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   Chapter 686 True Or False (Ⅲ)

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The next morning.

When Qingyan woke up and walked to the front hall, she saw Suyun and Luobing. They were sitting at the table and chatting with each other. When Qingyan came over, Suyun said with a fake smile, "Yanyan, you're here. Come and have dinner. Don't you know when you get up?"

Looking at "Suyun", Qingyan said with a smile, "you're right. I won't do it again."

"Suyun" looked at the expression on Qingyan's face and wanted to get some information from Qingyan's expression, but it turned out that everything was useless. He couldn't find out what was on Qingyan's mind.

"Yanyan, did you sleep well yesterday?" "Luobing" looked at Qingyan and said with a smile, "don't listen to your father. Have a good rest if you are tired. After all, health is the most important."

Looking at "Luobing", Qingyan said with a smile, "Mom, I know. I know my own health. Don't worry." Then she looked at Hongyao and said, "mother, I don't know if you are used to the dishes here."

"The cooks here are all good at cooking. I like them very much," Hongyao added, looking at Qingyan seriously.

"That's good. After all, I'm worried that mother doesn't like the food here," said Qingyan with a smile.

"I'm flattered, Yanyan. How could it be? I like the dishes here very much." Hongyao smiled awkwardly.

Mu Zhimin felt that Qingyan was different today, but she didn't ask her doubts because so many people were present. After all, the most important thing right now was her own child.

"Sister-in-law, don't you like their cooking?" Looking at Mu Zhimin, Qingyan said with a smile, "those people really don't know how to satisfy your appetite."

Hearing what Qingyan said, Mu Zhimin smiled and said, "Yanyan, what are you talking about? I like the dishes here very much."

Looking at Qingyan, Su Qingyv asked with a smile, "don't you like these

Hearing Qingdai's words, Qingyan nodded, "other than that, what else have you found?"

Looking at Qingyan, Chishao asked in confusion, "Miss, why do you ask this? Are they not the real ones? "

Hearing what Chishao said, Qingyan nodded with a smile. "Chishao, you're right. The father and mother we meet now are just disguised, so I have to know their purpose now."

"What?" Chishao's eyes widened. "Miss, do you mean that the whereabouts of them are still unknown?"

Qingyan looked at them and nodded earnestly. "You're right. I really don't know where my parents are hidden now, but I believe that the result will come soon."

Looking at Qingyan, Huangcen frowned and asked, "what do you want to do, Miss?"

Qingyan looked at them and shook her head. "I'll do it myself. You can leave now. Remember my question today. I don't want a third person to appear besides you." ...

"I understand."

"Okay! You can leave now. " Qingyan waved at them. As if thinking of something, she said, "I won't come back later. If my parents ask me, you can tell them that I have gone to Shizi's mansion. Don't say anything else."

Looking at the expression on Qingyan's face, Baizhi smiled and said, "I know. I won't let anyone else know."

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