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   Chapter 739 Huruo (Ⅰ)

Phoenix Reborn: The Peerless Fourth Lady By Yi Ying Characters: 6180

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Mingyang didn't know how the man in front of him found that he was not real Mingyang. According to his observation on Mingyang, he thought he could perfectly disguise as Mingyang, but why the man in front of him could easily tell that he was not real?

''Su Qingyan is your master. I have never thought of letting you betray him." Looking at the man in front of her, Huruo said in a deep voice, "Mingyang, do you also think that I have a grudge against Su Qingyan?"

Hearing what Huruo said, Mingyang said without hesitation, "No matter who you are, since you caught Miss's parents, you are our enemy."

Suyun and Luobing had always been regarded as the most important people by Su Qingyan. As her biological father, Huruo could only do these shameful things in secret.

Thinking of this, Huruo waved his hand at Mingyang and said resignedly, "Go back and tell Su Qingyan that I will treat his parents well. As for other things, you don't need to know."

Looking at the man's back in front of him, Mingyang seemed to have an indescribable loneliness and sadness. When he thought of this, he looked at Huruo and said in a deep voice, "You must have no children, so you show such an expression, right? You should know that Miss has always been the apple of Suyun and Luobing's eyes."

Hearing what Mingyang said, Huruo didn't know what to say. He looked at Rufeng and said in a low voice, "Take Mingyang out. I know that Su Qingyan will pay a visit to me in person soon."

After taking a look at Huruo, Rufeng had been with her for so many years and knew that Huruo had been looking for the young master for so many years, and she had never given up. When he knew that Su Qingyan was the lie master, he was also very excited, but why was she so indifferent now.

Although he really wanted to tell Mingyang the truth, it was impossible to te

ld know that when that person poisoned her, you already knew the consequences."

Hearing this, Huruo closed his eyes and said, "Don't worry. I will definitely find a way to remove the deadly poison made of five insects and seven flowers from her body. Moreover, she has the ghost scorpion now, so she won't be in any danger for the time being."

Hearing what Huruo said, Hongyao widened her eyes. She didn't expect that Huruo had been paying attention to the whereabouts of Su Qingyan for so many years. But it was not until recently that he found Su Qingyan that he knew Su Qingyan was his daughter.

Looking at Hongyao, Huruo said with a smile, "Hongyao, do you think I can't find out the information I want to get?"

Hearing what Huruo said, Hongyao smiled and said, "You're right. You can investigate anything you want to investigate, just like what you investigated me that year."

Hearing what Hongyao said, Huruo walked up to her and held her hand. "Hongyao, the last thing I regret in my life is meeting you. You know, now everything tells me that meeting you is the luckiest thing in my life."

Hearing what Huruo said, Hongyao withdrew her hand and said, "But even so, it can't erase what we have done before."

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