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   Chapter 16 NO.16

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Zameer stood still, his heart pounding in his chest as the moment of truth arrived.

Shehryaar stood by, his eyes on the computer. Qadeem was by his side and Zameer was told to stand opposite to his superiors.

Zameer was confident that tonight was the night of his victory. He will finally gain back the position that he had lost and most of all, he would gain back Shehryaar's trust.

He felt good. More then good, he felt great.

"What are you anticipating?" Qadeem spoke, his face straight yet his eyes were mocking Zameer.

Zameer folded his arms on his chest as a half smirk stretched on his lips.

"We'll know soon enough." He replied. Qadeem snorted and looked at Shehryaar.


Shehryaar didn't bother saying anything, his eyes zoning out. Zameer looked at his Saeen and knew that Shehryaar was just too distracted to care. All he was waiting for was the results and Zameer knew that he just wanted to be done with it.

"This had better been worth all the trouble." Shehryaar grumbled under his breath.

It will be. Zameer thought positively.

The three men went rigid when the computer beeped. Qadeem was the first to move, snapping his fingers in silent orders to the men in charge of the machines.

Zameer's breath got caught in his throat.

The air became thick with anticipation.

All eyes were on the large screen and when the message was typed, Zameer's eyes widened as he froze in shock when he saw the message.


No one moved. No one spoke.

Zameer's eyes stayed glued to the screen, his mind trying to process the situation.

He couldn't bring himself to accept it.

Defeat was slapped right on his face but he wasn't accepting it.

Defeat was unknown to him. But for the first time, he was left totally and utterly defeated.

He lost.

He lost what he wanted so badly.

And now he knew, he couldn't get it back.

It was the sound of Shehryaar's hands clapping loudly that brought Zameer out of his trance.

"Well, this was a waste." Shehryaar commented as he stood straight and looked at Zameer with his cold grey eyes.

"And here you've failed me yet again, Zameer."

Zameer couldn't help the shivers that ran down his spine. If it was anyone else, Shehryaar wouldn't even hesitate to kill them off for their failure, but this was Zameer.

"I can, " he paused to clear his throat as he willed himself into composure. "I can get this under control."

"Can you?" Shehryaar mocked, his voice cold as ice.

Zameer stared at Shehryaar. And he realised his position. And when he saw the disappointment and the cold bitterness in his Saeen's eyes, he had no choice but to accept what had come to pass.

Suddenly, anger exploded in his chest. All of his attention went to the person responsible.


It was her. She was responsible for this. If she had just done what was required of her and hadn't interfered then things would've worked in his favor and he would've gotten what he wanted.

'Keep dreaming, Mr. Sheikh. But that's never going to happen.....Pakistan army.....does not negotiate with terrorists.'

Her words made sense now. Where he was so confident that nothing would happen, he was left surprised.

As his anger fuelled him, he didn't realise that he walked out of the control room and straight to the underground where she was being held.

No more mister nice guy. He thought, getting closer.

Snatching the keys from the wall, he unlocked the door and pulled it open.

Sadia was sitting by the wall. She jerked in her place when she heard the door being forcefully open.

But before she could react, Zameer was already in front of her and pulling her harshly by the arm.


"Not a word from you!" Zameer growled. Before Sadia could figure out what was happening, she felt Zameer's hand grasp her neck tightly. Her hands came up and wound around his strong wrist as she began to choke, her air supply being cut off.

"Why the hell did you act out of line?"

Sadia struggled to breath, her hands trying to pry off his from her throat but the instant she heard him say that, she stopped moving and looked at Zameer. Even in the dark, his eyes gleamed maliciously. And the anger that he felt, she could feel it roll off of him.

She had never seen him lose his composure before. He was always calm around


Oh Allah, grant me peace and a place in heaven. And bless my father. And give him patience. And for what i'm laying down my life for, make my motherland safe with my sacrifice. Pakistan Zindabad. She made a prayer in her heart. And it left a soothing effect on her as she opened her eyes and looked Zameer in the eyes.

Zameer drew in a sharp breath as he froze in his place when he saw her eyes. She was looking him in the eyes for the first time and what's more, her eyes, they were different.

Her good left eye was brown while her right eye, which was covered, was a bright clear blue.

Zameer was left stunned. He had never seen such eyes.

They were the most unique pair of eyes that he had ever seen.

Zameer left his heart squeeze in his chest.


As she looked at him, he noticed her for the first time. Perhaps it was the bright light. But for the first time, he clearly saw her.

She was beautiful. Like an angel.

And those unique brown blue eyes, they were pulling him in, drawing all his focus into them.

He was never affected by a woman. As much as he was affected by Sadia, it was mostly because of her personality traits. But right now, for the first time, he couldn't bring himself to look away from her.

Sadia frowned in confusion when she saw him stare at her with wide eyes. Of course, she knew that he must be horrified to see her eyes. But she felt no shame. She was going to embrace her death as herself, as a whole.

Zameer couldn't take his eyes off of her.

Her face was flushed. And the eyes made her look so different and so unique.

And he was about to kill her.

No, he shouldn't kill someone so unique like her.

A strange urge stirred in his heart. And his heart began to feel again.

I want her. He thought to himself, his arms falling down, his mission all but forgotten.

Without realising, he had walked to Sadia. She remained frozen in her place, her confusion growing at Zameer's strange behaviour.

Zameer came close to her. Too close for her liking. And what's more, Sadia couldn't break eye contact with her.

Zameer moved closer, his height towering over Sadia's small frame. his face was only a few inches away from hers.

His gaze was so intense. It kept her in place. She couldn't move. Her already flushed cheeks brightened with color and her pounding heart went into overdrive.

She almost jumped when she felt Zameer's fingers on her cheek, gently caressing her skin. Her confusion knew no bounds now.

"What.....are y-you.....d-doing?" She finally managed to whisper.

And that became Zameer's undoing for his eyes landed on her lips.

Sadia's frown deepened and before she could say anything, Zameer caught her, wrapping his arms around her body and the next thing she knew, his lips came down on to hers.


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