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   Chapter 657 The Seven-color Jade (Ⅶ)

Phoenix Reborn: The Peerless Fourth Lady By Yi Ying Characters: 6379

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Led by Mu Jingze, they appeared at the entrance of the cave that suppressed the colorful herring.

Qingyan could feel that there was an enchanted barrier at the entrance of the cave. It was not as gentle as before, but deep and thick.

It was so deep that even Qingyan herself could feel the danger hidden under the enchanted barrier. If the enchanted barrier was broken, it would be as if something would rush out.

When she thought of this, she couldn't help frowning, because it was not a good thing for them.

"Qinglong, we can't break through the enchanted barrier. What are you going to do?" Yunhen looked at the enchanted barrier and frowned.

According to the level of the enchanted barrier, even if they were all present, they might not be able to break it. And now, who among them could break the enchanted barrier?

"Don't worry, Mr. Yunhen." Qinglong turned to look at Yunhen and said gently, "this enchanted barrier is of no use to the destined girl." Then Qinglong looked at Qingyan and said, "Miss, why don't you have a try first?"

Looking at the expression on Qinglong's face, Qingyan turned to the people around her. If this enchanted barrier didn't hurt her, it didn't mean that it didn't hurt anyone else.

Was she the only one who entered the cave?

"Qinglong, only I enter the cave alone?" Qingyan looked at Qinglong with confusion. She wanted to know that if that was the case, there was no need for them to go forward with together. It was enough for her to go alone. If she really couldn't get out, it didn't matter even if she died inside.

After listening to Qingyan's words, Qinglong looked at her and nodded earnestly. "You're right. I can only go into the cave with you. No one else can enter. If you enter, you can only be trapped inside for the rest of your life."

Qingyan looked at Qinglong and nodded earnestly. "I see." As she spoke, she reached out her ha

initely not the case. Qinglong, you are not telling me the truth.'' Now that I'm the owner of the Baihua Island, why don't you tell me why it disappeared before? "

Hearing Qingyan's words, Qinglong took a step back and said, "Miss, you're so smart."

Raising her eyebrows, Qingyan looked at Qinglong and said with a smile, "are you really worried that I can't protect the Baihua Island well?"

Qinglong looked at Qingyan and shook his head. "Miss, I didn't mean not to tell you. After all, it will surprise you."

Looking at Qinglong, Qingyan shook her head resignedly. "Borrowing a dead body to return a soul has already happened to me. What else do you think can surprise me now?"

Qinglong looked at Qingyan and nodded with a smile. "You're right." Then Qinglong looked at Qingyan and said gently, "Miss, do you remember where you saw the name of the Baihua Island?"

Hearing Qinglong's words, Qingyan seemed to be thinking about the question that he brought up. Where did she first see the three words of the Baihua Island? If I remember correctly, it should be in some ancient book.

If she remembered correctly, this ancient book seemed to have recorded something about borrowing a dead body to return a soul. But now thinking about it, could it be...

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