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   Chapter 22 NO.22

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Zameer saw Sadia sit on the bed, her neck twisted in the direction of the large grass window that gave a clear view of the garden outside the clinic.

Her leg wound was much better but it still caused her pain to walk so she was assigned a wheelchair for the time being. She was dressed in clean white clothes. She was covered from head to toe. Zameer always liked her modesty but right now, in simple white hospital clothes, he couldn't help but think how graceful she was as she sat with her back straight, shoulders squared and hands neatly folded on her lap.

She was a real lady. A unique lady. She was so different. Not just personality wise but so much more.

What am I thinking? Zameer shook his head in disapproval. Again with these irrelevant thoughts. What's wrong with me? He thought to himself as he inahled on his cigarret, letting the familiar burn of his lungs keep him in his senses. Get a fucking grip on yourself. You're acting like you haven't seen or been with a woman at all. He thought and to some extent, it was right. Ever since he got engaged, neither did he get laid nor did he approach another woman. The only woman he had talked with was Anissa and that too months ago.

He gazed at Sadia; he couldn't see her face so he couldn't tell what she might be thinking about.

Zameer hadn't approached her for two whole days. He wanted to give her time to clearly think things through. And he knew that Sadia was a smart woman and she would've calculated her chances very well. Of course, he knew that giving her incentive was not a wise or a smart move but he was a skilled manipulator and if making her think that she had a chance of escaping from him would get her to agree then he would take it. There was nothing to risk at all. He was merely doing it for reasons he had yet to know himself. But those unknown reasons were playing with his mind. But all he knew was that he wanted her to live.

For unknown reasons, may it be respect or pity, he wanted her safe and within his protection.

For Bhabi's sake. He reminded himself.

And from the way that he had observed Sadia a while ago, he knew that she had made up her mind. But it wasn't like she had much of a choice.

It was pretty simple: she either agreed willingly or he would have to use force. But he knew that he wouldn't get to use

ers. But he knew what he was getting himself into. Everything was well planned and organised. There was no way that he was about to let anything disrupt this plan. In the end, it was all a scheme to take back what he had lost. Yes, that was it. And this was a reason he was willing to believe more then anything. And he wasn't about to underestimate Sadia as well. He had already taken a lot of necessary precautions in case she did figure out the real reasons. But Sadia didn't even think about it. She believed that her father made the right choice and that never bothered her.

"You don't need to worry about anything. Just do as you're told and I'm sure that things will work out by themselves."

Sadia pursed her lips together. With a deep inhale of air, she nodded.

"Alright." She whispered.

Zameer left. Sadia refused to think anymore.


"Do you, Sadia Rehman, in your full senses and consciousness, take Zameer Sheikh as your lawful husband?" The maulvi asked.

A thousands thoughts ran in her head. Her eyes jumped up and looked at the two men standing: one so terrifyingly intimidating that his mere presence sent shivers down her spine: Shehryaar Ghulari glared at her, his eyes cold as always. And his second in command, Qadeem.

Just do it, no second thoughts. She told herself.

"Yes, I do." She said in a low voice and repeated twice again. Her strength was dwindling, she willed herself to sign her name.

Not knowing that she would be held prisoner forever just by signing her name on that piece of paper.

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