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She sighed deeply and stared at herself in the mirror and smiled.

Nothing had changed. She was the same like she was yesterday.

She smiled widely at herself. It was a routine.

A new day meant a new beginning. And she always started with a smile.

She washed her face and brushed her teeth. She felt so fresh. Braiding her thick raven black hair, she tied them up in a bun, pushing back loose wisps of hair, clearing her face as she dabbed on some moisturizer and some light pink gloss. She never wore makeup when she worked, it always irritated her.

After putting on her pink hijab, she glanced at herself to see if it was alright. Once she was done, she took her contact lenses from the shelf.

Sadia had very unique eyes. Her right eye was a pale blue color while her left eye was a deep chocolate brown. This condition was called hetrochromia. It is a rare condition. She hated this trait about herself due to which she had to hide her eyes behind contact lenses from a very early age. But basically, she hid her blue eye. But this wasn't the only thing about her that made her different: she was also a diabetic which she inherited as a result from her parents first cousin marriage.

However, she wasn't all weird; she was blessed with a very high IQ of 130+. She was a gifted youth with high intelligence and excellent memory. That was the reason why she graduated so early from every educational institute, skipping many grades as she went on and entered medical college at the age of fifteen, the youngest recorded age in the whole country for any adolescent to enter into university. And graduating with honours at the tender age of nineteen and now, at the age of twenty, she was a practicing physician in the field of psychiatry, going on to be the most youngest and most expert psychiatrist in the whole country and becoming the most youngest member of the National institute of psychiatry.

But because of her being so superiorly intelligent, Sadia grew up to be socially awkward, shy, quiet and extremely introverted as well as antisocial. She always lived a sheltered life but that was owing to her being an only child who lost her mother at the tender age of five and since then, her father being an army officer, kept her under strict security and in the care of nanies. But he did a fine job in raising Sadia into a kind and trustworthy girl. And because Sadia was a smart girl, she had to grow up very quickly.

She was someone who always weighed everything on a logical scale rather then an emotional one so that's why there were very few things she was truly passionate about, one of them being her family as well as her profession.

Sadia got ready into a dusty pink Kurta but didn't wear her black denim pants yet. she entered her bedroom and went to the refrigerator. Taking out her vials of insulin, she took a syringe and filled it with her routine insulin shot. dabbing an alcohol swab on her skin, without so much as a wince, she injected the shot on the upper side of her thigh and carefully placed the syringe down. Donning her pants and shoes, she grabbed her bag and white coat and left the room. She went downstairs and into the kitchen to get some breakfast.

However, she was startled when she found her father seated at the dinning table, enjoying a good cup of tea along with reading the daily news.

"Asalam alaikum baba, " she greeted and placed her things on a chair near her father's chair.

Her father smiled a brilliant smile at his daughter. "Walaikum Asalam, Sadia."

"Baba what are you doing up so early?" She inquired and noticed that her father was in his jogging outfit. "And you went out for a jog." She stated in disbelief.

"You know that you should be resting. Your condition is not yet stable." She said with worry.

"I'm as fit as a fiddle my dear." Her father said in English. "A soldier never rests."

"Not even when the soldier had a heart attack for the second time?" Sadia challenged.

Her father chuckled and carried on with reading. Sadia shook her head with a small smile and went to the kitchen. And her worry was justified.

Her father, Abdul Rehman Gul, was a high ranking military officer, recently promoted to the rank of Lt. General in the Pak Army. They came from a well reknown military family. Gen. Rehman was the fourth generation, the second to serve in Pakistan army while the previous two had severed in the British Army during the British Raj.

Her father was a patient of diabetes and hypertension: high blood pressure. Her father was born with it. In their family, the tradition of cousin marriages was very strong due to which, certain diseases like hypertension and diabetes was very common in them. Sadia was born a diabetic. And her mother was a schizophrenic and died from the disease when she was very young.

This whole issue was the main reason why Sadia chose to pursue medicine as a career, in order to understand what was happening in her family. And now she understood. And even though she was against cousin marriages because she herself was a Carrier of many genes of dangerous genetic diseases. But she had no choice: before her mother died, she had wished for her eldest nephew, Azfar to wed Sadia.

