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   Chapter 706 Racecourse (Ⅱ)

Phoenix Reborn: The Peerless Fourth Lady By Yi Ying Characters: 6204

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The next morning.

Qingyan asked Baizhi to prepare a set of riding clothes, and soon Baizhi brought a red one for Qingyan. This was the first time that Qingyan had worn a riding suit. She had never thought of wearing a riding suit before when she rode a horse, but she wanted a riding suit because of what Qinglong said yesterday.

Qilian Qingyan loved red riding clothes. Qinglong once appraised Qilian Qingyan as if she was born for a horse.

Looking at the red riding suit brought by Baizhi, Qingyan smiled and said, "Baizhi, how do you know my favorite red riding suit?"

Baizhi looked at Qingyan and said with a smile, "Miss, have you forgot that this riding suit was given to you by your brother. But you didn't know how to ride at that time, so it was kept in the box all the time. I found it this morning."

Looking at Baizhi, Qingyan smiled and said, "I see."

As Baizhi spoke, she helped Qingyan put on her riding suit. Seeing that Qingyan was wearing a red riding suit, Baizhi smiled and said, "Miss, this riding suit fits you perfectly."

Qingyan looked at Baizhi and nodded earnestly. "You're right. The riding suit fits you perfectly."

Looking at the expression on Qingyan's face, Baizhi smiled and said, "Miss, when did you learn to ride? I remember that you hated riding the most in the past."

"Okay!" Qingyan looked at Baizhi in confusion, and then said with a smile, "Shizi taught me that in the Nanchen Kingdom."

When Qingyan mentioned Jingxuan, Baizhi said resignedly, "Shizi has already had you. Why does he still go to such a place? It's really unreasonable."

"Yeah, it's so sad." Qingyan pretended to be pitiful and said, "but I can't live in the past all the time. Baizhi, I should look forward to you, shouldn't I?"

Baizhi looked at Qingyan and nodded earnestly, "of course. Miss is so beautiful. There must

didn't know why he fell in love with Su Qingyan at that time. When he first met Su Qingyan at the Yanjue Competition a few years ago, Su Qingyan didn't know anything and was the laughing stock. At that time, he only felt that Su Qingyan didn't look like Suyun's daughter at all, because at that time, Su Qingyan was there to set off Su Qingyuan and Su Qingwen.

When he met Su Qingyan again at the Longmen Banquet that year, she was still a laughingstock. Even Suyun was implicated by her, but Suyun and Luobing didn't take it seriously, because they knew that Su Qingyan gad been raised by Ning Siyao, and Ning Siyao would try her best to sow dissension between them.

But later, when did Su Qingyan become so dazzling?

He finally realized that maybe everything had a definite result, as if he would feel that he would fall in love with Su Qingyan.

But why did he like Su Qingyan?

However, he knew very well that Su Qingyan still had Jingxuan in her heart at the moment. He knew that as long as he could get the world, Su Qingyan would be willing to stand by his side and guard the world with him.

Looking at the absent-minded Qingyan, Xuanyuan Yvfan asked without hesitation, "Yanyan, are you willing to be my empress?"

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