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   Chapter 640 Destined (V)

Phoenix Reborn: The Peerless Fourth Lady By Yi Ying Characters: 6448

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"You mean that Su Qingyan is the reincarnation of Qilian Qingyan?" asked Ning Chenxuan in surprise, looking at Yunhen.

Yunhen looked at him and shook his head helplessly. "Chenxuan, I mean, Su Qingyan is dead, and now Su Qingyan is Qilian Qingyan. This is the 'borrowing a dead body to return a soul' recorded in the ancient books."

Hearing Yunhen's words, Ning Chenxuan's eyes widened. He really didn't expect that there was such a method in the world. But thinking of Yunhen's origin, he knew that using this method would have to pay a heavy price.

"Did you consume a lot of cultivation base to use this technique?" "If that's the case, I can break the array of the Baihua Island alone. After all, master's health is the most important," said Ning Chenxuan respectfully, looking at Yunhen.

Yunhen looked at Ning Chenxuan and nodded earnestly. "If I didn't help Qingyan gather the spirits before, I could break the array on my own. But now the cultivation base of gathering spirits is consumed a lot, so I can only let Chenxuan break the array alone."

Ning Chenxuan looked at Yunhen and nodded earnestly. "I understand."

Yunhen patted Ning Chenxuan on the shoulder and said, "don't worry about Qingyan. I know you took her away for revenge."

Ning Chenxuan looked at Yunhen and nodded. "But later I found out something about Marquis Jingguo. I didn't expect it was all his fault. It's not Qingyan's fault."

Yunhen looked at Ning Chenxuan and nodded earnestly. "It's good that you understand. The most important thing now is to find Qingyan."

At this moment, Jingninf came to tell them that everything was ready, and then they set off together.

At this time, Qingyan, who was knocked out by Yunyan, finally woke up. Looking at Hongying in front of her, Qingyan frowned and said, "you are really on the same side with Yunyan."

Hongying looked at Qingyan and asked with a smile, "so what? Now you are st

id, "it doesn't matter. Only in this way can Yunyan Yan relax her vigilance. After all, I haven't figured out what happened to her yet. Have you figured it out after asking my master?"

Yaochi looked at Qingyan and nodded earnestly. "I'm very clear that Yunyan admired Yunhen back then, but her love was refused by Yunhen. Later, Yunyan met the master of the Misty Village, Lifeng. Lifeng fell in love with Yunyan at the first sight. But at that time, Yunyan always thought of Yunhen, so Lifeng had a bad relationship with Yunhen In the past, he had fought with Yunhen on the Wuwang Mountain for three days and nights, but how could Lifeng be a match for Yunhen? Moreover, Yunhen had already admitted that he was not a good mate for Yunyan. From then on, Lifeng had no contact with Yunhen anymore. However, after Yunyan married to Lifeng, she poisoned him. Lifeng had planned to divorce Yunyan, but who knows that in the end Yunyan activated the parasite in his body, so he jumped down the Misty Mountain and was smashed to pieces. It is said that even his corpse could not be found. "

Looking at Yaochi, Qingyan said resignedly, "There's always a dagger hanging above sex. My master didn't take a fancy to Yunyan at that time. Why does he have a deep love for Qilian Qingyan now?"

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