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   Chapter 10 NO.10

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"What the hell is the meaning of this?!" General Bajwa's fist met with the hard surface of the table with a bang.

"Get me a location! That's an order!" He roared, causing his men to cower in fear as they started to get to work for they had never seen Gen. Bajwa this angry before.

His anger knew no bounds. First of all, the enemy managed to have an upper hand of them, the military intelligence and second, they managed to kidnap General Abdul Rehman's daughter. Gen. Bajwa knew Sadia all too well, she was like a daughter to him.

"How the hell did this happen?" Gen. Abdul Rehman mumbled to himself, his hand clutching his chest tightly as he ground his teeth in. When Sadia didn't come home two days ago, he went insane with worry. He knew that it was too risky to leave Sadia by herself but as a father, he wanted Sadia to have her liberties but now he knew that it was foolish of him to do so. He knew the state of affairs and his recent promotion into the intelligence only meant that things would become more complicated but he never could've thought that things would end up like this.

But how did Sadia end up getting kidnapped by the enemy? Gen. Abdul Rehman had the whole area searched when Sadia went missing and even after 48 hours, he was still hopeful that she would be alright and perhaps, she must've been caught up in something important but he knew Sadia and he knew that his daughter was a responsible adult. She would never disappear on him without telling him of her whereabouts. But how on earth did she get kidnapped my the MMM Mafia? How? No one knew of her.

Gen. Abdul Rehman knew the risks that's why he had increased the security at his house but he wasn't careful enough. "Get me a location, dammit!" Gen. Bajwa screamed.

"We can't trace their location sir. Seems like they're also using the high wave frequency tech." One of the men informed.

"Damn!" Gen. Bajwa ground his teeth in. He should've known that they would've done something like this: getting their hands on the same Chinese technology that would render their location untraceable and it was all as a result of the having good alliances with the Chinese Mafia. That's why they made the move to contact the intelligence in the first place because they knew that they couldn't be tracked down.

He sighed and then looked at his friend. Gen. Abdul Rehman was pale with his eyes screaming his anxiety as he clutched at his chest. Gen. Bajwa knew that he was a heart patient and too much stress wasn't good for him but what could he possibly say to him in a moment like this?

He straightened up and went to his friend. "Don't worry Rehman, " he squeezed his shoulder and gave him a knowing look. "We'll get her back. Don't worry. I swear to you that we'll get your little girl back."

Gen. Abdul Rehman looked at Gen. Bajwa, tears welling up in his eyes and his face twisting in sorrow and anguish. It was so painful to see this prideful and honourable man being reduced to tears. And all for his beloved daughter. So Gen. Bajwa said what he knew would restore some patience and strength in his life long friend.

"As soon as we a location, I'll have the special services Group dispatched to retrieve her. You have my word."


Sadia jerked into consciousness but she didn't want to open her eyes.

It was quiet around her so she instantly knew that she was back in the dark cell.

Sadia recalled what had happened to her that made her pass out. A man had hit her. Right in the face no less. How low of him so as to raise a hand on a defenceless woman. But then again, what else can she expect from men of the Mafia. But then again, it wasn't from the violence that caused her to pass out. It was the revelation that she was in this mess because of her father that made her mind go haywire.

She never knew that her suspicions would be confirmed in the most cruelest of ways.

Zameer was watching her from the surveillance cameras. He couldn't believe what had happened a few hours ago. How did it come to this? He did not want to have Sadia exposed to violence. But that wasn't what was making him feel uneasy; he absolutely hated it when he saw that look in the young lady's eyes; that fear. Her innocent eyes were screaming at him then. Even now when he thought about it, his heart tugged painfully when he remembered the look of horror on Sadia's lovely face. He felt so guilty about it.

"Lovely?" Zameer muttered under his breath as his eyes widened when he realised what he just thought. And he couldn't deny it either.

Yes, Dr. Sadia was indeed lovely. She was just a lovely yet terrified girl who got into her father's mess. His guilt turned to pity.

What am I doing? He thought as he sighed to himself. She's my prisoner and as soon as I've gotten what I want, she'll be just another clean kill. Why the hell am I sympathizing with her so much? He thought, his confusion growing.

