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   Chapter 787 Reuniting With Parents (Ⅱ)

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In fact, Hongyao was very clear that Qingyan's achievements were all because of Suyun and Luobing, or the dead Ning Siyao. If Ning Siyao had treated not them like that in the past, Su Qingyan might not have been as successful as she was now.

But Hongyao knew very well that Su Qingyan was not the same as before. But it was better not to let them know.

After talking with Suyun for a while, Emperor Hongjia and the others left. Looking at the Yvshu Library behind them, Luobing said with a smile, "Sure enough, his majesty knew that Suyun was pretending to be you from the beginning."

Hearing Luobing's words, his majesty said with a smile, "His majesty and I have been through a lot since childhood. If he can't find out that I am a fake, he won't achieve what he is now."

"Yes!" Looking at Suyun, Luobing said with a smile, "It means that he still cherishes you as a confidante very much."

Looking at Luobing, Suyun smiled without saying anything.

Emperor Hongjia cherished their friendship, so he would also cherish the friendship with Emperor Hongjia.

"Where are we going now? I don't know where Yanyan is. " Hongyao looked at Luobing and asked helplessly, ''Are we going back in this way?"

Looking at the two of them, Suyun said with a smile, "Let's go back first and wait for Yanyan's returning. Yanyan is with the imperial concubine now. Don't worry."

Hongyao looked at the two of them and nodded earnestly. "To be honest, I've never seen Yanyan since she was born. Now I'm a little excited to see her for the first time."

Looking at Hongyao, Luobing said with a smile, "Don't worry, Hongyao. Yanyan has always been your daughter. Although I don't want to leave her, she will always be your daughter, right?"

"Do you think Yanyan will not recognize me as her mother? I told Huruo before that if he could get Yanyan's forgiveness, I would also forgi

said with a smile, "Don't you feel ashamed? You are an adult, but you still say such words. I know that you only have Huruo in your heart."

Hearing Luobing's ridicule, Hongyao said with a smile, "But you also only love Suyun, right? We are the same."

Hearing this, Luobing looked at Suyun, who was standing not far away.

They were young couples, but in a flash, so many years had passed. Now when she thought of what had happened in the past, it seemed to be still vivid in her mind.

"Honey, what are you thinking about?" Luobing walked up to Suyun and asked with a smile, "Are you thinking of mother?"

Looking at Luobing, Suyun nodded earnestly. "Yes. When Yanyan comes back, we can go to Su Mansion to have a look. After all, she is still my mother, isn't she?"

Luobing looked at Suyun and nodded earnestly. "Yes, she treated you very well. Although we have split up now, she is still your mother."

Looking at Luobing, Suyun nodded with a smile, "You do know me well. If it weren't for you, I wouldn't have been like this."

When Qingyan entered the yard of the Jiangjunfu with Mu Zhimin and Yvjing, she saw a familiar figure, and a figure she had never seen before. She thought that person must be her biological mother, Hongyao.

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