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   Chapter 648 The Baihua Island (Ⅲ)

Phoenix Reborn: The Peerless Fourth Lady By Yi Ying Characters: 6300

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Hearing what Yunyan said, Mu Jingze knew clearly who she was talking about.

But he knew that Qingyan was not that kind of girl. He could tell what kind of girl Qingyan was at a glance. How could he allow the woman in front of him to slander Qingyan?

What's more, she had seen the portrait of this woman in his mother's Study Room. This woman killed his father and her grandparents.

His mother once told him that when this woman found the Baihua Island, there were more residents on the island than now. Because this woman accidentally broke into the Baihua Island, they thought she was destined. At that time, it had been a year after Qilian Qingyan left.

Her father helped Yunyan cure the disease, but she didn't expect that Yunyan would use her father to raise the parasite. How could his father let such a thing happen? So he could only drag this woman out of the Baihua Island in the end. However, his father died because of this. His grandparents couldn't bear this blow, so they also passed away soon. Her mother had just been pregnant at that time, so her mother had to live on.

For the sake of all the residents of the Baihua Island, she had to live on.

When he grew up, his mother told him everything. Although he was still young at that time and his mother had never mentioned these things to him, when he knew the truth, he was still determined to kill this woman to mourn the dead people.

The more important reason why Mu Jingze hated Yunyan was that Yunyan had once used the residents of the island to raise parasites, and those residents had all died miserably in pain later.

This was the woman they had saved. Not only did this woman not know how to repay, but she also wanted to steal their treasure, the Seven-color Jade!

"I'm brought here by Su Qingyan. She is the one who wants to get the Seven-color Jade. I'm really wronged." With a serious l

it now." Then he quickly untied the rope on Youran's body gave her a red snake orchid.

Looking at the fruit, Youran frowned and asked, "what is this fruit? Why is it in this shape?"

The servant looked at Youran and said with a smile, "this is the unique red snake orchid of our island. You can eat it to relieve your hunger." He scratched his head and looked at her with a silly smile. Then, thinking of the order of Mu Jingze, he said with a smile, "Miss, I'll take you to see Qingyan!"

After eating the red snake orchid, Youran looked at him and nodded earnestly. "Okay."

The servant led the way and soon they arrived at Qingyan's room. At this time, Qingyan was sitting outside and watching a girl in red dancing. When she saw Youran, she smiled and said, "you're here, Youran!"

Youran walked to Qingyan and took off her human skin mask. "Miss, I'm late. I made you suffer." Then she knelt down and looked at Qingyan respectfully.

Qingyan shook her hand and said, "it's not your fault. Why should you blame yourself?" She thought of the care that Mu Jingze had given her before and said with a smile, "in fact, he treated me very well. At least, he helped me detoxify. Although it can't be eradicated, it has the effect of relieving."

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