Was it because she was by far the youngest person that he had kidnapped? Or was it because he was effected by her innocence? He couldn't tell. But this much he knew; Sadia was the daughter of the enemy. And he needed to start treating her like the enemy as well. Zameer got distracted from his thoughts when he saw what was happening in the monitor.

Sadia inhaled deeply but whimpered upon slight movement as she felt tears burn her eyes behind her closed lids. When she tried to open her eyes, her right eye began to sting and a strangled cry ripped through Sadia's throat as she gripped her eyes.

"Ahhh!" She cried.

Zameer saw her struggling and when he heard her scream, he felt his heart beat spike as blood pumped through his veins and fuelled his muscles. He immediately rushed out of his office at top speed. He didn't know why but the only thought that was on his mind as he made his way to the underground cells was that Sadia was in trouble and she needed help. And his guts were right on the mark when he saw her crying loudly as she lay on the cold dirty floor.

"Open this doo

chose to reply since it wouldn't give anything away. "I'm originally from India but my family had migrated to Pakistan after the partition. We settled in Khaaspur."

Khaaspur. Sadia thought as she released his wrist.

Khaaspur. Sikhai province. Sadia thought.

Yes, the MMM Mafia is from the Sikhai province. Then did.....they abduct me because of the operation in the Sikhai? She thought to herself as she slowly sat upright.

The Sikhai is the most unstable and dangerous province right now. It's instability is threatening to throw the whole state into a chaos. Sadia thought.

"What happened?" Zameer demanded as soon as Dr. Suhaib got out of the room.

The doctor glared at Zameer.

Zameer matched his glare. "Careful there old man, your forgetting your place." He reminded him with a small smirk as his eyes flashed dangerously.

Dr. Suhaib sighed. Of course, he could never forget his place. And he knew better then to disrespect Zameer, who may not be the second in command but still, he held his own intimidating position as one of the pioneering members of the MMM.

"She was wearing contacts but one of them managed to slip inside of her eyeball. Thankfully though, I removed it before it could damage her eye." He relayed as simply as he could.

"I've given her some tranquillisers to help her relax. She'll be alright." He said.

"Good." Zameer nodded and was about to head for the door when Dr. Suhaib stopped him.

"Why is she here?"

Zameer's body went stiff. He knew that this was coming his way. Squaring his shoulders, Zameer turned back to the doctor and fixed him with his icy glare.

"I don't think you need to know." He said coldly.

"I didn't recommend her if she was going to be used later on as a hostage. She used to be one of my best students. I just need to know that you won't harm her in anyway." He managed to ask even though he felt so afraid but he feared more for Sadia's sake; she was an innocent child after all.

"You don't need to worry about that. Just focus on Anissa bhabi's treatment now that Dr. Sadia can no longer tend to her." Zameer ordered and didn't bother with hearing the doctor's reply.

Zameer entered the room. He felt relieved when he saw Sadia in a calm and relaxed state. It was most probably because of the tranquilliser that the doctor must've give her.

"How are you feeling?" He inquired. Sadia kept her head bent and didn't bear Zameer any mind. However, she was embarrassingly disrupted when her stomach growled loudly. She realised that she hadn't eaten anything ever since she got here.

Zameer burst into light chuckles when he heard that. He actually found it adorable. Of course the stubborn girl hadn't eaten anything since she was brought here.

Sadia blushed deeply and hid her face behind her hands. Zameer chuckled, finding that reaction to be extremely cute.

Sadia felt so embarrassed, her thoughts all but pushed aside as she focused on her growling stomach. However, she found Zameer's laughter to be somewhat strange. All that she knew of Zameer Sheikh was that he was an extremely cold and straight forward person. But this was probably the first time she saw him react so freely. He seemed almost normal. Almost human and nothing like the stoic man that she knew as she saw him chuckle but he stopped suddenly.

Whoa! He stopped laughing. First lovely, then adorable and now.....cute? What the hell? What's wrong with me? Why the hell am i thinking that? Zameer reprimanded himself. Are you forgetting that she's the enemy's daughter? stop sympathising with her, dammit!

With that thought, he steeled his resolve.

Zameer feigned a cough and pulled out his cell phone to have Sadia's meal delivered to the infirmary.

Sadia inhaled sharply when she saw Zameer put back his stone cold mask as he looked at her blankly.

"You must eat." He said. "The food will arrive in a few minutes. Eat and rest for today." With that, Zameer left.


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