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   Chapter 662 The Wedding (IV)

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Hearing his words, Yvning frowned and said, "did you also be deceived by her? Or is there any conflict between you and her? "

Ning Chenxuan looked at Yvning and nodded earnestly. "There is no conflict between Feng Chengyue and me, but there is some conflicts between Feng Chengyue and Limin."

"Limin?" Yunhen asked in surprise, "isn't she Yunyan's daughter? What kind of feud would there be between them? Have you ever been to the Beilin Kingdom before? "

Looking at Yunhen, Ning Chenxuan nodded earnestly. "You're right. We did go to the Beilin Kingdom before, and it was because of Limin's illness. At that time, Yifu had died, and Mindy was still alive. So my master and I took her to seek treatment."

Looking at the expression on Ning Chenxuan's face, Yvning said in surprise, "even so, what's the relationship between the two? Or did the two of them have anything in the past? "

Looking at Yvning, Yunhen said resignedly, "Yvning, can you let Chenxuan finish his words first?"

Hearing Yunhen's words, Yvning nodded earnestly.

Looking at the two of them, Ning Chenxuan continued, "in fact, the two of them don't have anything to do with each other. When we first arrived at the Beilin Kingdom, we heard that this princess was kind to others and had reputation among the people. The people liked her very much. That's why the emperor of the Beilin Kingdom doted on her." After a pause, Ning Chenxuan continued, "but one day we found a secret, which was discovered by Limin. We found that she led a group of daredevils, and they would always appear by her side to help her solve some problems. After our investigation, her mother was not an ordinary maid, but a very capable leader. "

When Yvning heard this, he frowned. Then he heard Ning Chenxuan's words, "Feng Chengbi has been trying to expose the hypocritical face of Feng Chengyue, but she

nts to leave the Baihua Island." The priest looked at Qinglong and asked in surprise, "does Miss want to change her fate?"

Qinglong looked at the priest Dean and shook his head. "Miss doesn't care about that position. Her biggest dream now is to help Yvning rule the world. If the four seas return to one and the world is in peace, she and Shizi will definitely come back."

Thinking of what Qingyan had said before, Madam Mulan said, "priest, Miss said that she would come back with Shizi when her wish is realized."

The priest looked at the two and nodded. "That's good! Has Miss decided who she will take with her? "

"Miss decided to leave with Jingze. Il hope that Jingze can protect her well with his ability." As she spoke, she looked at Qinglong.

Qinglong looked at Madam Mulan and nodded earnestly. "You don't have to worry, Madam Mulan. There are very few opponents who can defeat Jingze. Even Jingxuan may not be a match for Jingze. Jingze has learned the special cultivation method of the Baihua Island, so you don't have to worry."`

Looking at Qinglong, Madam Mulan nodded earnestly. Then she thought of the words of Mu Jingze, "Guardian, Jingze said that he would get married when he came back. What do you think?"

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