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   Chapter 645 The Baihua Island (Ⅰ)

Phoenix Reborn: The Peerless Fourth Lady By Yi Ying Characters: 6328

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Jingxuan could tell that Yunhen didn't tell the truth, but what could he do? What's the point of recalling what happened in the past?

After all, so many years had passed. After all, Qilian Qingyan had passed away. Everything that had happened in the past had long gone with Qilian Qingyan.

"Master, I've never heard these words from you." Yvning looked at Yunhen in surprise. "I really want to know what my mother looked like when she was young."

Yunhen looked at Yvning and said with a smile, "at that time, she was still young and very naughty. She always liked to run around in my bamboo forest. She had lost a lot of bamboo shoots in my bamboo forest. At that time, her favorite thing was to dig bamboo shoots with Junmo. You know the bamboo shoots in the bamboo forest are delicious and I like them very much... " Yunhen seemed to be lost in his memory.

Those memories seemed to have been deeply engraved in his mind. Even if his disciple didn't like him, he felt satisfied as long as he could silently stay by her side.

On the day of Qilian Qingyan's wedding, Yunhen and Junmo got drunk, but no one knew that they liked the same person.

When Qilian Qingyan gave birth to Yvning, he thought he would really forget Qilian Qingyan, but it turned out that everything happened was only with the passage of time, and he remembered it more clearly.

When he heard the news of Qilian Qingyan's death, he immediately rushed down from the Wuwang Mountain, but he couldn't see her for the last time. He exhausted half of his cultivation and finally helped her gather the spirits, but he found that her soul could no longer return to Qilian Qingyan's body.

He knew that this was fate, and it was also an irreversible result.

Because he had consumed half of his life's cultivation base, his hair turned grey, but he felt it was worth it.

Even if he knew that Qilian Qingyan on

omething and said, "Yvning, I may not return to the Baihua Island island after that."

Hearing Yunhen's words, Yvning's eyes widened. "Master, what are you talking about? How could it be possible that you can never return? "

Looking at Yvning, Yunhen shook his head helplessly. "It's time to settle something. After all, it was our private affair before. I also know why Yunyan wanted to come to the Baihua Island."

Hearing Yunhen's words, Jingxuan asked in surprise, "then why did Yunyan bring Yanyan to the Baihua Island?"

Yunhen looked at Jingxuan and said with a smile. Then he looked at Yvning and said, "Yvning, if Yanyan really asks about it, tell her that I'm already dead. Don't let her know that I'll die on the Baihua Island."

Yvning looked at Yunhen and shook his head. "Master, you know I can't do it. Why do you have to make things difficult for me?"

Yunhen sighed and said with a smile, "I don't want her to see me in the end, or I will feel sorry for her."

Looking at Yunhen, Yvning knelt down and said, "master, mother once told me that I should respect my master the same as father. If you really care about her, you should know how much she cares about you. So, master, do you have the heart to let her not know the truth?"

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