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   Chapter 814 Yanyan's intention (Ⅲ)

Phoenix Reborn: The Peerless Fourth Lady By Yi Ying Characters: 5875

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Qingyan knew that Xuanyuan Yvzhen and Jingxuan must be still in the Guanjv Palace at this time, so she rushed to the Guanjv Palace as soon as she left the Zhaoyang Palace.

In the Guanjv Palace, people kept laughing. Although Qingyan didn't know what had happened, she could think of it, especially when she heard the voice of Zhongli Jinyu.

When Qingyan entered the room, she heard the voice of Zhongli Jinyu. "Yanyan has always been like this. No wonder Jingxuan likes Yanyan so much."

"Fine! You are all speaking ill of me here. It seems that you have a good time when I am not here! " Qingyan opened the curtain and looked at them with dissatisfaction. "Tell me, what are you talking about me? I really want to know."

When Jingxuan saw Qingyan, he asked in surprise, "Yanyan, why are you back? Didn't you go to the Zhaoyang Palace? Why do you come back so soon? "

Looking at Jingxuan, Qingyan asked with a smile, "Am I shouldn't be here? So you can continue to speak ill of me?"

Jingxuan shook his head, "of course not. And she didn't speak ill of you, did she?" Then he turned to look at Zhongli Jinyv.

With a smile on her face, Zhongli Jinyu looked at Jingxuan and then turned to Qingyan. "Yanyan, trust me. We didn't say anything bad about you."

Qingyan looked at them and said with a smile, "Forget it. By the way, I heard a big news from Xuanyuan Yvfan."

"Oh?" The two looked at Qingyan expectantly.

"Yanyan, I didn't leave because I knew you would bring a good news. So I left before and then sneaked into the imperial palace. They didn't know, so in the eyes of those people, I had left." Looking at Qingyan, Jingxuan asked seriously, "Tell us, what news is it?"

"Xuanyuan Yvfan told me that he didn't know the whereabo

ret as long as I can always be by his side. "

Qingyan looked at them and nodded seriously. "Next month is my wedding day with Xuanyuan Yvfan. From tomorrow on, I'll ask Mudan to stay in the Su Mansion for me. After all, I can't go out anymore, so I will not come to the imperial palace again."

"Yanyan, are you going to finish the rest?" Looking at Qingyan, Jingxuan asked with a smile, "Are you going to the Yihong Brothel tomorrow?"

Looking at Jingxuan, Qingyan nodded earnestly. "Yes. I'll appear in men's clothes in the following days. Don't spill it out then." Then she looked at Qilian Yvran and said with a smile, "Mother, you haven't seen me in men's clothes, have you?"

Hearing Qingyan's words, Qilian Yvran nodded seriously. "Yes, I've never seen. But can Mudan disguise as you well? Won't the Second Prince come to your mansion all of a sudden? "

Hearing what Qilian Yvran said, Qingyan shook her head. "Don't worry, mother. Mudan knows how to deal with those things."

Hearing Qingyan's words, Qilian Yvran nodded earnestly. "In that case, I'm relieved. After all, you're still here. I won't feel bored with Jinyv staying with me these days."

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