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   Chapter 5 NO.5

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Updated: 2018-05-18 19:00

"Dr. Sadia?"

Sadia was disturbed from her nap by her assistant. "Is she awake?" Sadia inquired as she got up.

"Yes, she is. She's demanding to leave."

"Leave?" Sadia frowned. Why on earth would that patient want to leave? "Did the house officer take her history?" Sadia asked she quickly donned her shoes.

"The patient is refusing. She demands to leave."

"Well, that shows that she's either confused or afraid." Sadia muttered and quickly left her office for the ER. As soon as she entered the ER private wards, she saw her patient trying to struggle out of the Nurses' grip who were trying to calm her down.

"No, let me go! I don't want to be here!" She screamed, her face tear stained. Sadia quickly ran to her.

"Woah woah, calm down." Sadia said softly but the girl wasn't listening. Sadia quickly ordered the nurses to let go and as soon as they did, the girl started to shake and tried to get off the bed but collapsed as soon as her feet touched the ground.

Sadia helped her up. "It's okay. You're alright."

"I shouldn't be here. I need to leave." The girl cried.

"It's alright. You can leave but we need to check you up first."

"No please!" The girl was horrified, her face ghastly pale and panick stricken. "I need to get home. I need to get back!"

"Would you like for us to call your parents?"

The girl stilled as soon as she heard Sadia say 'parents.' Sadia anticipated this type of behaviour from the girl. It was typical for a rape victim to be traumatised and have panic attacks and when she fainted, this was to be expected.

Sadia sighed and instructed the nurses to put her properly in the bed.

Sadia remained with the girl until she woke up an hour later. But this time, she was relatively calm. Sadia noted down her behaviour. It was important to be vigilant with these kinds of patients.

"How are you feeling?" Sadia asked. The girl looked at her and her eyes welled up all of a sudden.

"Please help me." She cried, in English.

Sadia offered a kind comforting smile. "That's what I am here for, my dear." She said in English as well. "I'm Dr. Sadia. I'm here to help."

The girl stared at Sadia in bewilderment. "You're a doctor? You're so young."

Sadia chuckled. "I get that a lot. But yes, I am a doctor." Sadia's looks easily gave her away. Even though she was twenty one, people usually took her for a teenager or a medical student instead of a consultant.

"Now, please relax." Sadia started when the girl tried to sit up. Sadia helped her up. "Are you relaxed?" she inquired.

The girl was staring into space, tears falling from her eyes, a look of utter despair and devastation marring her features. Sadia couldn't help but pity the poor girl. As soon as Sadia was going to start, the door of the wardroom opened and in walked a senior consultant and took a seat beside Sadia. She was Sadia's supervisor. Even though Sadia was a consultant herself, but the department didn't trust her with delicate cases since Sadia had a record of not dealing well with them. But Sadia never seemed to mind: she always believed in improvement and that's exactly what she was here to do.

"Is she oriented?" The doctor inquired.

"Yes, madam, she is." Sadia replied. The doctor nodded and turned towards the young lady, a soft smile stretching on her lips.

"Can you tell us what happened with you?"

She inquired in a gentle voice. The girl looked at the doctor and Sadia could tell that she was comfortable as she started explaining her situation.The girl was on a date with her boyfriend. He was very insistent of them having intimate relations but the girl resisted for a long time until he attacked her on their date. The girl burst into tears as she recalled the events, crying loudly. Now this was the phase of the patient that intrigued Sadia more and piqued at her curiosity so much. She wanted to understand the girl's emotions but failed to arise any feelings apart from sympathy and a little bit of anger; anger at the girl for not being careful herself and as a result, this happened.

"Now now, " the doctor stood up and went to console the weeping girl. "We understand, you mustn't give up. We'll help you as best as we can and we-"

"You shouldn't have gone with him in the first place. You should've been careful. Your cautious-less actions led to your current condition." Sadia blurted.

The senior consultant gawked at Sadia in shock. Sadia realised what she had said but kept her composure. The girl who was crying went into silence.

"You're right I- I shouldn't have, "

"Please excuse us, " the doctor glared at Sadia in disapproval and jerked her chin towards the door. Sadia understood and left the room. The senior consultant remained inside and came out a few minutes later.

"Dr. Sadia, this is the third time that you have acted this unethically." She scolded.

"I'm sorry madam. I meant no offence." Sadia said in earnest.

"It's not about taking offences. You should've been sensitive to the girl's feelings."

"What I said was only the logical cold hard truth." Sadia tried to justify herself.

"Yes, but she didn't need to be reminded of something that she already knew. Tell me, why do you take these cases? This is the third time you've acted this way. You can't even empathize with such patients. Are you disgusted with such cases?"

"Disgusted?" Sadia uttered in confusion. "Why would I be disgusted with such cases?"

"Then why can't you learn to empathise with such cases?"

"I do madam. I do sympathise with them. But I just don't understand them. That's why I take these cases, to understand them."

"Sadia, you don't need to understand them. You can never know the feelings of a person who has undergone a severe trauma." The doctor reprimanded. "The only thing that you need to do as a doctor, is your job. Council victims, try to offer help and therapy. That's all. Nothing else is required of you. Learn to do your job right. Don't try to get too involved."

