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   Chapter 831 Prelude To The Wedding (Ⅲ)

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It was almost dusk when Qingyan returned to the Jiangjunfu. But she appeared at the gate of the jiangjunfu as the identity of Mudan. When the housekeeper saw her, he asked respectfully, "Miss, who are you looking for?"

Looking at the housekeeper, Qingyan said with a smile, "I'm here for Miss Qingyan. I'm her friend."

Hearing that she was Qingyan's friend, the housekeeper quickly led Qingyan to the Yingshuang Palace.

"Go ahead with your work. I know how to get to the Yingshuang Palace." Looking at the housekeeper, Qingyan said seriously, "I don't need you to lead the way."

The housekeeper took a look at Qingyan and nodded seriously. When he left, Qingyan took off her mask and walked straight to the Yingshuang Palace.

In the past few days, she had been busy dealing with Xuanyuan Yvfan. She didn't worry about the matters in the Jiangjunfu, and she didn't know if something had happened in the Jiangjunfu.

When Baizhi saw Qingyan, she smiled and said, "Miss, you're back? Mudan is going out after freshening up. "

Hearing Baizhi's words, Qingyan frowned and said, "Why does Mudan want to go out at this time? Does someone have an appointment with her?"

Baizhi looked at Qingyan and shook her head, "Of course not. Someone invited Miss Qingyan to play outside.'' How could you forget the annual colorful lantern festival today? "

Qingyan lookd at Baizhi and nodded, "Then who asked me out? Xuanyuan Yvfan or Shizi?" It couldn't be Jingxuan. Although it was the colored lantern festival, he couldn't ask Qingyan out so blatantly. But shouldn't Xuanyuan Yvfan be busy with his wedding? How could he have time to ask her out?

Baizhi looked at Qingyan and shook her head, "No, neither. Qingchen is going to ask you out."

When Mudan walked out, she saw Qingyan standing beside Ba

ngyan looked at him and observed his expression carefully. At least, Su Qingchen didn't seem to be lying. Then Qingyan followed him to the private room upstairs.

"Have you known Louzheng for many years?" Looking at Su Qingchen, who was beside her, Qingyan said with a smile, "Cousin, have you ever thought about what if Louzheng is a spy from the Beilin Kingdom?"

Hearing Qingyan's words, Su Qingchen said with a smile, "I have known Louzheng for many years. We have known each other since I went to the north region. I think it has been seven or eight years. I believe that he won't be a spy."

Hearing his words, Qingyan looked at Mudan and whispered in her ear. Then Mudan disappeared in a hurry.

Looking at the receding figure of Mudan, Su Qingchen said gently, "Yanyan, what is your maid going to do?"

Looking at Su Qingchen, Qingyan said with a smile, "I want to eat something, so I asked her to buy me some cakes. You must know the famous cakes in the Diqiu City since you came back."

Hearing Qingyan's words, Su Qingchen nodded with a smile. The moment he pushed the door open, Louzheng stood up and greeted, "Hi, Qingchen." Then he looked at Qingyan, who was next to Su Qingchen.

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