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   Chapter 13 NO.13

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It must've been morning by the time the nurse came again with food. Sadia was so hungry and weak that she couldn't reject anything especially when she hadn't eaten anything since she was abducted.

The nurse brought another tray of a syringe and the familiar vial of insulin. Sadia obliged and took her dose after which she started to eat, hungrily chewing and not even bothering with tasting it. She missed the food that her chef made; it was so delicious....., Suddenly, Sadia stilled, her mouth hanging open.

A gasp left Sadia's throat when she realised something.

At that moment, she felt as if the world had stopped around her.

This sudden realisation chilled her to the bone as her sobs stopped and her mind became a little clear.

Whether the mind accepts it or not, subconsciously, many things fall into perspective. And that's why, her subconscious just gave her a reality check.

She is a hostage. So far, she had only figured out that she was a vital part of whatever these criminals wanted from the army. And whether they got what they wanted or not, Sadia was not going to make out of this situation alive.

She didn't want to think about this and put it at the back of her mind because she had hoped with all her might that her father would surely save her. but now she couldn't deny this reality. Especially not after what had happened with her.

Her father couldn't do anything about her. He couldn't possible save her now. How could he? When he was forced to watch his only child being shot down, just to intimidate him into action.

And what's more, How many hostage situations ever turned out right? She was a psychiatrist, she had studied about such cases and even those who had made it out, they are never same again. But that's a very small chance of that happening in her case. With her present injuries, it became clear to her that these criminals will not let her live: they will kill her as soon as she had fulfilled her purpose.

How naive of her to ever think that she would make it out of this alive.

'Nothing personal. Although I appreciate all that you were able to do for my wife, but know this, if your father doesn't agree to my demands, this might as well be your last night.'

She recalled what Shehryaar Ghulari had said to her.

The MMM were a vicious Mafia group that have been on a killing spree throughout the Sikhai province and the city of Karachi for the past few years now. And they were not about to let her go out alive. There was no way out of this. No one was going to help her.

Now Sadia knew why she had dreamt of that memory.

Death was very apparent now.

Her heart tremored at the thought. But it wouldn't be a thought for long, she knew that it would turn into a reality real soon.

So, if she was to die, now it depended on her how she would want to embrace her inevitable fate.

She could either die a helpless cowardly death. Or, for the firs time in her life, she could be brave and face death with a strong spirit.

Getting up, she carefully ripped out the IV from her arm. Wincing at the pain, she ground her teeth in and fought back her tears. They might fix her up for the time being but Sadia refused to be naive and fearful anymore.

Slowly, she got up. Pain shot up

country as best as she could, that's why she had stayed in Pakistan despite multiple invitations from abroad.

Her passion and love for Pakistan ran deep. It was, after all, in her blood.

Raising her head, she looked at her reflection once again. The woman staring back at her looked so weak, her skin looking pale and clammy, her lips dry and her face seemed to have sunken into her bones. She didn't look like herself at all. But there was something different about her.

She grimaced to herself as a sudden sadness filled her. "You won't be able to achieve your goals Sadia."

She smiled at herself, feeling light all of a sudden as her trembling heart started to calm.

"But you can do something far greater." She whispered to herself. Her face looked bright. And that's because something awoke in her. Her deep passion.

She wasn't a soldier. But she was a patriot.

Death, she had never thought about it. Like every normal person, Sadia always thought that her death would be an ordinary one.

But everyone must die. And it was just a question of when and how.

Sadia felt like she could have some control on the situation.

Yes, she may die. But she would die of her own choosing; a martyr's death. No one would ever know except for her family. She would be an unsung hero, one of those who would give up their lives in the shadows just so that their country could remain in peace. And Sadia loved Pakistan with a passion.

And now, her motherland called on to her to sacrifice her today for the tomorrow of the millions of citizens who lived peacefully in Pakistan.

And that in itself was the greatest honour that there could be.

And Sadia embraces it wholeheartedly.

Because it was a calling.

So What if she had to die? At least with an honourable death, her death would mean something. It would lay another brick in the strong foundations in which her country was standing and would remain standing.

And just that boosted up her spirit.

Sadia felt strong and for the for the first time in her life, she felt as if she could do anything. She felt brave.




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