"I know but madam-"

"Furthermore, " The doctor interjected sharply. "You need to learn to keep your logic and curiosity to yourself." Sadia was quiet.

The doctor noticed Sadia's dismay. She sighed and patted Sadia's shoulder. "I know that you are very curious and your thirst for knowledge knows no bounds. But Sadia, not every case is a test specimen. You cannot treat every delicate case as if it's a guinea pig, waiting for you to explore and experiment on. They are people who've been deeply hurt. And you need to understand that. Have some limits."

Sadia stared at her supervisor for a few seconds. She wanted to tell her that that was exactly what she wanted to do, to understand a victim's feelings and try to establish her limits so that she may serve better as a physician. But all Sadia did was nod her head in the affirmative. Her supervisor also nodded and dismissed her for the evening.

Feeling exhausted, Sadia called her driver and decided to call it a day. As soon as she Sadia entered her office, she roughly threw away her clip board and pulled off her white coat, feeling bitter tears rise in her eyes. She felt angry and upset. Angry at herself for being so insensitive and careless and upset at the situation and how it turned out to be.

She felt so down. She felt like a failure. And she hated that feeling. She had gotten so u

about politics, " Azfar's demeanour took a turn as he smiled a big warm smile at Sadia and took her hand in his. Sadia flinched and tried to release her hand but Azfar kept his grip firm yet gentle.

"Um, " she bit her lip and tried to get her hand out of his grip.

"Shall we go home now?" Azfar asked. Sadia immediately nodded and they both left. Sadia kept her gaze outside as they drove by the city lights.

Azfar parked into the porch and switched off the ignition. Before Sadia could leave, he caught her left hand.

"Uh, um, " Sadia tried to speak but failed.

"Yes, I know, " Azfar chuckled. "I have something I wanted to give you." He looked at Sadia tenderly, his dark ways shinning in the dim lights.

"I wanted to give you something." He said, coming a little close to her. Sadia's blush brightened as she felt sweat rise on her heated skin. Her nervousness grew by each passing second and all she wanted to was to get out of the car. It wasn't appropriate for them to be doing this: at least not for her anyway when she knew that they won't have any future together.

Azfar pulled her chin up and made her look at him in the eyes but Sadia was stubborn and kept her eyes down. She hated making eye contact. Even though her unique eyes were hidden, but she never felt comfortable to look people in the eyes whom she wasn't familiar with. And she was pretty familiar with Azfar; she knew him since childhood but that wasn't the reason she was avoiding absolute eye contact with him.

'He really likes you. If I didn't know any better, I would say that that boy is in love with you..'

Why did you have to say something like that phupho? Now I'll be guilty for hurting him when the reality comes to surface. Sadia thought to herself.

Sadia blushed hard when she noticed the distance between them had narrowed.

His other hand dipped inside his pocket and pulled something out. Sadia waited impatiently.

Her eyes widened and her heart started to pound heavily when she saw him put a ring around her left ring finger.

"I know that we haven't made it official yet. But still, I want the whole world to know that you are mine." He claimed, an edge of possessiveness to his voice, his dark eyes gleaming with seriousness.

"I've always dreamt of us together Sadia. I've never thought of any other woman besides you." He confessed.

Sadia felt as if her heart would explode.

He didn't say it directly but he did just confess his feelings to her.

And Sadia couldn't handle it. She wanted to say so much, reject him and tell him the truth. She wanted to be honest and break down the truth to him but she just couldn't find it in her heart to speak.

Getting out of the car, she saw him leave through the gate as the guards closed the large metal doors. When she was sure that he gone, Sadia ran to her room.

She needed to think. As soon as she stepped inside her room, she retreated to her balcony, a haven she always sought when she needed to think.

As she stood by the railing, she pondered on the events that occurred. She wanted to have a closer look at the ring but decided to gaze at the stars instead.

I wish I could just slap myself so hard, so I could finally muster up some strength. She thought. She hated herself for being so cowardly. She couldn't even buck up the courage to tell a man, who just bared his heart out to her, that she couldn't possibly accept him.

If, in an another time, if they weren't cousins or there was nothing wrong with their genes, she would've chosen and accepted him with an open heart. But she just couldn't. Not if she wanted the future of her offspring to be a healthy one, instead of sickly and diseased like herself. It was a choice she had to make, break family tradition for the greater good. The cycle needed to end.

So, she collected her thoughts and made a decision. She would speak with her father the first chance she gets and the rest, she left in Allah's hands. She sighed. She wanted to take off the ring but as soon as she touched it, she was reminded of Azfar's sweet and honest words.

'.....I've never thought of any other woman besides you.'

"Stupid!" Sadia hissed, stomping her foot on the ground. "Why can't you be a little brave?" She hissed to herself. Feeling exhausted, she sat on a chair and continued to gaze at the stars above, feeling peace and tranquility flood through her as she lay her thoughts to rest.

But unbeknownst to her, someone was already watching her from afar.

He smirked when he focused his binoculars on her face. Earlier, she looked stressed about something but now, she looked relaxed.

"Rest up and gather your strength, little girl, " He said in a low murmur, almost as if the passing winds would take this message to her. "And bid your life and family adieu. This may as well be the last time you'll ever get to be with the, Dr. Sadia."


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