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   Chapter 674 Returning To The Donghe Kingdom (Ⅱ)

Phoenix Reborn: The Peerless Fourth Lady By Yi Ying Characters: 6026

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When Qingyan woke up, she found herself lying in her bedroom.

She only felt that she had a dream, and everything in that dream was still vivid in her mind.

She clearly remembered the scene in her dream. Qilian Qingyi, Junmo and even her master Yunhen were all dead.

After waking up from the dream, she returned to the Donghe Kingdom. It seemed that she had never been Qilian Qingyan. She was just the daughter of Marquis Dingguo, Suyun.

"Miss, you finally wake up. Do you know that you have been in a coma for two months?"

When Qingyan heard this, she saw the familiar figure in front of her bed.

"What's wrong with me? Why did I sleep for so long? " Was everything she had experienced a dream?

When she woke up, everything in her dream disappeared.

"Miss, when you came back with Shizi, Shizi told me that you were in a coma. If Shizi knows that you are awake, he must be very happy. "

"Baizhi when did I come back?"

"You came back with Shizi three months ago, but you were already in a coma when you came back. As for the specific situation, I am not very clear." Baizhi looked at Qingyan and said with a smile, "I'm going to tell Shizi about it now."

Hearing what Baizhi said, Qingyan nodded at Baizhi, "I happen to have something to tell him."

Jingxuan rushed over as soon as he heard the news.

Three months ago, Qingyan suddenly fell asleep. Even Chonglou couldn't figure out the reason, but now she woke up herself.

Was it because of Yunhen as Qinglong said?

When Jingxuan walked into the room step by step, he felt as if he had thousands of emotions. He hadn't talked to her for three months. Would everything become a dream in her eyes?

"Yanyan, you finally wake up? Do you know that you have fallen asleep since Yunhen's death? "

Hearing Jingxuan's

smile, "what's the name of this boy?"

"His name is Su Zixi. It's dad who named him." Looking at Qingyan, Su Qingyv said with a smile, "sister, you've never seen this child, have you?"

Qingyan looked at Su Zixi in Mu Zhimin's arms and reached out her hand to him with a smile. Su Zixi seemed to understand what she meant and stretched out her hand to look at Qingyan, shouting, "Hu Hu Hu."

Qingyan took the baby from Mu Zhimin's arms, looked at her and said with a smile, "what a lovely baby. I've never seen you before. How do you know I'm your aunt?"

Looking at Qingyan, Su Zixi kept smiling. He looked at Mu Zhimin and said with a smile, "this little guy must really like Yanyan. Otherwise, why does he keep smiling at Yanyan after seeing her? I remember that when fourth brother held him before, he always cried. By the way, when fourth brother held him last time, he peed on his body. "

Hearing Mu Zhimin's words, Qingyan covered her mouth and laughed, "does he already know fourth brother is a moving iceberg at such a young age?"

When Jingxuan heard this, he looked at Su Zixi in his arms and said, "speaking of this, when I held this little guy yesterday, he also peed on me."

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