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   Chapter 661 The Wedding (Ⅲ)

Phoenix Reborn: The Peerless Fourth Lady By Yi Ying Characters: 5914

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"I think it's a good idea. According to Jingxuan and her character, if something really happens to the two of them, they won't live in the world. It's better to die for love." Yunhen looked at the two people and said with a smile, "I will bury you one at the end of the earth and the other at the corners of the sea. You will never see each other for the rest of their lives."

Hearing Yunhen's words, Qingyan rolled her eyes at Yunhen. "Master, you are really my good master!"

Yunhen looked at Qingyan with a smile. "Of course I'm your good master. According to your character, if Jingxuan really betrays you, will you forgive Jingxuan?"

Hearing Yunhen's words, Qingyan thought for a moment and shook her head. "I won't forgive him. If Jingxuan betrays me, I will never forgive him again."

Yunhen looked at Qingyan and nodded earnestly. "So? You'd better die for love. Then will you tolerate Jingxuan being buried with you? "

"No." "I won't be buried with him," said Qingyan without hesitation.

Yunhen looked at Qingyan and nodded earnestly again. "So what's wrong with me if I do that? But you haven't gone that far. If you really go that far, you will definitely do what I said."

Qingyan looked at Yunhen and nodded. She had forgotten that she had been with Yunhen for a long time, and Yunhen knew her very well. Just like when she married Weisheng Junyan, she had never thought that she would forgive Junmo one day. But what was the final result?

Qilian Qingyan died in the fairy tale weaved by Junmo.

She was dying to be with only one person in her whole life.

Looking at the expression on Qingyan's face, Jingxuan knew what she was thinking at a glance. But now that Junmo was dead, even if Junmo was not dead, the two of them could not g

lly anything wrong with Feng Chengyue, you can deal with her. But now the best way is to deal with her after marrying her, right? "

Standing aside, Ning Chenxuan heard all their conversation clearly.

"Yvning, I just heard you talking about Princess Rongyue?" Looking at the two of them, Ning Chenxuan asked seriously, "is she the youngest daughter of the emperor of Beilin Kingdom?"

When Yvning heard this, he looked at Ning Chenxuan and asked, "brother, do you know this woman?"

Ning Chenxuan looked at Yvning and nodded earnestly. "Yes, I do know this woman, but this woman is not what you see. Her mother is just a maid. When she was dying, she gave a lot of things to Feng Chengyue, so Feng Chengyue could live until now. In fact, she is a cruel and merciless woman."

Yvning asked in surprise, "why do you know it so clearly? After all, even my mother was deceived by her appearance. If it weren't for the fact that there were my spies in Beilin Kingdom, I think I would have been deceived by her. "

Ning Chenxuan looked at Yvning and nodded earnestly. "You are right. If there is no one around Beilin Kingdom, we will be deceived by her hypocritical face."

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