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   Chapter 791 Grandmother's Death (Ⅲ)

Phoenix Reborn: The Peerless Fourth Lady By Yi Ying Characters: 6922

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Hearing Xuanyuan Yvzhe's words, Shaoyao smiled brightly. "Your Highness, I'm happy for you, because you finally have your own child."

Unfortunately, this child was destined to be unable to come to this world. If the child of Su Qingwen and Xuanyuan Yvfan was uncovered by Miss, then Su Qingwen would not be able to live in this world safe and sound, or the child in her belly could only be his death warrant.

Emperor Hongjia wouldn't allow anyone to slander the royal family.

Thinking of this, Shaoyao smiled happily.

"Your highness, since principal concubine is pregnant, I must tell this good news to Mrs. Su! How about we take the principal concubine to visit Mrs. Su tomorrow? I have never seen Mrs. Su before. " Shaoyao looked at Xuanyuan Yvzhe and said gently, "Besides, you should thank Mrs. Su for raising such an excellent daughter."

Hearing what Shaoyao said, Xuanyuan Yvzhe said helplessly, "Shaoyao, you know what I mean, but you are still making sarcastic remarks here. If you hadn't been stopping me, I would have told this to father."

Hearing Xuanyuan Yvzhe's words, Shaoyao said sadly, "So it's my fault."

Hearing this, Xuanyuan Yvzhe still said with a smile, "Shaoyao, you know I didn't mean that. You always misunderstood me."

Hearing Xuanyuan Yvzhe's words, Shaoyao said helplessly, "I just care about the principal concubine. If your highness doesn't like me to care about the principal concubine, then I won't care. I'd better go to the imperial palace to accompany mother more tomorrow." Then she pretended to push Xuanyuan Yvzhe away.

Xuanyuan Yvzhe held Shaoyao tighter subconsciously. "It's my fault! I shouldn't have said that. I know you are doing this for my own good! At that time, not only Su Qingwen, but also me will be disgraced. "

Leaning against Xuanyuan Yvzhe's chest, Shaoyao remained silent.

Of course, she didn't do it for the sake of Xuanyuan Yvzhe, but for Qingyan.

Of course, Qingyan wanted to keep Su Qingwen alive, and what she could do was to help Qingyan keep Su Qingwen alive. Just as what Anyi

ched her flat belly and said, "Child, I believe your arrival will be a good day. You will bring me the supreme honor."

Looking at the expression on Su Qingwen's face, Meihua still said with a smile, "principal concubine, now you have a child. If possible, you'd better break up with the Second Prince. The Second Prince will also have his principal concubines in the future. Even for the sake of the child in your belly, you have to break up with the Second Prince."

Hearing the words of Meihua, Su Qingwen said helplessly, "Meihua;, you know, I really like the two princes. If you ask me to give up the Second Prince like this. I really can't do it. I like the Second Prince for so long. It's not easy for me to become his woman. I feel very happy."

Looking at Su Qingwen, Meihua shook her head helplessly. "Wangfei, you haven't thought about it. What if Third Prince find sout what happened between you two? He will suspect the baby in your belly, and it will be too late by then. So, take this opportunity to break up with the Second Prince. "

Su Qingwen looked at her flat belly again. Although she was sure that the child was the son of Third Prince, what Meihua said was reasonable. If it was found out, they would definitely end up with a miserable result. In that case, she should break up with the Second Prince. She would just focus on the child from now on.

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