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   Chapter 775 Discord (Ⅲ)

Phoenix Reborn: The Peerless Fourth Lady By Yi Ying Characters: 6215

Updated: 2020-06-21 00:03

Hearing Qingyan's words, Hongxuan looked up at her and said, "Su Qingyan, you're talking nonsense. When did I betray Huruo? I didn't! You are framing me! I have nothing to do with Xuanyuan Yvfan "

Qingyan smiled and said, "Since you didn't betray Huruo, why didn't Huruo tell you that I'm his daughter?"

When Hongyao heard Qingyan's words, she took a step back and asked, "Su Qingyan, what do you mean? What do you mean by 'you are my master's daughter'! I don't understand. My master has always asked me to help Xuanyuan Yvfan marry you. Now Xuanyuan Yvfan has succeeded, hasn't he? "

"Hongyao, are you stupid?" Looking at Hongyao, Qingyan said with a smile, "I make it clear that you have been abandoned by Huruo. Now you are the meat on the chopping block at my mercy."

This time, Luobing reacted very quickly. Looking at Hongyao, Luobing said seriously, "Hongyao, it seems that Lingfeng hasn't come to us for a long time."

Hearing Luobing's words, Hongyao pretended to be calm and said, "Maybe Lingfeng is just too busy to remember my existence. What's more, Su Qingyan, do you have any evidence to prove that I have an affair with Xuanyuan Yvfan?"

"Do you really want evidence?" Qingyan asked with a smile.

"Of course. You'd better show me the evidence now. Otherwise, I'll kill you and my master won't let you go," Hongyao said confidently. She was sure that Qingyan couldn't show any evidence.

Qingyan smiled happily and shouted, "Lingfeng!"

Hearing Qingyan's words, Hongyao sneered, "Su Qingyan, Lingfeng is the guard of my master. How can he listen to your order? If you change another way, maybe I can believe you..."

But before she could finish her words, she saw Lingfeng appear. Then Lingfeng said respectfully in front of Qingyan, "Young master, greetings!"

Qingyan glanced at Hongyao and said with a smile, "Lingfen

oking at the darkening sky, Qingyan frowned.

"Miss, what's wrong with you? Is it really appropriate to deal with them now? " Qingdai looked at Qingyan and said seriously, "Miss, I don't think it's your regular style."

"Because in reality, Suyun has tried to bully me. In that case, I'd better get rid of these calamities. I don't want to leave anyone to deal with me." Looking at Qingdai, Qingyan said indifferently, "The most important thing now is to deal with Xuanyuan Yvfan."

Qingdai looked at Qingyan and nodded earnestly. "By the way, Miss, I just got the news from Shizi that the Sixth Prince and princess have been saved and they have gathered together."

Hearing Qingdai's words, Qingyan asked in surprise, "Why did they meet? Shouldn't Mu Jingze be with them? "

"When Shizi returned, he happened to meet Mu Jingze, so they came back together." Qingdai looked at Qingyan and said respectfully, "Miss, we can deal with Xuanyuan Yvfan at ease now."

Looking at Qingdai, Qingyan said with a smile, "Qinglong, pay attention to Xuanyuan Yvfan at any time, especially the things between him and Su Qingwen. Before that, he will definitely break up with Su Qingwen. As for how to break up, I don't know."


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