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   Chapter 781 Marriage (Ⅰ)

Phoenix Reborn: The Peerless Fourth Lady By Yi Ying Characters: 6661

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When Luo Zhanxiang heard this, he looked at Liu Yueqiong, who was next to him, and then looked at Zhongli Jinyv and asked seriously, "Are you serious, Jinyv? Do you like the Fourth Prince? "

Looking at the two of them, Zhongli Jinyv nodded earnestly. "Of course it's true. From the very beginning, the person I love was the Fourth Prince, but it's a pity that I didn't have the courage to tell him at that time. But now that I'm the niece of Wenxuan Lord's wife, I want to have a try."

Of course, Luo Zhanxiang liked the Fourth Prince very much. After all, the person they had chosen from the very beginning was Xuanyuan Yvzhen. If Xuanyuan Yvzhen could marry Zhongli Jinyv in the future, although she couldn't be the empress, she would definitely have endless wealth. However, he knew that his daughter didn't care about those things.

But would Xuanyuan Yvzhen, a cold man, really fall in love with his daughter?

"Jinyv, you have to know that the Fourth Prince is so cold. Are you really sure you want to marry him?" Liu Yueqiong looked at Zhongli Jinyu and said seriously, "Although his highness is a good man, you should know that he is likely to inherit the throne in the future. Can you really accept to share your husband with others?"

Looking at them, Zhongli Jinyv nodded earnestly. "This is my own choice. I hope I can fight it out. Even if the Fourth Prince don't like me in the end, I won't have any regret."

"Okay! You are indeed my good sister. "

When Luo Zhanxiang and Liu Yueqiong heard this, they saw Jingxuan standing not far away with a smile on his face. "Is that why you asked me to come here?"

Looking at Jingxuan, Zhongli Jinyu nodded earnestly. "Yes, that's exactly what I want to say. Although I don't know what the Fourth Prince want, I still want to have a try."

Jingxuan walked up to Zhongli Jinyu and said with a smile, "Don't worry. If the Fourth Prince doesn't marry you, Yanyan and I will force him to marry you."

Looking at Jingxuan, Zh

"Mr. Luo and Mrs. Luo, don't worry. Fourth Prince also knows about it. He will definitely let you attend."

Looking at Jingxuan, Zhongli Jinyv continued with a smile, "Jingxuan, you seem to have a good relationship with the Fourth Prince, so does Yanyan. In the past, I couldn't be with you, but now I'm a little uncomfortable to be with you. "

"Silly girl." Jingxuan raised his hand and rubbed her head. "It doesn't matter. You will share the world with Fourth Prince; in the future. The world will belong to us sooner or later."

"But what if I tell you that I'm looking forward to living a life like Yanyan's?" asked Zhongli Jinyv with a bright smile on her face, looking at Jingxuan. What if I want to travel everywhere with Yanyan in the future? I wonder if the Fourth Prince is willing to be with me all the time. "

Jingxuan looked at Zhongli Jinyu and said with a smile, "I'm not sure. Yanyan and I can only guarantee that Fourth Prince won't bully you after he marries you. As for others, you can only ask yourself."

Hearing Jingxuan's words, Zhongli Jinyu said helplessly, "Jingxuan, how can I ask him in person! Besides, I'm sure that the Fourth Prince won't like me. I'd better like the Fourth Prince in secretly. "

"Didn't you say that you wanted to have a try? Why have you changed your mind now? "

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