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   Chapter 687 True Or False (IV)

Phoenix Reborn: The Peerless Fourth Lady By Yi Ying Characters: 6078

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When Qingyan saw Jingxuan, Jingxuan was playing with a white tiger. When he saw Qingyan, he smiled and said, "Yanyan, why are you here? Did Ye Peirong go to see you last night? "

Hearing Jingxuan's words, Qingyan nodded earnestly. "You're right. Ye Peirong did come to see me, but you have to believe that Ye Peirong could not hurt me."

Jingxuan looked at Qingyan and said with a smile, "of course I know. Besides, Ye Peirong was poisoned by you, wasn't he?"

Looking at Jingxuan, Qingyan nodded earnestly. "How are they doing? And about Qingxue and Qingcong? "

Hearing what Qingyan said, Jingxuan held Qingyan's hand and said, "Chonglou diagnosed them yesterday. The two children both suffered from malnutrition. As for aunt, she's fine. Nothing serious."

Hearing what Jingxuan said, Qingyan nodded at him seriously. "That's good, but..."

"Yanyan, I have something to tell you." Jingxuan snapped at Qingyan.

Hearing what Jingxuan said, Qingyan looked up at him and said seriously word by word, "they were poisoned by the poppy?"

Jingxuan looked at Qingyan in surprise, but he still nodded seriously. "You're right. They were indeed poisoned, but it's not poppy pollen, but arsenic."

Hearing Jingxuan's words, Qingyan widened her eyes. "What did you say? Arsenic? "

Jingxuan looked at Qingyan and nodded earnestly. "Yes, it's the arsenic. But I don't know why it has been stored in their bodies for so long, but they are all fine."

Hearing Jingxuan's words, Qingyan was also confused. "I didn't expect that. But I don't know the details. I thought they were poisoned with poppy pollen."

Jingxuan shook his head, "why do you think so?"

Qingyan looked at him and said seriously, "that's why I said so. But the arsenic is easier to detoxify than the poppy pollen, isn't it?"

Jingxuan s

y me. What do you think we should do now?"

Jingxuan raised his eyebrows and looked at Qingyan. "What do you want, Yanyan?"

Looking at Jingxuan, Qingyan seemed to have a tacit understanding and said, "We can set a trap for them."

Looking at Jingxuan, Qingyan said with a smile, "I aslo have this idea. Since Suyun and Luobing want you to give up your marriage, why follow their plan? It will be better if we can still find out the person behind it."

Jingxuan looked at Qingyan and nodded earnestly. "You're right. There must be someone behind Xuanyuan Yvfan, and this person should be a very powerful person."

Looking at Jingxuan, Qingyan nodded in agreement. "But it seems that our wedding will be delayed again."

Looking at Qingyan, Jingxuan held Qingyan in his arms with a smile. "It's not important anymore. In my heart, you are already my wife, and you will be my wife."

Looking at Jingxuan, Qingyan said with a smile, "after we get rid of Xuanyuan Yvfan, I will marry you, okay?"

Hearing Qingyan's words, Jingxuan smiled and said, "Okay, no matter when you want to marry me, I'm willing to."

Leaning against Jingxuan's chest, Qingyan said in a low voice, "Then I won't marry you."

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