getting sidetracked with this unwanted attraction. He knew that what he felt for her right now wasn't respect or pity, it was something else.

And this feeling made him feel alive. It rejuvenated him somehow. He couldn't quite understand it but it was liberating. He felt his control slip.

Why? Why did she make him feel this way?

But perhaps, for the time being, he wanted to give into a little freedom. He wanted to allow himself to feel alive.

But why? He wanted to know.

"Dr. Sadia." He gently patted her shoulder only to startle Sadia as she jerked away from him.


Zameer smiled a small smile. "Would you like to join me in the garden for some tea?" He asked.

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