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   Chapter 631 Destined (Ⅰ)

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Hongying didn't expect that Qingyan would say something like that. She looked at Qingyan and said impatiently, "I used to be her maid. He won't believe me."

"Really?" Looking at Hongying, Qingyan continued with a smile, "that's possible. Maybe Mister used to like your Miss very much, but now you have to know that I'm the sweetheart of your mister!"

"Bah!" Hongying spat with disdain, "don't talk big. There are many women who are the same as you. I've never seen him treat that woman sincerely. Who the hell are you?"

Looking at the expression on Hongying's face, Qingyan said indifferently, "you'll know who I am soon."

Hongying looked at Qingyan in confusion. Hongying didn't know kungfu, so she couldn't hear Ning Chenxuan's footsteps at all. But Qingyan was different. She could hear his footsteps on the way.

The fact that she was able to stay in the place where Limin used to live only meant that she was the one who looked like Limin the most. Even if he brought those women back, no one could stay here.

"I tell you, you should take a look at yourself with a mirror. Who are our Miss and who are you?" Looking at Qingyan, Hongying continued with dissatisfaction, "You are just a substitute of my Miss. Don't be so arrogant."

After calculating the time when Ning Chenxuan stepped into the house, Qingyan sobbed, "I know I'm just a substitute for Miss Limin. I really didn't expect to be favored by mister. If you don't like me, you can tell him. Why do you have to swallow insult and humiliation here? Why do you take it out on me? Miss Limin doesn't have the fate to be with mister. Do you also want to stop me from staying with him? "

Hongying didn't expect that Qingyan would become so humble, nor did she expect that Ning Chenxuan had already arrived at the corridor.

Hongying looked at Qingyan and said in an arrogant tone, "let me tell you. You can't even compare with our Miss. Mister w

He raised his hand and said with a smile, "Yanyan, you don't know that I have never been in love with Limin."

'He didn't love at all. How could he marry her? He even found so many girls who looked like her on the Misty Mountain. And he even said that Limin was his wife?' Things were getting more and more interesting now.

"Mister, it has nothing to do with me. I'm just a substitute for her." Looking at Ning Chenxuan, Qingyan said, "I came here with you. I have never had a crush on you." Qingyan took her hand back and said, "Mister, this wound is the punishment for my willing thought." As she spoke, she gently touched her wrist, and then looked at Ning Chenxuan with tears in her eyes.

Looking at Qingyan's face, Ning Chenxuan reminded himself again and again that Su Qingyan was his enemy and the murderer of one hundred and eight people of his clan. He had to kill the woman in front of him himself, but he couldn't bear to kill her after seeing her being like this.

What was the enmity between Marquis Jingguo and Marquis Dingguo? Why did Marquis Jingguo hide everything that had happened?

When Ning Chenxuan thought of this, he turned to look at Qingyan. Was everything really like what he saw on the surface? Was Su Qingyan really that kind of cruel woman?

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