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   Chapter 2 Adrenaline

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Kasey POV:

I walk into Miss Jaxon's class and she glares at me. Her eyes narrow into slits at me and I'm sure she doesn't even notice the boys behind me.

"Nice for you to show up Kasey" she sneers at me and I nod.

"Yep it just got a whole lot better" I mumble under my breath and the boys begin to chuckle at me.

"What was that?" She says in a squeaky voice. Ugh that hurt my head.

"I just made it a whole lot better" I say and she glared. The class burst out laughing and I gave her a smile.

"No, you never" she says and I shrug.

"I would say I'm offended but I couldn't care at all" I say and sat down at the back of the class. I couldn't be bothered today and she is always like this.

"You're funny" this cute guy says and I smile.

He had blond hair and hazel eyes, looked kind of familiar.

"thanks" I say sitting down.

"How are you?" The cute guy asks and i shrug.

"I'm good before i came in here thanks you?" I say putting my head on my arm.

"I'm good, you are really nice" he says with a smile.

"Thanks and you" I say turning my attention back to the teacher. Even if I didn't like her and vice versa, I still had to graduate.

I then rested my head on the desk when I felt a throbbing pain in my head. I always got bad migraines, usually caused by stress. The light was hurting my eyes and Miss Jaxon's voice was ringing in my ears.

The teacher stopped at looked at me.

"Kasey" she begins "Are you here to learn?" She asks loudly. I decided that maybe I can get myself into detention and then my migraine might not be as bad.

"I'm here because it's the law" I say honestly. Even though, sometimes I don't mind school because I wouldn't have met my best friends if I was at home.

"its not the law to be in my class" she murmurs and I let out a booming laugh.

"Really? Thank the Gods!" I smirk and she huffed.

She is so hard on me yet if anyone else walks in late, they don't get lectured.

The boys didn't get screeched at and they walked in the same time as me!

We don't get on, at all and she hates my guts for no reason.

"First you're late and then you disrupt the class. Do you want a detention?" She asks putting her arms over her chest.

"Does it get me out of this class?" I say before slapping my hand over my mouth.

I didn't mean to say that out loud. The boys snickered at it was only then I remembered that they sat next to me.

"Detention" she says slamming her hand on my desk, leaving a red detention slip.

I shrug and stand up. I always get a stupid detention in this stupid class.

"And you Jesse, Parker, Sam, Mason and Cody... did you find that funny?" She fumed and they nod their heads.

"Then you also have detention" she says and they shrug walking out.

I head to detention to see my head teacher there. He is like my father, more than my father ever was.

"Kasey" he says nodding to me.

"Yeah?" I ask

"Again for her class!" He says disappointed as he read the detention slip.

The boys entered and say at the back of the room.

"You know that it's not my fault" I say angrily and he sighs, annoyed.

"But-" he starts.

"But nothing. You know that I didn't start it!" I almost shout.

"I know Kasey. Just wait, I will be back." He says and I sit down... I was fuming.

He expects me to get on with that bitch when she is the one who always starts on me. I get angry really really easily.

"What was that about?" One of the boys ask but right now I'm trying to control my anger. I have had anger problems and If I don't control it I can beco

me out of control.

"Yo Kasey. You okay?" One of them said but I take a deep breath in and back out, ignoring them.

The door opens and sir came in with my tablets.

Anger tablets.

I got given them at the age of 16 and they don't do shit. They just make me feel sleepy and i get in a bad mood all day.

"Take them Kasey they will help you" he says and I stand up.

"I'm not taking these stupid tablets when they don't do shit" I say walking towards the door.

"Kasey, they would calm you down. They prevent you from doing things that you usually do when you are angry" He says and I shrug.

"I can calm myself" I say before slamming the door. I run out of school and run home. It is lucky I'm used to running far because it didn't take me long. I get in my car and race out to the only place I could think of...


Jesse POV:

I don't know how I've never noticed Kasey before. She is funny and beautiful. Honestly, I think she is the most beautiful girl I've ever seen. She is sarcastic and funny. She is hot and I want her but not in the relationship way.

I don't do relationships and I don't plan to any time soon, but that's just It. I just use girls for a one night stand. To be honest most girls know what they are agreeing to with it and that's how it goes.

"What was that?" Parker asks the head teacher and he sighs.

I noticed how Parker had warmed up to her too...

Having a crush on her was out of the picture so I wander why.

"She got anger problems so I try to get her to take her tablets but she doesn't" he says before adding" you can't tell anyone though, just because she isn't stable as it is" he says and we nod. I could help but wonder why.

"Do you think you know where she is now, we could always try to calm her down and get her back to school" Sam says and I look at him.

'Yeah only because the girl who got you wrapped around her finger is her best friend' I thought.

"Either adrenaline or woods. Most likely adrenaline since she takes her anger out by boxing" he says and my mouth hangs open.

"Let's go guys" Cody says and the head teacher thanks us before leaving us to go after her.

I've always liked our head teacher, he isn't that hard on us and I could tell by the evident worry on his face that he cares about Kasey.

We all take our own car or motorbike before driving to Adrenaline.

We walked in and asked a man, who has tattoos all over him and brown hair if he had saw a girl. We described her a bit and he knew. He showed us to her and unwillingly my mouth dropped open.

She was wearing boxing shorts and a black belly top. But that's not what surprised me. What surprised me was on her pierced belly you could see she had abs.

She kinda looked really hot punching the crap out of a bag.

"Hey" I called her and she looked over at me.

"How did you know I was here?" She asked and i shrug.

"we come here all the time" Mason lies effortlessly and she nods.

She carries on beating the crap out of the bag and I take this as my time to do my own stuff.

I took of my shirt and the guys knew what i was doing and joined me.

We all found a spot and all started doing the same.







I repeated for a couple hours. Kasey was still at it and me and the boys sat out.

About 30 minutes later Kasey comes over and takes a drink of water.

I looked at her abs again; just because I could and this only makes me want her more.

'She is my new target' i think to myself and smirk... This is going to be fun.

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