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   Chapter 17 NO.17

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Sadia was left stunned.

For a good whole moment, her mind went completely blank. Her eyes were wide but she couldn't see anything.

She could only feel. A soft pressure on her lips.And then that pressure was moving. It was warm.

Wh-what's......going on? She thought in utter confusion.

She couldn't move. Something was restraining her.

She didn't know how long it took. Maybe it was hours. However, she came out of her trance when she felt the hold around her body loosen and that's when she realised what was happening and her vision allowed her to see.

Zameer was kissing her. Zameer's lips were pressed against hers.

Her heart that was already pacing started to hammer against her rib cage, making her feel breathless. And it filled Sadia with disgust.

Zameer could feel her rigid body begin to move. His eyes opened and he saw her wide blue brown eyes stare at him in shock. Again, the uniqueness of her eyes caught him off guard and that was enough to give Sadia an opening. With all her might, she pushed at his chest and Zameer automatically complied, releasing her and the next thing he knew, Sadia's palm flew and hit him sharply on his cheek.

"H-h-how d-da-dare y-oh, " before she could complete her sentence, a sudden wave of dizziness hit her hard, making her wobble on her legs.

Zameer was stunned. He knew that he acted out of line, but being hit by the same woman for the second time in his life had certainly left him shocked. But thankfully, it didn't last long for he was quick to react when he saw Sadia lose her footing and before she could fall, his arms came forward and quickly embraced her thin frame, cradling her frail body against his strong one.

"Dr. Sadia?" Zameer whispered.

She was panting hard and she looked so pale with the sweat beading down from her forehead. Her cheeks were flushed. Zameer carefully patted her cheeks and that's when he felt her heated skin.

"Shit!" He hissed under his breath and quickly scooped up Sadia's limp body. With quick strides, he took her to the infirmary. Sadia was unconscious. Zameer had no idea what had happened.

Dr. Suhaib was called in within minutes. And when he checked Sadia, Zameer was informed that Sadia's wounds were severely infected and she needed to be put under an aggressive treatment in the hospital.

"Sir, her condition is delicate. She needs proper treatment." Dr. Suhaib implored, his eyes plainly displaying his plea to save the young Lady's life. And Zameer knew that the situation was way too serious to be ignored.

"Alright." Zameer made a hasty decision and Dr. Suhaib was quick to wheel the bed out of the infirmary. Zameer watched as Sadia was taken away..

Zameer didn't know what else to do.

But why did he do that in the first place? He was suppose to kill her wasn't her? But he didn't.

He couldn't bring himself to. Why?

Zameer kept wondering. He was so confused.

The only thought that crossed his mind was when he saw her eyes: those unique blue brown eyes.

And the thought that crossed his mind: I want her.

He wanted her? He wanted that little girl?

No, that wasn't right.

She was his target. He was suppose to get rid of her.

But he couldn't.


All that came to his mind were her eyes.

When she looked at him, perhaps the greatest surprise that he got in his life was looking at such a unique pair of eyes. And that stopped him. He didn't want to close those eyes forever.

"Fuck!" He hissed under his breath, raking his fingers through his hair. "What the hell is wrong with me?" He growled.

And now, he felt exhausted. All he wanted now was to retire to bed.


Zameer felt cold chills run down his spine. Sweat rose on his forehead but he kept his composure.

His eyes were fixed on the door. He wanted to move and open it but something in him wasn't allowing him to. Maybe it was the fear.

Fear of seeing that person who meant so much to him. Fear of looking at what she had become.

He swallowed hard and closed his eyes.

He didn't know why instead of going home and resting, he decided to come here. When he was on his way, he felt an immense urge to come here and see her.

I should turn back. He said to himself. I shouldn't see her like this. His eyes snapped open. But I must. I need to be reminded. He sighed deeply.

And his mind took him almost three years back, when Shahzeb had discussed it with him.

'What do you mean?' I asked. Shahzeb looked at me and didn't say anything as he took a swig of his drink.

'Exactly what you heard.'

'Come on man, you can't be serious.'

Shahzeb's head twisted in my dire

mething quickly. He didn't want Shehryaar going berserk like the way he went last time.

But he was surprised when he saw that Shehryaar didn't say anything and just stood there.

The two men looked at each other for a few moments. Zameer noticed the weary look in his eyes despite the stone cold expression on his face.

Without a word, Shehryaar stepped inside and went straight to his wife. Zameer didn't feel like being a third wheel between the couple.

"Stop!" Shehryaar Sharp voice was like a whip, stopping Zameer from making a move. He turned around and saw Shehryaar approach him.

"Follow me, " he ordered and Zameer followed.

Shehryaar entered his office and went straight to the small bar at the corner.

Shehryaar poured himself a drink, his back faced Zameer.

"Did you take care of it?"

Zameer knew exactly what he was asking about.

"Not quite." Zameer replied.

Shehryaar went stiff. Zameer stood straight and waited.

Taking a swig of his drink, shehryaar turned and faced Zameer, his eyes narrowed and his jaw tight.

"Why the fuck not?"

"Things are......complicated." Zameer said, feeling uncertain. But this much he knew, despite the confusion, he didn't want to kill Sadia. He didn't want her dead. He was certain about that. So he started To think of any plausible reason that he could present to his boss that would be acceptable.

Shehryaar raised a brow in query.

"I think we shouldn't kill her."

Zameer knew that he was bound to get a reaction out of Shehryaar but he was surprised when Shehryaar just stood there and looked at him, his expression the same and he couldn't read it at all.

Why isn't he saying anything? He thought in bemusement.

"You're proving to be a constant disappointment to me." Shehryaar claimed.

It stung Zameer. But he contained it.

"Boss, I think that she can still be of use to us."

"Remind me again, why did I spare you?" Shehryaar said coldly. Zameer didn't let it get to him.

"You still have no idea what's wrong with Bhabi." Zameer started and that caught Shehryaar's attention immediately as he looked at him with a frown, his face shadowing his concern. And Zameer took that as his chance to elaborate.

"Instead of hiring new doctors whom you cannot trust, spare this one and keep her as a personal physician to your wife." He proposed.

Something flashed in his eyes and Zameer had noticed it but before he could decipher it, Shehryaar turned his face away. He saw Shehryaar clench his jaw tightly and squeeze his eyes shut.

"She's a liability." Shehryaar muttered. "I can't have her set free."

"And you won't. I'll take responsibility for her." Zameer quickly intervened because he knew that he had him.

Shehryaar looked at him with disdain. "How?"

Zameer breathes in deeply for he knew that what he was about to say, that will definitely draw the designated reaction out of him.

"I'll marry her. She'll be under my watch. Any risks associated with her are mine to take."



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