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   Chapter 14 NO.14

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Zameer sighed deeply as he stood outside the doors of the infirmary.

Throughout the night, he kept thinking about Sadia. She was there when his eyes were open and she was there when his eyes were closed. And her sobs ringed in his ears.

And the smack on his face, he could still feel the sting of it on his cheek. He deserved it, he knew that but it didn't make him feel any better.

He sighed again.

Whatever happened, happened. It'll all be over soon. He thought, clenching his hands into hard fists.

It was time for the final talks.

It was now or never. Probably after today, he wouldn't have to deal with Dr. Sadia Rehman again because he will officially wash his hands off of her case. And that would probably be for the best.

As soon as the army would give their response, Zameer will take care of Sadia. Indefinitely.

And whatever he was feeling, he was sure that they would end by today.

It was only sympathy after all. He was only human and it was natural to sympathise with others even if he was the cause of it. And mostly, it was all in the heat of the moment and he got swept with it.

But he was also a cold blooded assassin. Taking lives was almost second nature to him.

And this target, she was no different.

After she had fulfilled her purpose, Zameer would make sure to give her a swift and painless death.

With these thoughts, Zameer inhaled deeply, putting on his stone cold mask.

He opened the door but was surprised to find Sadia sitting on a chair by the bed. Her head was down, facing the ground. Zameer had half a mind to ask her what she was doing out of bed but he didn't get the chance because Sadia staggered to her feet when she heard the door open.

"I would like...." Sadia inhaled deeply and for the thousandth time, she told herself not to break. "I want to.....speak with my father." She said, her voice soft but when she raised her head, Zameer's brow creased when he saw the look on Sadia's face, it was a silent yet determined look. He found it surprising but he didn't let it bother him much.

"You'll be allowed t

a almost choked on her tears as her chin wobbled.

"Sadia meray Bachay! Are you alright? Did they harm you in anyway?" Sadia could clearly hear the distress in his voice. "Don't worry my child. I'll save you and I promise I will get you out."

Oh Baba, if only you knew that I won't be coming back. She thought sorrowfully. How much she had wished that she hadn't left home on that day. How much she wished that she had seen her father one last time. But alas, not everyone gets what they want.

So before her resolve could come crumbling down, she inhaled deeply and composed herself as she let her patriotic spirit take hold of her.

"I love you so much Baba, " she said in a soft voice. This was the fist time she declared her love so openly for her father, which wasn't of norm.

"Sadia we'll-"

"But Baba, you must never forget who you are. You are a soldier of the Pakistan army, " Sadia's voice was low till now but she breathed in deeply, ready to say what was needed to be said.

"Sadia what are you say-"

"Pakistan army does not negotiate with terrorists!" Sadia screamed. This was probably the first time in her life Sadia has raised her voice to such a high pitch. Zameer was frozen in shock. He honestly did not see that coming.

"Do not compromise on national security for my sake!" Sadia further screamed.


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