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   Chapter 19 NO.19

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Zameer didn't say anything and went back to his chair.

Sadia looked at the plastic tubes, their cut edges dripping with the clear liquid. She knew what he had done. She knew it so well.

'Now die.'

Those two words, so cold and heartless.

But for some reason, she had sensed an underlying meaning behind those words.

He was trying to intimidate her. She knew that if he wanted her to die then he could simply shoot her and be done with it but he didn't. So what was he doing now?


"You wanted to die." Zameer interrupted, looking at her with his hard dark gaze. "I'm simply granting your wish.". Fear exploded in Sadia's chest when she saw the cold look on his face and even more so, the coldness of his voice.

Sadia's eyes quickly darted back to the cut IV lines. There was silence, She didn't say anything, not like she had much to say after what Zameer had done.

She knew that he was watching her, gauging her expression and reaction.

She knew what he had done. Cutting off the IV line meant cutting off her medicine. Knowing her body, she was still suffering from the infection and stopping the drugs from treating her could make the situation worse.

"What's the matter?" Zameer's voice pulled her out of her reverie.

"Didn't you want to die?" He sounded so condescending yet his tone held mock victory. Sadia refused to acknowledge his victory.

There was silence for a while. Sadia could hear her heart beat fast.

"What's the matter, Dr. Sadia?" Zameer said, his tone soft.

Sadia closed her eyes and turned her face away. "Please leave." She whispered. And to her surprise, she heard movement at the side and she knew that Zameer had gotten up to leave however, when she felt a shadow behind her close lids and the presence of warm breath so close to her face, her eyes snapped open and her breath got caught in her throat when her eyes connected with those of Zameer's as he hovered above her, his face only inches away from hers.

"You're a smart woman, but even you can be stupid." He spoke, his warm breath colliding against her tear stained cheeks as they flared up with color and without realising, she sank back into the bed, wanting desperately to maintain space because the expression Zameer had on his face, it scared her that she couldn't even feel the offence of his words.

He looked beyond intimidating, his handsome features darkened and his eyes hard, his gaze calculative.

"I asked a simple question: do you want to die?" He repeated, his hard gaze keeping hers locked in. "Yet you are unnecessarily being stubborn and stupid."

Her brows twitched and Zameer noticed a flash of emotion in her blue brown eyes. And he was fascinated: the warm brown was a contrast to the cold blue. It was so extraordinary but he didn't allow himself to dwell in it. Now was a serious time. So he kept his stone cold mask on.

And what he wanted to see, he saw it: Sadia was frightened. But the only reason she was being stubborn was because she wanted to be brave and not give into her fear. But he knew that a girl like her would easily give into fea

e murmured, feeling utterly defeated, as tears flooded behind her closed lids and leaked out.

She felt Zameer's presence grow near and she knew that he was hovering above her once again. She winced when she felt his rough finger tips wipe her tears away.

"It's simple. I want you to live." He murmured above her.


"Because, " he paused, his fingers lingering on her cheek. "You are too important an asset to be lost."

A whimper left Sadia's lips. She didn't want to live such a life.

"However, " she opened her eyes and saw Zameer looking at her with a serious and hard expression. "If you decide to live, remember, you'll become my ward. Thus, you will belong to me."

Sadia's breath got caught in her throat. Her despair led way to anger as she clenched her teeth together. "I'm not......a piece......of property."

Zameer smirked and pressed a button on the side of the bed. "From now on, you are."


The door opened and a nurse entered the room. She quickly placed a new drip and connected it to the cannula on Sadia's hand.


Zameer snapped his fingers and the nurse quickly left. Sadia's eyes remained on him as she saw him draw out a piece of paper from the inside of his coat.

"You've already forfeited your life. But I've decided to spare it. And for good cause. My boss's wife still needs treatment and you're the only one who understands her situation. Therefore, " he drew the bed table close to Sadia's chest and pressed a switch to make the bed inclined. Sadia was utterly lost.

Zameer watched her. He knew how she would react when he would show her what that piece of paper was.

"What" Sadia inquired in a whisper, automatically her hands going up to adjust her scarf.

"This my dear, " He said and placed the paper in front of her. "Is your fate from now on."

And indeed, what he had expected, happened.

Sadia's mouth dropped open and her eyes widened to the extent of almost bulging out of their sockets when she saw what that white piece of paper was.

???? ????

Marriage contract

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