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   Chapter 6 NO.6

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'So, let me get this straight.' I said as I parked the car. 'You found out about the person who saved Shehryaar!' I said as I looked at the hospital OPD building at a near distance.

Shahzeb's eyes were also on the same building as mine. And he looked so damn serious. Too serious. I mean, he's always been a serious type of guy but still, damn, I've never seen him this serious before.

'And she turns out to be a medical student?' I inquired with raised eyebrows. I found this news so shocking.

'Yeah. She graduates next year.' He revealed.

'So, why are we here to meet with her?'

'We're not here to meet with her. We are here to see what she's like.' He said, looking at me solemnly. I nodded.

'Okay, but why exactly are we here to see her?'

Shahzeb sighed and closed his eyes for a brief moment. 'Shehryaar's taken a liking to this one.' He murmured, opening his eyes, a hard look marring his expression.

'Really?' I asked in bewilderment. Shehryaar wasn't one to take an interest in a woman. 'Are you serious?' Dumb question. I know he's damn serious, the shit look on his mug is proof of it.

'Even if he is, why should we interfere. If he likes this girl then let him do whatever he wants.' I said.

'That's the problem Zameer. He doesn't just like her. He was planning on abducting her a few weeks ago but I caught him and stopped him.'

'Why did you do that?' I inquired in surprise. 'If he likes this girl so much then let him have her. She's no different from any of the girls that he's been with.'

'That's the thing, she's just too different.'

I wanted to ask him what he meant by that. Because I was just getting too confused. He was being cryptic for no reason, as if he knew something that I didn't.

'What do you-'

'Let's go.' He ordered, opening his door and jumping out. I did the same and followed behind him.

'Wait, Shahzeb, what did you mean by that?' I asked as we walked together into the building.

'You'll see soon enough.' He said and walked in a specific direction. Almost as if he had been here before. I followed after him. We walked until we reached a clinic.

'Excuse me, do you know where the medical students are supposed to be?' Shahzeb asked a nurse. The nurse took us to the crowded clinic where we saw many doctors in their white lab coats sitting at desks as they attended outdoor patients.

I looked around. It was just too crowded.

'Well?' I asked loudly over the noise.

'Look over there. To the far left corner.' I followed his eyes and almost gasped when my eyes fell on the girl.

She was perhaps the most beautiful girl that I had ever seen. She took my breath away. I was openly staring at her when I saw Shahzeb snapping his fingers in front of my eyes. I didn't bare it any mind until a sharp slap hit the back of my head.

'What the fuck?' I growled at him.

Shahzeb narrowed his eyes at me, his hard expression showing his anger. 'Careful, you were just shamelessly gawking at your future Bhabi.' He warned in a stern voice.

Bhabi? Mine?

I couldn't help but look back at the girl who was fully engrossed in her work.

Now i understand why Shahzeb said. I really did see why she was different. She was not from our world. She was from the normal world, a normal woman, living a normal and mediocre life.

No, she can't be. She's not one of us. I thought to myself. Even now as I stand here and look at her, I can only see a good person. She's not just beautiful, but judging from the smile on her face as she checks each of her patients carefully, I can tell that she's a kind and caring person. Her beauty is one thing but he could see the goodness in her soft features.

This girl will be my Bhabi? This delicate woman shall be the Mafia Queen?


Zameer was feeling great as he drove to his destination. He couldn't believe that he finally had something in his hands now that he could use it to get back his position as Shehryaar's second in command.

But there was only one problem at the moment.

He gazed at her from the rear mirror. And like always, she was gazing out of the window, a thoughtful expression masking her face.

I can't use her yet. He thought. Not until Dr. Sadia was in Shehryaar's employment to help Anissa with whatever she was suffering from, he couldn't reveal who she really was. But he had a feeling that it would be sometime soon.

Zameer did his job and acted like his usual self, cold and detached.

Dr. Sadia was just a job after all and a job that was about to pay off.


Sadia sighed to herself as she saw Anissa's cousin lash out on Shehryaar Ghulari for the past three hours.

The woman, Ramsha, started to cry while her brother, Haris, was in a daze as if he was remembering something horrible.

"What did you do to her?" Haris muttered in horror.

Sadia sighed and came forward. "Please sir, " She started off respectfully. "You can ask that later. For now, please, I would like you to acquaint me with my patient's former personality." She stated, feeling proud that she didn't stutter when it came to doing her job but she could only do that when she was comfortable and she felt comfortable, at least with Haris, whom she came to know, was also a doctor.

