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Looking at the familiar scenery around, Yvning remembered that he had come to the Taichang City once with Weisheng Junyan. At that time, Weisheng Junmo said that he would take the Taichang City as the capital city after the four kingdoms merged into one because the Taichang City happened to divide the world into four parts. Unfortunately, at that time, the Nanchen Kingdom was powerful, so in the end, the Nanchen Kingdom controlled the Taichang City.

Looking at the expression on Yvning's face, Ning Chenxuan asked with a smile, "Your Majesty, what are you thinking about? Are you still wondering whether it is right or wrong to merge with the Donghe Kingdom?"

Hearing Ning Chenxuan's words, Yvning turned to look at him and shook his head. "It's a good thing that the two countries merge together. Of course I won't regret it. Besides, Emperor Zhen is also willing to do so. But we have to do it secretly. Do not let too many people know it. But even if they know it, they can do nothing. Even though the Beilin Kingdom and the Xiyue Kingdom fight together, they won't be our match. And what's more, now we have the help of the Donghe Kingdom."

Hearing what Yvning said, Ning Chenxuan said, "I really didn't expect you to come to this point one day. I remember that your biggest wish at that time was to destroy the Nanchen Kingdom. You said you wanted to take revenge and kill Weisheng Junyan."

Yvning nodded and said, "You're right. At that time, my biggest dream was indeed to take revenge and kill Weisheng Junyan. After all, Weisheng Junyan killed my mother."

"The people who killed your mother are the commoners, not the elder emperor."

Yvning looked at Ning Chenxuan and shook his head. "You don't know what happened, so you can say something like that. But I'm different. We have been faced with different things since childhood, so I can't agree with you on this."

Ning Chenxuan looked at Yvning with a gentle smile, as if he was waiting

t all. But why didn't Ruiwang go for your mother at that time? According to Ruiwang's character, he must go to take her away! But he didn't do that. Instead, he acquiesced in what had happened. If I were him, I would be very sad."

"That's because Weisheng Junyan and my grandmother controlled him and his mother. They threatened him with his mother's clan. He could only watch my mother marry Weisheng Junyan. He hasn't married anyone for the rest of his life, which is also a manifestation of keeping his promise to my mother."

When Ning Chenxuan heard this, he patted on Yvning's shoulder and said, "Yvning, the feud between the last generation has come to an end. Ruiwang and your mother have gone to the heaven. If possible, I think you can try to forgive Weisheng Junyan."

Looking at the expression on his face, Yvning shook his head. "I can't do it. I can't forgive him so easily. Mother died so miserably that I can't forget the scene. I really can't forgive Weisheng Junyan all my life."

Ning Chenxuan didn't say anything. He knew what Yvning meant, but it was a pity that the whole had happened and they couldn't changed anything now. Yvning had to face everything by himself. It was destined. No matter how many tribulations he had gone through, it could only be engraved into his memory.

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