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   Chapter 1 Is That Him

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Kasey POV:

I woke up in a good mood which was weird since I am never a morning person. I looked over to my alarm clock and saw it was 6:00AM.

I was also up an hour early.

I decided to waste time to take a shower, so I stood up and smiled at my reflection.

A lot of girls aren't happy with how they look nowadays and I never used to, but I tried and tried until I was finally happy.

I was what people would class as 'pretty'.

I had long, light brown hair and bright blue eyes with clear skin, but If you were to look close enough, you would see the faded freckles I had.

I walked in to my bathroom and I quickly undressed before getting in the shower. The holidays have just ended so today is the first day of school. Every one hates Monday's but Monday is the only day I have lessons that I enjoy.

I let the warm water relax my muscles and I used my strawberry scented shower gel, shampoo and conditioner and within 10 minutes I was out. I felt much more refreshed and that's how I liked it.

My mother came in my room

"Kasey?" She says In her chirpy voice. How can someone be that happy in the morning? I guess I'm not a morning person like her.

"Yeah?" I say drying myself.

"Your breakfast would be done in 5" she says and i could hear the smile from her voice. I hear her footsteps start to get quieter telling me she has gone back downstairs.

I unlocked the bathroom door and walked into my room in just a towel. I then locked my bedroom door and looked in my wardrobe. I had so many clothes to choose from but In the end I ended up choosing a tight pair of black jeans and a tight fitted off the shoulder purple top. I then dried my hair and put it in a messy bun and went downstairs to my mother.

"Good morning" I say kissing her on the cheek.

"Morning" she says happily. I loved my mother. She is the kind that would let me sleep out, party and have boyfriends but she would still care and be involved in my life.

"Here you go" she says giving me a stack of pancakes with Nutella on them with some strawberries on the side.

"Thank you" I say straight away started eating.

After 5 minutes I was done.

"Honey, work called, I need to go in it is an emergency. Bye love you" she says before slamming the door.

"Love you too" I mumble to no one in particular.

I go upstairs and brush my teeth before straightening my hair before applying a little bit of makeup. I put on some eyeliner making my blue eyes pop and red lipstick. I added a little mascara because my eye lashes were really long anyway before grabbing my phone from my night stand and putting my back pack on. I then put on my black doc martens and left.

I got to school 10 minutes later. I can drive but i liked walking.

I head to my locker and I see 2 of my best friends, Damon and Rylie.

Rylie has green sparkling eyes and blonde hair which is naturally curly. She is gorgeous and one of the most caring and funniest person you could ever meet.

Then you had Damon.

Damon had brown eyes with golden specks in them and a caramel brown coloured hair. He was very very good looking. He was the shy one, if you didn't know him, but if you did, he was goofy.

We all weren't nerds but we weren't popular. We just tried to get through school as a normal teenagers.

"Hey guys" I say smiling. They both hug me and I smile. I love my best friends.

"Have you heard? Have you heard?" Rylie squealed jumping up and down on the spot and Damon and I laughed at her eagerness.

"Heard what?" I laugh as she continues to jump up and down.

"2 things, first thing is there is a singing contest and you should totally enter. You sing like an angel" she babbled and I cut her off.

"I will think about it" I say knowing she would keep on it until I said yes.

"And... I kinda, maybe have got a boyfriend" she says blushing and I look at her.

My jaw dropped.

"Woah. What? You got a boyfriend. Who i

s he? Does he go to this school? I need to meet him to have some words with him" I say and Rylie puts her hand over my mouth, giggling at me.

"His name is Sam. Yeah he goes to our school and no you can't meet him because he isn't here yet" she says and I laugh.

"Okay not yet then" I say to her and she giggled.

Then it is silent. 5 boys walk in.

Jesse, Parker, Sam, Cody and Mason. They were known as the "badboys" of the school but I only knew their names, not which one was which.

Boys wanted to be them, or be friends and girls wanted to be with them, well apart from me.

One of the "badboys" looked at Rylie and gave her a small smile. I'm guessing that's him.

"Is it him?" I say quite loudly getting the attention from the boys and people around us.

She blushed and nods. I look back over and see he is looking at her with a mixture of awe and adoration. Girls were looking his way but he paid no attention, instead he was staring at my bestfriend. That's so cute.

I felt someone staring at me and I turned to see Casandra. The bitchest bitch of them all. I laugh at the thought and people have me weird looks which ended at me smiling at them.

Right now we had all attention on us, even the "badboys" were watching.

"I've Just gotten back from an amazing holiday and now I've got to deal with you" she says flipping her hair and batting her eyelashes at the badboys. She did this really really annoying thing where she emphasised on some words.

I snicker and she glared at me.

We had all the attention on us right now but I could care less.

"I'm so glad I got away from you" she says in her annoying, preppy voice.

"Bitch you are glad?" I question

" I was over the moon" I say and she glared at me through her thick, clumpy lashes.

She had long dyed blond hair and blue eyes. She has makeup caked on her face and I think without it, she may have looked pretty.

She was known as the school slut. She slept with anything that had a pulse and she loved to hate me.

"Gosh, I really missed your fat bitchy mouth" she spat and I heard oohs. I raise a brow and smirk at her, a comeback already thought of.

"And I bet all the boys missed yours" I say and I hear some boys burst out laughing. I turned only to see the "badboys" laughing at me. Some girls were glaring at me and some were laughing.

"You're a bitch" she spat, her face red from the anger i caused.

I shrugged.

" I know" I say and she tutted and flipped her hair before walking away.

The bell rings and every one started going to class.

"That was really funny" says one of the "badboys".

"I know" I shrug and he comes by my side.

"Who are you?" He asks and his friends pitch in saying 'yeah' or 'what's your name?'

"Could ask you the same question" I say and they shrug.

"I'm Jesse " the guy next to me says and he was the definition of a Greek God. Black hair, tanned, gorgeous eyes-snap out of it Kasey. I think as I know he just wants to get in my pants.

"That's Parker, Cody, Mason and Sam" he says and I nod.

Parker had brown hair and grey eyes. He seemed like the more quiet one and the cuter one of the group.

"Sam? Rylie"s boyfriend right?"I ask, looking at him. His cheeks turn pink and he nods shyly.

"Kasey." I say and he nods.

I knew their names I just didn't know who was who as I have never personally talked to them.

The second bells rings declaring i'm late to class. Rylie and Damon have disappeared and I look at my timetable.

Maths... urghh. The only bad lesson of the day.

"Bye guys. I got to go" I say and they shrug and walk next to me.

"What have you got?" Cody asked curiously and I shrug.

"Maths" I say and he nods.

"With Miss Jaxon?" He asked and i nodded.

"Great you are in the same class, walk with all with us" he says and I nod.

"That teacher really don't like me" I groan but I was being honest. The guys chuckled at me.

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