And all Sadia had of her mother was this one wish to honour thus she got officially engaged to her cousin Azfar two months ago after Gen. Abdul Rehman suffered from his second heart attack. Sadia had no choice: her father's condition was too delicate at that time. Even though their family was large and Gen. Abdul Rehman had no doubt that Sadia would be looked after if something were to happen to him but still. for his peace of mind, he had her hastily engaged to his nephew, much to Sadia's dismay.

"Will you be coming home tonight?" Her father inquired as Sadia had her breakfast.

She shook her head as she placed her cup of tea on the saucer. "No unfortunately. I'm on call tonight." She replied.

Gen. Abdul Rehman's dark eyes sparkled with pride as he tenderly laid his hand on his only child's head. "I'm so proud of you, my dear. Always know that."

Sadia grinned happily. "I know baba. You always tell me that."

"Yes I know. If only you had joined the army as well then it would've been wonderful." He sighed.

Sadia pouted. "I know. You know that I couldn't." She said in defeat. The army was one of Sadia's deep passions. She always dreamed of joining the army and becoming a decorated officer like her father, who was her hero, but when she was diagnosed with diabetes, this dream of hers was shattered. And because of this condition, she was declared unfit in the recruitment exam for the army medical corps. She was deeply hurt at that time since she couldn't keep the tradition alive in her small family since all her cousins joined the armed forces but she couldn't. She was disappointed and hurt but eventually, she accepted her fate; that made her more motivated. She was a very enthusiastic person. And her passion for the military still remained strong. She had decided to serve in military hospital after her training was done in the National Institute of Psychiatry.

But at least, with her marriage to Azfar, Gen. Abdul Rehman knew that the tradition would continue since Azfar was also in the army.

"I know mera bacha." Her father sighed. He had desired to have a son so that the family tradition may continue after him but after he lost his wife, whom he loved dearly, to an illness she had been fighting almost all her life, all he had was Sadia whom he cherished with all his heart.

"Shall I call the driver to drop you off?"

"Actually, Azfar will be dropping me off today." She informed.

"Oh?" Her father smiled. "So, you've finally come to accept your fiancé?" He teased with a soft small smile.

Sadia sighed and drank her tea. It wasn't that she didn't like her fiancé or anything, what concerned her more was that although he was her cousin and she had known him since childhood, she was more concerned with his genes. "It's not like that baba. you know what my concerns are." Sadia said. Her father nodded in understanding. Sadia had shared her concerns with her father and he understood them well but he had little choices. Because of his post, he couldn't be a father much and think more clearly for Sadia's sake to search for a better match for her but he wasn't one to break the family custom of marriage inside the family. Breaking traditions meant severing tie with the family and their family was powerful and had prestige and respect in the military society. Almost every family in the military knew of the pretigious Gul family, the family that had honor of serving in the armed forces for four generations and give out soldiers and martyrs. So, for the sake of their honor, Gen. Abdul Rehman kept at tradition but mostly, he did it to uphold his beloved wife's wish.

"I know Baita, "

"That's why baba, I've decided to run some blood tests on Azfar. I need to know if it's safe for us to actually have a relationship."

"I support you wholeheartedly."

She smiled and took her father's hand in hers. "I know, shukria baba, I hope that Azfar also understands."

"He will. He is a nice chap."

Speaking of Azfar, Sadia got his text message.

"I need to get going now." She said hastily and grabbed her things. "Now baba, " she touched her father's shoulder with care. "Please rest. Your leave is also coming to an end soon. You need to get all the rest you can get before you get back on duty." She said, her voice turning into her cold and detached serious tone that she used at work.

Gen. Abdul Rehman smiled and squeezed her hand on his shoulder tenderly. "You're growing up to be just like your mother, Sadia."

She smiled and nodded as she left. She found Azfar standing at the porch of her house.

Azfar was a handsome man, with fair skin and light brown hair along with dark brown eyes. He was dressed smartly in his green camo uniform. He was a real charmer with his well built frame. Sadia smiled when she saw him but kept her eyes downcast as she felt her cheeks warm up with a slight blush.

"Asalam alaikum." He greeted, his voice deep and clear, his thin lips bearing a gentle smile.

"Walaikum Asalam." She greeted back, her voice small and nervous. She always felt nervous when in the presence of the opposite sex. But be

cause Azfar was eight years her senior, she felt even more nervous in his presence and ever since they got engaged, Sadia felt even more coy.

