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   Chapter 667 The Wedding (Ⅸ)

Phoenix Reborn: The Peerless Fourth Lady By Yi Ying Characters: 6495

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Looking at the receding figure of Qinglong, Qingyan had a bad feeling for no reason, as if she knew something would happen. When she thought of this, she looked at Madam Mulan and said with a smile, "Madam Mulan, I'll go to see Qinglong first. You can decide the rest."

Then Qingyan disappeared in front of her. Looking at the receding figure of Qingyan, Madam Mulan shook her head resignedly.

When Qingyan caught up with Qinglong, she grabbed the corner of Qinglong's clothes. He looked at the person behind him, but couldn't lose his temper. Looking at the expression on Qingyan's face, he comforted her in a soft voice, "Miss, what's wrong?"

Qingyan looked into Qinglong's eyes and said seriously, "Qinglong, will that dream come true?"

Hearing Qinglong's words, Qingyan concealed the coldness in his eyes and said with a smile, "Miss, what are you talking about? Didn't you say that dreams are the opposite of reality? You don't need to worry about anything. "

Looking at Qinglong, Qingyan suddenly blurted it out. "Qinglong, things have become like this. Do you still want to lie to me?"

Seeing the expression on Qingyan's face, Qinglong knelt down and said, "Miss, I don't dare. I'm just confused."

Looking at Qinglong, Qingyan frowned and asked, "what are you confused about? Why are you so confused? Would that dream really become a reality? Would someone really want to massacre the Baihua Island? My master, Yvning and the others will all be seriously injured, but Jingxuan disappear. More importantly, I became silly and didn't remember anyone since then. "

Hearing Qingyan's words, Qinglong looked at her in surprise. "Miss, is it your dream?"

Looking at Qinglong, Qingyan nodded earnestly. "Yes, this is indeed my dream. I don't know why I have such a dream, but this dream really bothers me, and I don't know whom to tell."

Qinglong stood up and held Qingyan's hand. "Follow me, Miss." Then Qinglong cove

ried for the time being."

Looking at Qinglong, Qingyan shook her head resignedly. ''Compared with my wedding, the residents of the Baihua Island are more important. If there is a chance, I'll come back anyway."

Qinglong looked at Qingyan and nodded earnestly. "Then I'll inform the others now. Miss, please inform them as well."

"Okay." After saying that, the two of them acted separately.

After a while, they all gathered in the sea of flowers. Madam Mulan looked at Qingyan and said apologetically, "Miss, I didn't expect you to be unable to get married now."

Qingyan looked at Madam Mulan and shook her head. "It doesn't matter. There will be a chance in the future. Don't feel regretful, Madam Mulan. In a word, I'm still the destined girl here. Of course, I have to protect the people here."

Looking at Qingyan, Madam Mulan kowtowed to Qingyan with the other residents. "I hope you can come back as soon as possible."

Looking at them, Qingyan said with a smile, "don't worry. I will come back here to have a good rest after the world is peaceful."

No matter what happened, Qingyan's biggest dream in the future was to travel everywhere with Jingxuan.

If possible, it would be good to live in seclusion here. Now the most important thing was to protect this place.

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