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Sadia couldn't believe what she just heard. And she couldn't believe what she was seeing either.

She was just abducted and now she was about to be used as collateral? What ever for? She had no idea. This situation was completely mind boggling for her.

Abruptly, she felt lightheaded.

"I won't be giving you any details. It would be better if you are unaware but for your information, all you need to know is that if you corporate with me and do exactly as I say then, you have my word, no harm will come to you."

Sadia looked at Zameer in utter shock. And with the dizziness, her vision began to blur and Zameer's face became mixed with the dark background. And a sudden wave of pain hit her head on at the sides. Her blood rushed and she could literally hear it ringing in her ears.

Sadia's hands were beginning to shake and sweat. She could feel her headache increase as well as the dizziness. Her mouth went dry and she had a sudden urge to drink a lot of water. Sadia knew what was happening; she was going into hyperglycaemic shock.

"I need you to-" Zameer stopped talking when he noticed Sadia fall back to the wall, clutching her forehead as she slumped down against the wall. He immediately went to her side and squatted down next to her.

"What's wrong?" He asked, his voice sounding genuinely concerned.

"M-my bl-blood su-sugar leve-l is to-too h-high, " she murmured brokenly.

Zameer understood and took action immediately. He fished out a small kit from his coat pocket. Gently, he took Sadia's arm and rolled up her sleeve. Zameer noticed her skin was so soft and pale. Even in the dimly lit room, he could make out the shape and length of her delicate veins. It was almost a sight to behold. But Sadia's shaking and cold skin alerted him to pay attention and that's exactly what he did.

Opening the kit, he took out a swab and gently padded at the side of her upper arm. He went back to the kit and took out a vile and a syringe. He broke the vile and filled its content into the syringe. Quickly, he pricked the needle into Sadia's arm, who didn't so much as flinch. Disposing the syringe, Zameer stabled Sadia by her shoulders and made her sit upright. Her eyes were closed, her face twisting in pain as her scarf clung to the sweaty sides of her face.

Yes, Zameer knew about her condition. That's why he was prepared. But he found that his heart was racing in his chest. Why? For a moment, he was worried for her wellbeing. Why?

"Rest up for now. You'll be fine in a few minutes." He said in monotone, involuntarily, his thumb began to circle on her arm, creating a soothing effect.

Sadia could feel the insulin working as her heart rate went down and the dizziness began to subside.

Zameer observed her for a few minutes. She was calm now, still a little pale but compared to a few minutes ago, she looked much better. Sadia breathed in deeply and looked at Zameer. She licked her dried lips and Zameer was quick to note it but didn't pay much attention to it.


"Yes, I know." Zameer answered when he saw the questioning look in her gaze. "I'm aware of your condition." He claimed and placed the kit by her side. "This accounts for a few days: three to four tops." He informed.

"Wh-at d-o you wa-want from m-e?" Sadia stammered, tears brimming in her eyes.

Zameer sighed lowly and got back to his feet, towering over the young Doctor as he dipped his hands in his pockets.

"You'll find out soon enough." With that said, Zameer turned and left.

Sadia slumped to the floor, her back resting against the wall. Her right eye was beginning to irritate her and that's when she realised it was most probably the contact. Normally, she wouldve panicked since she was unconscious with the contact still on and that's dangerous but right now, she couldn't afford to get sidetracked.

Carefully, she took it out. Checking in her pocket, she was glad to find the lenses holder as she put it away. She looked around the cell but couldn't find any water. Of course, she was a prisoner, how could she possibly expect that?

Drawing her knees closer to her chest, she buried her face between her knees, she tried to think but failed. She was just too scared.

It was cold and dark and she couldn't help but blend in the environment.

Why? Why is this happening? She thought, her tears flowing down her cheeks relentlessly.

Ya Allah, please help me. She prayed and cried. Please send Baba to come and save me.

She felt so vulnerable. She felt like a lost child waiting for her father to come and save her and this situation was so mind boggling for her. She never knew that she would end up in a situation like this.

She didn't know how much time was spent but she kept on crying.


Two days. Sadia was being held u

like a man possessed. He had never seen him like this before.

Zameer had no idea what had possessed him but his anger blew to rage. "Fucking touch her again and I'll kill you." Zameer growled at Qadeem's face and threw him away. His body was shaking badly but he tried to reign in on his rage. Breathing in deeply, He went ahead and gently pulled a shocked Sadia by the arm.

"I'm so sorry, that wasn't suppose to happen." He murmured to her, noticing her disheveled apearence, her scarf coming loose, her bottom lip cut open and a bruise forming on her pale cheek. Her wide eyes gawked at him with sheer Terror and he could feel her body shake like a leaf. And Zameer didn't approve of that. He didn't like to see that type of fear and terror in her eyes. Yes, he made sure to make the whole situation apparent to her by instilling a fear that he knew would make her fear him but the fear he saw in her eyes wasn't because of him but because of the foolish move of another. Zameer's mind recalled the same shocked expression that he had witnessed in another woman; Anissa. She was just as scared and terrified when Shehryaar had kidnapped her and forced her to marry him. At that time, Zameer wanted to take action but he knew that he couldn't defy his Saeen either.

But this situation, it was completely different. Anissa was family, Sadia wasn't. She was just a pawn then why was he so bothered with her getting hurt?

She hadn't even seen how much of monsters they were and already she had succumbed to fear. It wouldn't work in his favour if she completely lost her sanity to the fear that Qadeem just instilled in her through violence. Zameer knew that he could make Sadia cooperate without the use of violence because at the back of his mind, he didn't want to hurt Sadia, because of What he saw happen with Anissa because of that kind of violence, he wanted to abstain from being violent with the young lady.

But that wasn't the reason why Zameer was angry. Zameer felt his blood boil when he saw saw the bruise on her cheek and the cut on her plump lip. I should fucking kill that bastard. He thought and without realising, his hand came up, his fingers gently caressing her delicate skin over her bruised cheek.

Sadia was lost in a daze. What had happened a few minutes ago had shook her to her very core. She flinched and hissed when she felt her stinging cheek being touched and that's when she realised that Zameer was touching her.

Tears welled up in her eyes. "D-don't tou-touch m-me!" She stammered through her sobs, her dark eyes shimmering in fear and terror as her hand came up and slapped Zameer's away. Zameer didn't like that but he couldn't do much about it.

Guilt gnawed at Zameer's heart. He never knew that Sadia was such a delicate woman. She was so fragile and he hated himself for ever allowing her to be put in this position.

Sadia felt so drained and emotionally strained that her mind began to slip into unconsciousness. Her eyes rolled back into her head and before she could fall, Zameer quickly caught her.


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