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   Chapter 712 Beast Taming Skill (Ⅰ)

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When Qingyan woke up, she found herself in a strange place. Everything on her seemed to have disappeared, except the jade flute hidden in her body was still there.

This man's goal seemed to be just to deal with her? But who was this person? Why did he have to deal with her? Was it her enemy? But Su Qingyan had too many enemies. If she was frightened every day, how could she gain a foothold in the Donghe Kingdom? Moreover, no one who wanted to kill her would have a good end.

Qingyan found herself as if she had been poisoned. She was so weak that she had no strength at all. Qingyan had lived for thirty years, but she had never known that there was such a poison, because it was strong poison.

"Are you awake?" Just then, Qingyan heard a voice.

When she looked up, she saw a man with a silver mask appear in front of her. This man's figure was a little similar to that of Junmo, but she knew that Junmo had died, and who was the man in front of her?

"Who are you? Do you want to hurt me? " Looking at the man in front of her, Qingyan said weakly, "what poison is it as to make me weak?"

The man looked at Qingyan and said with a smile, "of course you don't have any strength at all. If you show obedience to me, maybe I can consider giving you the antidote."

Hearing this, Qingyan frowned and asked, "do you want to deal with me or others?"

"Miss Qingyan, what do you think?" The man said with a smile, "what if I tell you that I want to deal with Jingxuan?'' "

When Qingyan heard the name, her eyes darkened. Was this man sent by Xuanyuan Yvfan to test if there was any connection between her and Jingxuan, or he wanted to use her as a bargaining chip to lure Jingxuan to appear.

Only Jingxuan escaped from thoese wild beasts. Was this man really Xuanyuan Yvfan's man?

"You work for Xuanyuan Yvfan?

e had never appeared in this world.

"Miss, what's going on?" Qinglong looked at Qingyan in surprise. "Is it..."

Qingyan looked at Qinglong and nodded earnestly. "I don't know who he is, but I only know that he talked to me in an abdominal language."

Qinglong looked at Qingyan in confusion. "Qinglong, it seems that there is indeed a master behind Xuanyuan Yvfan, but we don't know who he is."

Qinglong looked at Qingyan again. "What should we do now? Do we still need to deal with the Second Prince?"

Looking at Qinglong, Qingyan smiled. "We have to deal with Xuanyuan Yvfan first. Moreover, only when the Crown Prince and Xuanyuan Yvfan fight with each other can we take action."

Hearing Qingyan's words, Qinglong was still confused. Although Qinglong had been with Qingyan for a long time and was familiar with Qingyan's character, he was really not good at dealing with these things, especially dealing with these enemies. If he had a choice, he would definitely choose to kill them with his force.

But Qingyan didn't want to do that.

"Qinglong, it seems that we are going to let Xuanyuan Yvfan and the Crown Prince fight each other first." Qingyan smiled happily when she looked at Qinglong.

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