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   Chapter 737 Scheme (Ⅰ)

Phoenix Reborn: The Peerless Fourth Lady By Yi Ying Characters: 6208

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When Yueqing returned to the imperial palace, Peiyv walked up to her immediately. "Yueqing, what did the young master say? Can we cooperate with him?"

Yueqing looked at the expression on Peiyv's face and nodded earnestly. "Miss, I've already asked Miss Qingyan to help us deal with Xuanyuan Yvze. The rest depends on you."

Peiyv was surprised to hear Yueqing's words. "Yueqing, what do you mean? Did you agree to what Su Qingyan proposed? Did you take the poison?"

Yueqing looked at Peiyv and shook his head helplessly. "Miss, don't think too much. The young master did want to poison me before, but she stopped me at last because he believed in me."

Hearing what Yueqing said, Peiyv asked in surprise, "She trusts you? what do you mean? Didn't she trust you at the beginning? "

Yueqing looked at Peiyv and nodded earnestly. "Miss, the young master said he would visit you soon, so the most important thing for you is not to expose yourself."

Peiyv looked at Yueqing and nodded earnestly. "Yueqing, I understand what you said. I will definitely discuss with the young master how to deal with the Crown Prince. Yueqing, do you think the young master is really ploting against the Crown Prince and Xuanyuan Yvfan?"

Yueqing looked at Peiyv and nodded earnestly. "You are right. The young master is indeed dealing with these two people now, but she is very smart and knows how to use the power of others to deal with Xuanyuan Yvfan."

Perrin looked at Yueqing and asked in surprise, "You mean the young master doesn't really like the Second Prince at all?"

Yueqing looked at Peiyv and said seriously, "Miss, it's only my own opinion. When you see the young master, you will know what kind of person she is. Moreover, the current situation is more favorable for us, so we must seize this opportunity to deal with Xuanyuan Yvze."

Peiyv loo

his highness did not mean it, why don't you just pretend that nothing has happened?" As the empress spoke, she took her hand and patted the back of her hand symbolically. "Peiyv, I know you are wronged, but think about it. If you become the empress in the future, you will definitely encounter something more wronged."

Hearing what the empress said, Peiyv still nodded respectfully. "Mother, I understand. I will forgive his highness."

After chatting with Peiyv for a while, the empress turned around and left. At last, she left with some rewards as compensation.

"Like mother, like son." After making sure that the empress had left, Yueqing looked at Peiyv and said, "no wonder the empress has never been favored by the emperor."

Looking at the things on the table, Peiyv said in a low voice, "Finally she knows how to please me, but I won't let her get what she wants. Even if I have to die, I will take Xuanyuan Yvze with me." Then she said to the air in a deep voice, "Lingfeng, tell my master that I won't let him down this time."

"Peiyv, you don't have to worry about your family. They will be protected, so the most important thing for you now is to help our young master deal with Xuanyuan Yvze and Xuanyuan Yvfan."

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