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   Chapter 7 NO.7

MAFIA COLLATERAL (Mafia series 2) By NSH_SHAHEEN Characters: 19851

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What's going on? She thought in utter confusion, fear taking root in her heart. She was trembling so much. She wanted to calm down but how could she when there was a gun being pointed at her head.

"Mi-mister Sheikh?" Sadia finally managed to say. "Wh-at are you do-ing?"

"Quiet!" Zameer hissed in her ear, causing her to cringe and whimper, her heart pounding, threatening to explode as tears welled in her eyes.

"Pl-pl-ease, " she began to weep. "Wh-y are......y-ou do-ing this?" She sobbed.

"I said, " his grip on the gun tightly, pressing hard on Sadia's skin. "Quiet, if you know what's good for you." He growled, his breath harsh against her ear. Her heart almost stopped.

Zameer couldn't believe that he was so careless as to let his emotions get in the way and reveal too much. It was clear that this part of their business was left out of the Doctor's information. He was only assigned to bring in Dr. Sadia and be her escort and to keep watch on her. But things had taken another turn because he never thought that he would find Anissa in a state like that. And Thinking of Anissa caused him to lose focus as his emotions ran amuck but he tried to keep a firm hold on his emotions, especially now when the situation had changed so much so he only focused on the task at hand.

Zameer could feel her fear. The poor girl was shaking like a leaf. His senses caught her fresh floral scent but it got quickly masked by her scent of fear. Her trembling and shaking body caused him to almost pity her. Almost. But he didn't. He wanted this distraction. He didn't want to think about what he just saw a few minutes ago.

Dr. Sadia Rehman.

The poor girl was taken by surprise. She would've never thought that things would've come to this. How ignorant she had been. She was the daughter of such an important personality yet she didn't know her own importance and worked in blissful ignorance for her enemy. All this time, she was working for the most powerful Mafia that her father was fighting against and she didn't even know it. How ironic was it. And now, Zameer was going to execute his plans, swiftly and precisely.

"I d-do-n't-"

"I said to be quiet!" Zameer sneered. Sadia winces when she heard the ice coldness in his tone.

She almost jumped when she heard the soft click of the attached bedroom.

Shehryaar Ghulari made his way to his desk, his stance rigid as he came to the front of his desk, unbuttoned the front two buttons of his suit jacket and folded his arms across his chest, his gaze levelled in Sadia's direction.

Sadia shivered when she saw him, her body began to shake even worse then it already was when she sensed the dark aura around Shehryaar Ghulari. The air around him had become even more menacing, his features hardened and his cold piecing grey gaze just became even more sharp, making Sadia squirmish then she already was.

Normally, Sadia would've lowered her gaze in nervousness but right now, she was paralysed in fear. She had never seen a man look so frightfully terrifying.

This man that she was looking at was not the cold hard businessman that she had been working for. The Man standing in front of her had morphed into a different personality. Throughout her tenure in his service, Sadia knew that Shehryaar Ghulari displayed some suspicious traits of an antisocial personality. But she couldn't pinpoint it. And now, it just got confirmed that he really wasn't normal.

Sadia felt as if the temperature of the room fell low, very low as cold shivers ran down her spin, the hair on the back of her neck standing.

She saw the aura around Shehryaar become dark and menacing, almost as if a certain fearful maliciousness surfaced.

"You have exactly five minutes to explain to me why and how she reacted to him." Shehryaar sneered, pointing towards Zameer.

Sadia's eyes widened in horror.

Her heart was speeding at an abnormally quick rate but her mind was struggling to fight it, fight the fear. But the fear was too great.

"I-um, " Sadia stuttered as the choke hold around her neck increased a bit to relay the underlying threat. "Unless you want me to hurt you, you will start talking right now." Zameer growled in her ear, causing her to whimper and shudder in fright. And the fear was so great that she started to cry. She had no idea what else to do. she was so scared: she didn't want to get hurt or get killed.

"For fuck's sake, " she heard Shehryaar Ghulari grumble irately as he pinched the bridge of his nose.

"Zameer, lower your weapon." He ordered. Zameer immediately obeyed and released Sadia. She fell to her knees, hugging herself tightly as she cried.

No one had ever threatened her. Not with words and certainly not with a weapon. She had never been this frightened before in her life.

