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   Chapter 932 The Border Ⅰ

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Hearing Helian Rong's words, Qilian Qingyang frowned. He knew that the people passing by that river must use the water to drink and cook. He really didn't expect that Helian Rong would be so despicable. He also knew clearly that if anything happened to the Mo Clan's army, the border would be taken over by the Beilin Kingdom. Although he had been captured by the enemy, But his army was still holding on. If the army of the Mo Clan couldn't come in time, he would definitely die.

At the thought of this, Qilian Qingyang could only close his eyes in despair. If he died at that time, he only hoped that Helian Rong could treat his soldiers well. Those soldiers' parents and children needed them, so he only hoped that Helian Rong wouldn't hurt them.

"Helian Rong, I know you want to dominate the world, but you have to know that it is not as simple as you think." Looking at the arrogant expression on Helian Rong's face, Qilian Qingyang said resignedly, "What if your plan fails?"

Hearing what Qilian Qingyang said, Helian Rong squinted at Qilian Qingyang who was lying on the ground and said, "General Qilian, what do you mean by that? Do you really think that the Mo Clan's army can arrive here? That's impossible. Unless they have a very powerful doctor with them, all the soldiers will die."

Looking at the expression on Helian Rong's face, Qilian Qingyang said with a smile, "Helian Rong, if you really occupy the border, I only hope that you can be kind to my soldiers. They are all innocent. I hope that you won't do anything immoral."

Hearing what Qilian Qingyang said, Helian Rong said with a smile, "General Qilian, don't worry. As long as they are willing to surrender, I will definitely let them go. After all, it will be good for me to have them fight for our Beilin Kingdom. Although I know it's impossible, I'm a person who cherishes talents. I won't abuse your sol


Hearing their words, Shen Yu kept looking into the distance. To be honest, he was not sure when the reinforcements would arrive. What if they were already defeated before they arrived?

He was not afraid of death. What was the most terrible was that if the immortal soldiers came to the border, the commoners there would be in danger. He knew what the immortal soldiers had done before, so they would definitely slaughter the people, and then there would be rivers of blood, which he hated to see the most.

Thinking of this, Shen Yu frowned.

"Vice general, shouldn't we make preparations for the worst situation now? What if the reinforcements can't arrive in time? Are we really going to surrender?"

"We won't surrender no matter what happens. You should know that once we surrender, those commoners will be hurt, which is the last thing we want to see. Besides, the general has told us that the commoners have helped us a lot and we have to fight for them. We can't let them down, let alone let them die in such a tragic situation."

Hearing what the two people said, Shen Yu frowned. To be honest, he didn't know what to do now. At this time, a voice came, "Vice general, our reinforcements have come. Our reinforcements have come."

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