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   Chapter 12 NO.12

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Moments passed.

No one made a move.

As if time had stopped.

One was rooted to his place, his body stiff and his mind blank as his eyes stared into space.

And the other on the group, weeping in silence, not from the pain that was radiating in her leg because of the graze wound but rather from what had just come to pass.

What....the hell just happened? Zameer thought. She....wasn't suppose to get....shot. He thought bleakly, feeling his buried emotions surfacing. Zameer felt his body shake so he quickly squeezed his eyes shut as his jaw clenched.

So what? He tried to think rationally but it wasn't of any use. She's our hostage. She's the enemy's daughter. She's collateral for God's sake. She was bound to get hurt. He thought to himself as he tried to collect his disheveled thoughts but he couldn't stop himself from listening to Sadia's pain filled sobs and that became his undoing as his locked emotions ran free and once again trapped Zameer in a whirlpool as guilt slowly started to gnaw at his heart as he looked at Sadia's small delicate body quivering on the dirty ground, her sobs echoing off of the walls.

No, she didn't have to get hurt. It's all my fucking fault He mentally shouted at himself as his brain kept commanding him to move. He needed to move, Sadia needed aid. But more then that, he felt an intense urge to hold her close and....comfort her?

Again, what was with all these confusing thoughts? Zameer was strict man and he always kept his emotions out of his work then why were his wmotions getting so provoked and that too by his own hostage? Why?

Nonetheless, he needed to move and treat Sadia's wounds. But he couldn't bring himself to move, not after what had happened. He felt so pathetic, all his efforts going to waste. It wasn't suppose to turn out this way. He hurt Sadia himself so that Shehryaar wouldn't have to but he should've known how unpredictable is boss was. He should've seen it coming. And now, he couldn't stop himself from feeling this guilt. And that led his confusion to grow.

Sadia was in utter shock. She couldn't believe how brutally she had been treated just now. And what was even more worse, her father had to witness what was happening to her. The look that her father gave her, that utter look of horror, for her, it was burned in her memory. She feared that if she were to close her eyes, she would relive that moment.

How could they do this to her? She was their hostage. Why would they harm her? Wouldn't that jeopardize the whole purpose of kidnapping her in the first place?

Sadia jerked out of her thoughts when she felt her arm being tugged up rather gently.

"You need to get up, " Zameer said lowly. Sadia couldn't do much except to silently comply, the pain from her injury was getting too unbearable but it was nothing compared to the pain she was feeling in her heart.

But as soon as Sadia moved, a shrill cry ripped through her throat. Zameer flinched.

"What's the matter?" He inquired, genuinely concerned.

"It hurts!" Sadia cried as her hands gripped around her leg more tightly. Zameer sighed and didn't speak another word as he scooped up the crying girl in his arms. Sadia was so caught up in her misery that she couldn't care less that Zameer was holding her.

As soon as Sadia was in his arms, he couldn't help but feel her warmth as his arms tightened around her. She was so light and her shaking body wasn't helping him feel any better but strangely enough, he felt warm inside, his heart beating fast as he carried her back to the infirmary. On the way, he couldn't help himself from relishing in her warmth. It took everything in him to control his urge to keep holding her. But why? again, why was he feeling this way? and that too towards this little girl?

Sadia sobbed quietly. She didn't like being touched and right now, she wasn't appreciating the close proximity with which Zameer was holding her but her injury was too painful.

Entering into the infirmary, he knew that he had to let her go and Sadia m

r was further taken aback as he looked into Sadia's good eye; it was filled with so much anguish yet, he could see something else too. something that he thought he would never see; he saw a fire in her. His breath hitched in his throat and his chest tightened.

'It's all.....your fau-lt'

Yes, it really is my fault. He concurred as his shoulders sagged in defeat.

"Wh-at did I-I ever d-do to y-ou?" Her voice broke as she looked at Zameer. Zameer's eyes fell down. He couldn't bring himself to look at Sadia anymore as her words kept ringing inside his head.

'Wh-at did I-I ever d-do to y-ou?'

Those words. He knew that he would get to hear them sooner or later. And he knew what he would say and do, but right now, after hearing her broken voice and looking in her eye that was full of pain and despair, he couldn't bring himself to do anything. His shame grew that caused his neck to bow down. Zameer clenched his fists tightly by his side. His guilt and shame wasn't allowing him to think rationally.

This girl, this young woman, who was nothing but just a job for him, was causing him to feel like this. And he couldn't deny it because it really was his fault. He didn't mean her harm even though he knew how the situation would turn out but he was surprised again and again at his own behaviour and at his own feelings; His reaction when Qadeem had hit Sadia, his own thoughts, his own frustrations at seeing Sadia hurt.

Why was he getting so involved? He had never been this involved with his victims before. Yes, he would greatly empathise, especially when it concerned women but why this one particular woman? Why her? This was not like him.

He was pulled out of his thoughts when he saw Sadia wipe away her tears at her cheeks.

"I didn' anything to you?" Sadia whispered as her chest raked with sobs. "Why.....did you.....get me mixed up in this? What.....did I ever you?" Sadia sobbed. Again, that strange protective urge engulfed him and without realizing, he found himself walking towards Sadia. Sadia whimpered and scrambled back, her back hitting the wall.

"Get out!" She whispered, turning away from Zameer as she grabbed her head, the pain from her leg causing her to slump down against the wall. Zameer felt utterly defeated. He wanted to comfort her but he knew that he couldn't. They were enemies and enemies didn't comfort one another. So, with a heavy heart, Zameer pushed his emotions aside and sighed. Turning away, he took his suit jacket and walked out.

The air was too heavy that it became hard for him to breath.

And he needed to breath, he needed to think.


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