"How are you Sadia?" He inquired, dipping his hands in his pant pockets his heightened frame towering over hers. "I was pretty surprised when you asked for a ride today." He smirked.

"Act-actually, " she cleared her throat. "I wanted you to come with me to the hospital." She said, feeling her heart race.

"You know, " he gently placed his finger under her chin and raised her face to him. "I would like it more when you speak to me when you are looking at me." He said, his voice gentle, his brown eyes soft and friendly. "We are engaged now. I think we are past formalities."

Sadia nodded, turning her head away from his touch. "Um, can you come with me, I need to take a blood sample from you." She said.

Azfar frowned him confusion. "Um, I'm pretty sure that I'm alright." He claimed, looking at himself.

Sadia bit her lower lip in embarrassment. "I, uh, I just need it. Um, I'm concerned for your, um, health." She spoke, trying to convince him. "I need to perform some tests on it." She said. Azfar looked at her. She was always like this; coy and nervous. He nodded and led her to his small black Honda.

"You didn't...... bring your Audi." She queried in a small voice, standing in front of the passenger door. Azfar chuckled.

"I prefer this small bad boy over that one." Although he was also the son of an admiral, he was very humble and brought this small car with his own money after saving up for so long. But not Sadia. She was a bit spoiled. After all, she was an only child and brought up in luxury owing to her father who got early promotions because of his excellence in service.

"That one is also yours." She said as Azfar opened her door for him. He smiled. "I'll give that to you." He said.

"That's not what I meant." She muttered and got in the car. Sadia didn't mind that the car wasn't luxurious. What she minded was the size. It was too small and if she had to sit in the front, she would be too close to Azfar and she wouldn't feel comfortable. And she couldn't sit at the back since that would be considered rude so she remained glued to the door to maintain a lot of distance.

Azfar also got in the car and drove her to the hospital. He noticed the distance and Sadia's body posture but didn't comment on it; He knew her to be shy and from the quiet atmosphere, he also acknowledged that she was a quiet and silent girl.


"There, " Sadia breathed as she took out the needle from his vein and unfastened the tie around his arm. She placed the vile of blood in the cubicle.

"Why do you need my blood anyway?" Azfar inquired.

Sadia was silent as she contemplated on his question. She was actually dreading this but she couldn't keep it from him; he had every right to know what his blood was going to be used for.

"I want to find out about your, um, genes." She claimed, her voice soft and low.

He frowned. "My genes?"

"Yes. I had mine done a month ago. Turns out I also carry the gene for schizophrenia." She told, feeling her heart squeeze but she kept a straight face.

Azfar's expression remained one of confusion. "It's the gene for the illness that my mother had." She clarified.

"So, you want to find out if I have that too?"

"Yes, that and, um, some other things as well." She uttered under her breath as she cleared the things from her table.

Sadia flinched slightly when Azfar caught her hand and gave it a gentle squeeze.

"Why do you think that I'll also have that gene?"

Sadia stared at him for a few moments.

"Because, " She swallowed, feeling uncomfortable with him holding her hand. "Um, there are certain diseases that, um, are in our family which keep on appearing for the past many generations because of cousin marriages."

Azfar looked solemn. Too solemn that caused Sadia to look away and released her hand from his grasp. She didn't feel comfortable when Azfar would touch her. It wasn't that she didn't like his touch: she didn't like to be touched by anyone in particular.

"So, if I also carry that gene, what does it signify?" Of course, such things weren't of any General awareness. If he also possessed the gene then it would be expressed in their children and they would have the disease since the gene pool would be too limited.

But since Azfar was in the clear so far, his parents' marriage not being a first cousin marriage but still a family marriage, he didn't have any disease but that didn't mean that he wasn't a carrier of other genes.

"If you have the gene then, " she paused as she stared at Azfar. She could clearly see that he was serious about her. She knew that he liked her and always looked at her with respect and adoration so she knew it would hurt him if she told him that she would have to break the engagement. "Let's not think of it." She mumbled and looked away. All that she felt for Azfar was respect. She didn't hold any deep feelings for him and if the test results came back positive, then things would end so she never allowed herself to get attached to Azfar.