And this wasn't the first time Zameer was doing this to her. Even when the first time they met, even though he didn't brandish it to her face, he did show it to relay the underlying threat. She wasn't an emotional person. And she had never cried this much before. This was the first time. The first time she felt a fear so great that she felt like her heart would explode. So she cried. The only natural instinct that she knew.

Zameer sighed to himself. He knew that this was all too much for the girl but he had to do what his job required.

Sadia was so lost in her fear that her tears wouldn't cease. She would continue to cry. Sadia almost screamed when she felt someone touch her shoulder and when she looked up, she cringed and whimpered when she saw Zameer.

Zameer was also a scary looking man for her and now that she looked at his cold blank expression and serious brown eyes, she couldn't help but feel even more afraid.

"Stop crying." He commanded in a low yet gentle voice. Sadia shivered and squeezed her eyes shut, her arms tightening around herself. Zameer squatted by her side and pulled out an object from his pocket

he was hesitating.

She breathed in deeply and stared at him right in the eyes. She hated the blush that crept up her neck when his dark eyes connected with hers, his handsome face expressing no emotion.

But Sadia tried to be brave. There was a chance that she could possibly outsmart Zameer Sheikh.

"Please, " she murmured. "You don't have to kill me.....I-I didn't attain any information. And I can k-keep it confidential. I don't have any p-proof. So please, " she beseeched but clearly, Zameer was unfazed. She tried to be smart, but apparently that's all that she can be but at the moments, it was failing her as well as her efforts to be brave: She can never be brave even if she tried because of her quiet nature.

He didn't say anything. And when she heard the click of the chamber, her heart almost stopped.

Zameer assessed her reactions. She was flustered and frightened beyond reprieve and slowly, he was drawing her into the position that he wanted her to be. But for some reason, his heart was beating fast. He didn't understand why he felt this way. He felt almost queasy, his chest tightening a bit and making him feel uncomfortable.

Fucking focus. He reprimanded himself, his fingers tightening around the weapon he held. And Sadia saw that.

He's going to kill me. He's going to do it. She was practically hyperventilating now.

"Please please wait!" She swung her hands forward in surrender. "Please don't shoot. Please!" She screamed and began to cry. Oh God, I hate myself for being so helpless right now.

Bingo. Zameer smirked to himself. He had her exactly where he wanted her.

He didn't say anything as Sadia continued to sob. Zameer noticed that Sadia had cried a lot this day. And could he blame her? Of course he couldn't, she was a silent girl and kept to herself but this much display of emotion caused his heart to almost shake. But again, he steeled his will and shut down his emotions. You don't empathise with your hostages. He told himself.

"Do you wish to die, Dr. Sadia?" He inquired.

Sadia was taken aback with his question. What the hell type of question was that?

"O-of course n-not." She mumbled through her tears.

"Will you do anything to live?"

"Yes." She choked, feeling cold shivers run down her spine. Is he going to let me go? She thought, not thinking clearing or letting her fear ridden brain conjure up anything that would make her read the situation. All she knew was that she wanted to get out of this place alive.

"Then will you do anything I say?" He asked.

"Yes." She immediately agreed without thinking it through but apparently She didn't have the luxury to think right now.

"Alright then, " he lowered the gun, much to Sadia shocking surprise and relief. She let out a breath that She didn't even think that She was holding in.

He walked towards her and caught her arm and began to drag her out of the room. Sadia didn't dare speak, fearing that he might change his mind as he made her walk down the stairs. They exited through a door and into an alleyway. Sadia saw Zameer's black Mercedes parked.

She was relieved beyond belief. Is he letting me go? He didn't kill me than that means he's letting me go. She thought in joy.

"Are you letting me go?" She inquired in a hushed voice. He scoffed and pulled opened the passenger seat door and shoved her inside. "No, " he stood by the door and leaned inside so that he was inches away from my face.

"You said you'll do anything to live, right?"

"Yes." She gulped, not liking the sound of it as Zameer's face held an unreadable expression.

Suddenly, He smirked as his eyes flashed and Sadia saw his expression change from deadly lethal to mischievous.

"Welcome to the dark world of the Mafia Dr. Sadia. You've just become our most important collateral at winning many battles in this Mafia war.

Sadia felt her heart skip a beat.

Collateral? Me? She thought in utter confusion and dread.

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