Haris sighed and agreed.

"She was adopted by our chacha and chachi when she was a year old. Her biological parents gave her away because she was an unwanted child. She used to be a very happy and cheerful girl. She was always good and kind. She helped any and everyone. She was always outgoing and spoke her mind. She always fought for what she believed in." He told.

A type A personality. Sadia thought as she looked at Anissa's quiet form sitting at the sofa, with her cousin crying as she grasped her hands and tried to make her talk or even look at her but it was useless; Anissa was still and silent.

"Everything was alright until almost three years ago, she suffered from an incident in her college." Haris conveyed.

"You know that you will have to elaborate on that, sir." Sadia said in a professional voice.

Haris sighed. "She was raped." He whispered lowly, squeezing his eyes shut as she pursed his lips into a tight line.

es remained on Zameer, a look of pure fear, agony and confusion entering her eyes.

"Move, " Sadia rushed to Anissa as she pushed past Zameer.

Zameer looked at Anissa in dread as she screamed in agony, her eyes fixed on him. He felt cold shivers run down his spine. He felt so helpless. He wanted to move and help but he found himself rooted to his spot, his body refusing to coordinate with his brain's orders.

Sadia moved with precision, in a quick and professional pace as she pulled Anissa's left sleeve up, rubbed a cotton swab and plunged a needle in her arm.

Within seconds, Anissa's screams died down, her body became limp in Shehryaar's arms and within seconds, she slipped into unconsciousness.

There was complete silence in the room. Sadia examined Anissa, checking her pulse and breathing rate.

It became so eerie that Sadia could hear their breathing.

"What the fuck just happened?" Zameer snapped, breaking the delicate silence.

Sadia was again surprised. She didn't expect Zameer to be so open in language once his tongue was out. Alas, Sadia resisted the urge to sign to herself. These men sure love to curse. She thought to herself as she stood up.

The couple remained rooted down, Shehryaar holding unto Anissa's unconscious frame, cradling her head against his chest as he buried his nose in her hair.

"Mind explaining to me what's going on?" Zameer shouted in exasperation, feeling vexed beyond limit at Shehryaar's unwillingness to answer.

"Why the fuck did she react that way?" Zameer inquired, his tone full of anger and confusion.

Sadia kept her eyes on Anissa.

"She didn't react this way to her cousins. The confusion was clear as day when her cousins were with her. She didn't recognise them, then why did she, " she moved her eyes to Zameer, observing his reaction.

"Look at you and recognise you? It was almost as if she was saw a ghost." Sadia said.

Suddenly, Sadia saw a change in his expression as his face hardened and his dark eyes narrowed at Shehryaar, understanding flashing in his eyes.

"She was made to believe that I was dead." He muttered.

Sadia's brows furrowed in confusion. "Excuse me?" She thought that she heard wrong but clearly not because Zameer's full attention was on Anissa and Shehryaar. The dazed look in his eyes indicates that he was thinking too much and drawing conclusion.

"So this was you're plan? To make her shoot me and make her believe that I was dead? Is that how you broke her?" Zameer snarled at Shehryaar.

"You're un-fucking-believable. How could you do that to her? No wonder she reacted that way." Zameer growled.

A loud gasp escaped Sadia's lips. She couldn't believe what she was hearing.

She was made to shoot him? She was made to believe that Mr. Sheikh was dead? What's going on here? Sadia thought in dread.

But it was all too late.

She saw the men become stiff. They didn't say anything, only their eyes communicating with each other. And before she could decipher their moves, Sadia found herself locked in a choke hold, Zameer's strong muscular arm rounded around her delicate neck and no later that she thought this was strange was when she felt something cold and hollow touch her temple.

Her heart skipped a beat as cold terror crept through her, running her blood cold. Her breathing became shallow and her mind almost became blank with fear as she realised the gravity of the situation.

She had been subdued effectively.

Wha-what's going on? She thought, her hands coming up to grip at the strong arm around her neck. Her back was with his strong chest and without realising, she blushed furiously. She wasn't used to having men come near her with so much proximity but she couldn't think about that at the moment. The situation was far too confusing and terrifying as it was.

Her body began to shake, her breath hitching in her throat as an involuntary whimper left her lips.

"You better stay still, if you know what's good for you." Zameer whispered in her ear, sensing her fear and confusion.

But could he blame her? Her life was about to change forever.


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