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   Chapter 636 Destined (Ⅳ)

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It seemed that Ning Chenxuan hadn't viewed the scenery of the Misty Mountain for many years. He was adopted and stayed on the mountain all day long. He knew that his Yifu treated him like his own son.

Later, his Yiwu brought back the dying lady, Yunyan. He knew that she was the woman in Yifu's painting. She was extremely beautiful when she was young, and even Ning Chenxuan himself was attracted by her beauty. He knew that only such a beauty could make his Yifu fall in love with her.

Later, he heard a story from his Yifu, a story about Yunyan.

His Yifu had tried every means to make Yunyan become his disciple, so that one day he could see if Yunyan's conscience was made of stone. He loved Yunyan and sacrificed everything he had, but in the end he was killed by Yunyan.

Ning Chenxuan married Limin against his will. After Limin's death, Yunyan found a group of women who looked like Limin to disgust him, but he didn't move. He knew that they were just some substitutes.

But somehow, he fell in love with Su Qingyan.

Standing with his hands behind his back, Ning Chenxuan looked at the scenery in the distance.

"Master, we have found out everything you want to know." Jingshang looked at Ning Chenxuan and replied seriously. "It's true that Marquis Jingguo lied to you about half of what happened before. So it's not that Su Qingyan provoked the Marquis, but that the Marquis hurt Su Qingyan first."

Ning Chenxuan looked at Jingshang and nodded earnestly. "I've already known this. Have you found anything else?"

"Master, I also found out that it was because Ning Siyao trampled Su Qingyan under her feet that Su Qingyan held a grudge against Marquis Jingguo." "Tell me, what hap

rom the Misty Mountain and been smashed to pieces. " "How dare you want to kill Yanyan now?" Ning Chenxuan asked, clutching her neck.

Hearing this name, Yunyan frowned and said, "Ning Chenxuan, Su Qingyan won't like you. You have so many beautiful women around you. How could she like you?"

Ning Chenxuan said calmly. "Even if she does not like me, I can keep her with me. But what about you? It seems that the one you like has never liked you before. Master, are you more miserable than your disciple. "

Yunhen was Yunyan's weakness. When she heard the name, she wanted to struggle to free herself, but she found that no matter how hard she struggled, it would not work.

"Master, you should know my ability, so you'd better not try to struggle!" "Even if you die now, you can't be buried with my Yifu!" Ning Chenxuan said viciously.

Yunyan could only feel that her breath became heavier and heavier, but unexpectedly, Ning Chenxuan loosened his grip at last. "Master, I'm your disciple after all. I can't watch you die so easily."

Hearing his words, Yunyan took a step back and asked, "what do you want, Ning Chenxuan?"

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