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There was complete silence.

No one moved.

For some, even they had stopped breathing and Gen. Abdul Rehman, he was completely frozen in shock.

He couldn't believe what Sadia had just said and he wasn't the only one who heard it. Everyone in the control room had heard it.

Gen. Bajwa was the first to react as he let out a deep sigh and looked at Gen. Abdul Rehman.

"Sir?" He called and went to him. Gen. Abdul Rehman's face was ghastly pale, his dark eyes wide and full of disbelief.

"Rehman, listen to me." Gen. Bajwa stood by his Friend's side as he squeezed his shoulder, standing close enough to whisper.

"I know that the situation has taken a turn for the worse but please, you need to compose yourself. We can't have the Chief getting involved." He informed. Gen. Abdul Rehman turned and started to walk out of the control room.

The Army Chief.

He was the last person Gen. Abdul Rehman wanted, to be involved in this because this situation had turned too personal.

And now, the situation had taken such a drastically different turn. No one had ever expected this. After they had witnessed Sadia being shot, Gen. Abdul Rehman fainted and such an act was just too compromised. Everyone understood his sentiments but unfortunately no one could do anything about it. It had been more then 72 hours and Gen. Abdul Rehman had given strict orders to trace the calls and video feed but even the most dedicated and skilled hackers couldn't do so. So far, Gen. Abdul Rehman had kept the situation under control and he didn't want this matter reaching the Chief but it seemed hopeless now. Not unless Gen. Abdul Rehman had access to the Central data servers, which could only be authorized by the Chief of Army staff and only to be used in times of national crisis, he saw no other way of getting his daughter back.

Gen. Rehman collapsed on his seat and massaged his forehead. Gen. Bajwa followed him to his office. And now that they were behind closed doors, Gen. Bajwa could speak openly.

"Rehman, I know that-"

"I need access to the central data servers." Gen. Abdul Rehman said immediately. Gen. Bajwa paled. But from the serious look that Gen. Abdul Rehman was giving Gen. Bajwa, he knew that there was no jest in his statement.

"Have you lost your mind, Rehman?" He hissed and pulled out a chair from the desk and sat down.

"Get me GHQ." Gen. Abdul Rehman demanded. "I need access to the central servers and I don't care what I have to do to get it."

Gen. Bajwa sighed. "I know that this situation is too distressing but you mustn't forget your position. Your judgement is too compromised-"

"Of course it's compromised!" His fist came banging hard on the desk as he viewed Gen. Bajwa with anger.

"My only child is in danger! She'll be killed if I don't do anything!" He shouted.

"Rehman, I understand how you feel but you also need to understand what position you're in." Gen. Bajwa tried to reason. "What position? If they want to court martial me after this then so be it but at least I will have my daughter back!"

"That isn't what I meant, " Gen. Bajwa sighed deeply and when he saw his friend's defeated expression, he knew that he was going to listen to what he had to say.

"Right now, you're the commanding officer of the the military intelligence. Right now, we are dealing with an enemy that we've finally backed into a corner after years. And we cannot simply give it up-"

"So what are you saying?" Gen. Abdul Rehman growled, glaring intensely at Gen. Bajwa. "That I give up on my daughter? Is that what you're saying?"

Gen. Bajwa was quiet. Right now, he wasn't dealing with his friend rather, he was dealing with distressed father who's child was about to be killed. And the certainty of that happening was also very high. She wasn't in the hand of just any amateur gang or terrorists, she was in the hands of the MMM and they wouldn't spare her. But of course, that wasn't what he could possibly say to him.

"Of course I'm not saying that. We'll try our best to get Sadia back-"

"That isn't happening and you know it. Not without the central servers, we cannot track them."

"Rehman, you know that we can't do that. Using the central servers will not only inform the Chief but also jeopardise the whole Sikhai operation."

"You think that I care about that right now!"

"That's what I'm trying to make you understand. I know you don't care about it-"

"I'm not just speaking as a father. I'm also speaking as a CO because a citizen is in danger."

"Don't say that Rehman. You know it's not true. This matter is too personal and you're not thinking objectively."

Gen. Abdul Rehman turned away from Gen.

left inside of her head. It was now or never.

"But.....I would much rather die knowing that Pakistan's integrity was safe rather then......then die a meaningless death." She stated bravely as she stood straight, her breath hitching in her throat. "I don't know need me." She inhaled deeply. "But I know, it has something to do with the army. And I would......rather die then let the likes of you.....cause the only standing institution of the country to compromise on the security of my motherland." She spoke a little loud and her voice was clear and full of her courage and this courage enabled her to speak without fear.

"But you didn't know, I'm a patriot. And giving up my life for the sake of my country is the greatest death that I can ask for."

Zameer was left stunned, for the second time in that same day and by the same person no less. His chest felt tight. He couldn't help but feel a sudden respect and admiration for the young lady blossom in his heart. He already respected her but for the first time, he felt his heart jolt. Her was really something else. He really had underestimated her. Right now, Sadia looked like she had won a victory and he almost felt defeated But he wasn't about to let her win. This wasn't her moment. Like she had said, she was going to die but not before he had secured his prize.

Composing himself, he let out an amused chuckle, Zameer's confidence didn't waver as he fought against what he felt for the young lady.

"I admire your spirit, Dr. Sadia." He said smoothly. "And if it offers you comfort then that's a great thing however, I didn't expect you, someone who is so smart and intelligent, to give into such frivolities." He stated, looking at Sadia with a smirk and Sadia could clearly hear the smugness in his tone.

"But the army will surrender and we will win."

Sadia smiled as a low chuckle left her lips. "Keep dreaming, Mr. Sheikh. But that's never going to happen.....Pakistan army.....does not negotiate with terrorists."

"So you say, but in a few hours, we'll come to know." Zameer stated confidently and left the cell.

Sadia withdrew back to the floor, her leg burning with pain from putting her weight on it for long.

Her heart was pounding, her face flushed and warm from the fever and wet from the tears.

But in her heart, she felt light.

She felt proud of herself.

She knew that Zameer wouldn't understand her sentiments and it was alright with her. Because only she knew of what and how she felt.

She wasn't afraid of dying. Not anymore.

Her rekindled spirit had given her a lot of courage for now was the moment of her life where she would have to prove herself. For herself and her country.

Martrydom: the most noblest forms of death.

She would rather embrace martyrdom at the hands of terrorists then die a natural death feeling like a failure.

This was a calling.

She just knew it.

Her motherland was calling her. Such an honour, one she could never refuse.

And it was enough to make her smile and give her shaking heart calmness.


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