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   Chapter 21 NO.21

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And all of a sudden, she started panting, as if it became so hard for her to breath.

One look at the white paper had her head spinning and at the same time, a thousand thoughts ran in her head.

Zameer was calm as he assessed her reaction. He knew she wouldn't take it well but perhaps he didn't think that she would overthink the situation for the panicked expression on her face was enough to give her away.

"N-o no, p-p-pl-ease." She stammered, fresh tears lining her eyes as she stared at the paper, feeling utterly doomed.

"It's either your signature on this paper or a slow painful death." Zameer stipulated. Sadia looked at him with a pained expression. Zameer felt his chest tighten when he saw that look and he didn't like it one bit but it didn't matter. The sooner this was over with the better.

"Please just-" Sadia's voice. "Why are you......making me suffer?" She hiccuped, fat tears rolling down her cheeks. "Please just-"

"Don't get the wrong idea though, Dr. Sadia." Zameer cut her short, his demeanor calm as he took the piece of paper and folded it back into his coat pocket.

"This isn't a real marriage. It's all a precaution, a measure for your safety." He informed, his face void of emotions.

Sadia gawked at him in disbelief. "Do-es the.....sanctity of m-marriage...... mean so little to you?" She managed in a whisper.

Zameer smirked as he looked at Sadia and she saw that his eyes were distant and empty. "Trust me darling, where I'm coming from, these morals and values mean nothing at all." He stated.


"Shhh," Zameer's finger on her lips immediately silenced her. His skin touching her moist teary lips caused goosebumps to rise on her flesh and she immediately cringed away from his touch. Zameer chuckled lowly at her reaction. He found her innocence so charming and amusing but he had to stop himself from indulging too much in it.

Sadia was quiet, making as much distance from Zameer as possible. Zameer saw her apparent discomfort whenever he got too close to her and it irritated him yet he was surprised at himself because he always found himself wanting to touch her, to feel her warmth and to see her more closely. And it baffled him. This wasn't the first time. If he felt this way now, he shuddered to think how he would react around her if she agreed to what he asked of her. It would require an iron will and he knew that he had it. So, he took a step b

things into perspective.

As a Muslim, it was wrong of her to take the Nikkah so lightly. The Nikkah was a scared bond, not to be played with.

But Sadia had no choice.

If the circumstances were different and her life wouldn't be in danger, she would never break the sanctity of the Nikkah.

Zameer was right. She should use this an opportunity. It would be difficult but not impossible.

While under his protection, she could take her time to devise a plan to escape. It would be difficult considering her situation and the uncertainty that came with it, but it wasn't impossible.

She could use this opportunity.

As a personal physician, she hoped and anticipated for a certain position. Of course, that would mean that being under Zameer's protection, she might have certain liberties that she could exploit.They wanted her to serve as personal physician to the boss and his wife. Then she would do just that and when the time was right, she would use it and make her escape.

Although, she still held a lot of sympathy for Anissa Ghulari and the thought of helping her wasn't bad but still, she would use anything that she could that would get her her freedom.

She may have forfeited her life for a greater cause but this was her chance. Allah was giving her a second chance. And if signing her name on a mere piece of paper would give her the chance to gain her freedom once again then she would take it. Because logically, this was the only solution.

There was a lot of hope in this compromise.

Allah, please forgive me. She prayed silently, she shed tears of desperation.


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