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   Chapter 965 The Death Of Ding Shuqi Ⅲ

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The next morning, in the Zhongcui Palace.

When Ding Shuqi had just washed up, she heard from a maid outside that Shaoyao had arrived at the door of the the Zhongcui Palace. Obviously, Ding Shuqi didn't expect that Shaoyao would also come.

Looking at Shaoyao at the door of her bedroom, Ding Shuqi asked with a smile, "Why are you here, Shaoyao? It's still so early. Why don't you take more rest in the mansion? Shizi is still young and needs your and Yvzhe's care."

Hearing Ding Shuqi's words, Shaoyao nodded, "You are right. Yvzhe and I really need to take care of Shizi. The reason why I came here with him today is to tell mother that he has forgiven you. He wants to let you go and pursue your own happiness."

Hearing what Shaoyao said, Ding Shuqi was surprised. "Did Xuanyuan Yvzhe say so? Why didn't he tell me about it himself? Did I hear it wrong?"

Looking at the expression on Ding Shuqi's face, Shaoyao said, "Mother, you didn't mishear. It's true that Yvzhe wants to let you and Xuanyuan Shi be together. After the court session yesterday, his majesty told him about it. His majesty said that no matter what decision he made, his majesty would agree. So I came here with him this morning."

Looking at the expression on Shaoyao's face, Ding Shuqi held her hand and said, "Good girl, it must be you who helped me persuade Yvzhe, right? Yvzhe is my son, so I know him very well. If it weren't for you, he wouldn't have agreed on this. Thank you for being so kind to me all the time, Shaoyao."

Looking at the expression on Ding Shuqi's face, Shaoyao said resignedly, "That's because you treat me well! You treats me like your own daughter. As your daughter-in-law, I must treat you well. I should be kind to the one who is kind to me, right?"

Hearing Shaoyao's words, Ding Shuqi nodded earnestly. "You're right. The kindness is indeed mutual. I am very happy that you can always remember my kindness. So will Yvzhe come to tell me this in person after the court session is over? Since

I'm just wondering why you don't tell me the truth. Even if you don't love father, you shouldn't betray him. I've been living in the shadows for so many years, and that's why I've been playing in the brothel. But I thought about it later. Anyway, you are still my mother."

Ding Shuqi's eyes widened. "You have known our relationship from the very beginning? Then why don't you ask me?"

Xuanyuan Yvzhe looked at Ding Shuqi and said with a smile, "Mother, how can I ask you about your relationship with Uncle Xuanyuan Shi? In my heart, I have always been the son of father. But one day I heard such news. Do you think I can accept it? I couldn't accept it, so I gave it up. But fortunately, I met Shaoyao later." With a gentle look at Shaoyao beside her, Xuanyuan Yvzhe continued, "After all, it may be not a bad thing. If I were father's son, I might not be able to live till now. If I didn't go to the brothel, I might have died of Xuanyuan Yvfan's scheme. Now I think it's worth it. Do you agree?"

Hearing Xuanyuan Yvzhe's words, Ding Shuqi was shocked since she didn't expect him to say something like that. Then she looked at Xuanyuan Yvzhe and nodded. "In fact, I wanted to support you to take the throne at that time, so that maybe you would agree to let us be together. But later, I found that you didn't like that position."

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