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When Mo Xinyao came to the yard, she saw that Mo Xinrou was sitting alone there and doing nothing. She looked at her with disdain and said, "How could you be so idle? Do you really think you are the empress? You should know that you can never be the empress since you are the daughter of a concubine."

Hearing what Mo Xinyao said, Mo Xinrou stood up and walked up to her with a smile. "Daughter of a concubine? If my memory serves me right, my mother is the real wife. Your mother is just the nominal wife. You are inferior to me!" Mo Xinyao said.

Hearing this, Mo Xinyao raised her hand to slap Mo Xinrou, but how could Mo Xinrou tolerate such a thing? She grabbed Mo Xinyao's hand without hesitation and said, "How could you slap me? Do you think you can become the empress after I die?" Looking at the expression on Mo Xinyao's face, Mo Xinrou shook off her hand without hesitation. "Let me tell you, even if I die, you won't be the empress. Yvning loves me, not you. So no matter how hard you try, it's useless. This is the reality. Do you know?"

Hearing what Mo Xinrou said, Mo Xinyao frowned and said, "Let me tell you! I will find a way to get this position, no matter what the cost is. The deceased empress was still defeated by a concubine's daughter. At that time, the deceased empress was one of the most beautiful women in the Nanchen Kingdom, but in the end, she was killed by a concubine's daughter. Don't worry. I won't let you die too miserably, and I won't let you set fire on the Cold Palace..."

Before Mo Xinyao could finish her words, she was slapped by someone. When she looked up and was about to get angry, she saw Yvning standing there with a dark face, and the person who slapped her was the bodyguard, Shadow Guard No.1.

"I don't know you have the ability to make your sister end u

from the very beginning, so she made Mo Xinyao say something like that. But Mo Xinyao was indeed careless. Unfortunately, he had never been like Weisheng Junyan.

"Mr. Mo, now you know what's going on, right? So it's my mother's fault to be gossiped by a concubine's daughter? Do you know what will serve her right?" As he spoke, Yvning looked at Mo Xinyao beside him.

"Dad, I didn't say that. Mo Xinrou said all of it. I really didn't mean it!" Mo Xinyao looked at Motian and said with grievances, "Dad, I didn't mean it."

"Miss Mo, you are really good at confusing right and wrong. I guess only a woman like Yixin can be kind to you, but it's useless to me." Yvning said in a low voice. He pinched Mo Xinyao's neck and snapped, "I'm not Weisheng Junyan, and you won't be like Qilian Qingyi." As he spoke, he threw off Mo Xinyao's head.

Looking at the expression on Mo Xinyao's face, Dunn said in surprise, "Your Majesty, how do you want to punish her? After all, she is a woman. I hope you can let her go for the sake of me."

Hearing this, Yvning smiled, "For your sake?" Then he sneered and said, "Mr. Mo, why are you worth of it? Or do you prefer to protect your daughter than to be deposed?"

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