Azfar chuckled when Sadia took away her hand. He knew that Sadia was a shy girl and she was always nervous in his presence and he found that trait about her to be so adorably amusing.

"Okay then. But don't worry. Inshaa Allah everything will be alright." He claimed, giving her hand a gentle squeeze as he jumped to his feet.

Sadia nodded and bid him goodbye. When he left, Sadia got to work.


Sadia sighed deeply, feeling her legs ache from standing for the past six hours straight as she went on her ward rounds. She was glad to finally get a break.

As she entered her office, she took off her coat.

"Asalam alaikum, " a deep voice greeted, making Sadia jump in surprise, causing a small involuntary yelp to escape her lips.

Her heartbeat accelerated when she saw the man standing in the middle of her office.

"Oh, " she let out a breath of relief. "Mr. Sheikh, Walaikum Asalam." She replied.

The man looked at her with a blank expression, his dark eyes staring down at her coldly. His presence held a certain amount of dark aura with a blend of authority that caused her to feel shivers down her spine, feeling intimidated.

He was a tall man, his physique lean yet well built with broad shoulders and chest. He was dressed in a black three piece business suit that looked expensive. But Sadia only noticed these general features about the man, her shyness never allowed her to look at his face properly except for the first time she had met him. All that she has noticed was that he was handsome, with dark short cropped hair and black eyes.

"I'm here to pick you up." He informed, his voice smooth. She felt his dark gaze on her face, that made her feel even more nervous then she already was. Sadia kept her gaze trained on the floor, feeling her heart thumping hard in her chest and causing her cheeks and ears to become red hot. She always felt this way in the presence of Mr. Zameer Sheikh. And she found it odd. She knew that she felt nervous and awkward in front of men but in front of Mr. Sheikh, she felt scared. Maybe it was because she would always be reminded of how they first met.

Sadia bit her lip in nervousness. She had forgotten that she had one of her sessions with Mrs. Anissa Ghulari today. And Mr. Zameer sheikh had been her escort for the past three weeks since she started her therapy sessions with Anissa Ghulari.

"Oh, of course." She murmured, fearing that her voice may give way to her nervousness so she kept her voice low. "Let me get my bag." She said and went to her desk. The man nodded.

Sadia quickly cleared her desk and took her bag. As the man led her outside to his waiting car, Sadia informed her assistant to have all her appointments shifted to another time.

As Sadia sat at the back, she kept her gaze outside. They drove through the busy downtown district of Karachi.

She was glad that they didn't speak. Mr. Sheikh was cold and extremely professional, only focusing on escorting Sadia to his boss.

Sadia recalled the time she had first met him. They had first met about three weeks ago. He had scared her out of her wits by showing her a gun and the way he roughly treated her, she knew that he was a tough and dangerous man. That's why, she always felt fearful in his presence and her nervousness would know no bounds. And it left a bitter taste in her mouth. She felt so insulted and humiliated for having been threatened like the way Mr. Sheikh had on their first meeting. And since then, the first thing she knew of him was that he wasn't a gentleman. She found him utterly rude and cold. she didn't understand why the man threatened her with a gun and that too in a hospital? However, after that, she was glad that he didn't do that again but it had set the impression that was intended. Sadia knew not to argue and just do what she was told as long as she was under the employment of his boss, Shehryaar Ghulari.

So she tried to keep it cool, keeping her composure and her emotions in check. Thankfully, they never once had any conversation, not even a small hello hi. And for that, Sadia was grateful. She didn't want to be friendly with a rude man like Zameer Sheikh, even though Sadia could be friendly if she wanted to be but not with Zameer Sheikh.

They arrived at the head quarters of the Indus Enterprise building. Mr. Sheikh escorted her to the top floor where his boss's office was was. Before she could enter, she followed protocol and handed her bag and her cellphone to Zameer. His boss didn't allow her to hold anything that she could use for making records. And much to Sadia's chagrin, she had no choice but to comply.

"Have a nice day, Dr. Sadia." He said, his voice void and cold.

Sadia nodded. She saw him leave.

Sadia sighed to herself and knocked on the door.


Asalam alaikum; muslim greeting which means 'peace be to you'

Walaikum asalam; reply to the greeting which means 'peace be to you as well'

Baita; child

Mera bacha; my child

Shukria; thank u



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