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   Chapter 630 The Zhangxin Parasite (Ⅰ)

Phoenix Reborn: The Peerless Fourth Lady By Yi Ying Characters: 6035

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Looking at the people standing in front of him, Yvning asked helplessly, "what do you think of this matter?"

Looking at Yvning, Yvjing said respectfully, "brother, I think we'd better send someone to look for Yanyan. If we don't do that, we won't know where Yanyan is."

Hearing her words, Weisheng Yvjun echoed, "brother, Yvjing is right. If we don't look for her, how can we know where Yanyan is?"

Looking at them, Yvning frowned and said, "of course I know what you mean. But according to you, we have to know the whereabouts of Yanyan first before we can look for her. But now we don't even know where Yanyan is. How can we look for her?"

Looking at Yvning, Yvjing asked respectfully, "brother, why don't you let the people of the Bagua Sect to do the search? If the people of the Bagua Sect are sent out, Yanyan will be found soon. "

Looking at Yvjing, Yvning shook his head helplessly. "It's useless. The Bagua Sect is different from the Wanshou Pavilion and the Qixing Hall. When Yifu founded it, he said that it was specially aimed at the Nanchen Kingdom, so the members of the Bagua Sect don't know anything about the other three kingdoms, so they can't go out to look for it. As for the power of the Nanchen Kingdom, we have sent people to look for Yanyan. "

Looking at Yvning's frown, Yvjing also frowned and asked, "Has Yanyan really disappeared?"

Yvning looked at them and shook his head. "It's impossible for her to disappear, but we haven't found out the whereabouts of Yanyan. Is the manipulator so powerful?"

After listening to Yvning's words, the hall was quiet. Then Weisheng Yvjun said, "brother, we can't be in a hurry. The people of the Bagua Sect are responsible for searching in the Nanchen Kingdom, and the others are responsible for searching in other three kin

Looking at the calm expression on Qingyan's face, Hongying frowned and said, "then why do you still stay with Mister? Only our mistress deserves him. You should stay away from him!"

Looking at Hongying, Qingyan sneered, "Hongying, you should know what you should do and what you shouldn't. If I tell Ning Chenxuan what you look like now, guess what he will do to you?"

"You..." Pointing at Qingyan, Hongying said indignantly, "you won't win his heart. I believe he won't fall in love with you."

"Really?" Qingyan looked at Hongying and said with interest. Then she threw the cup in front of her to the ground.

Seeing what Qingyan was doing, Hongying asked in surprise, "what are you going to do! He won't believe what you said! In his heart... "

But before Hongying could finish her words, Qingyan scratched her wrist and said, "guess what he will do to you if I tell him that you hurt me?"

"You can't go too far. You did it yourself!" Hongying looked at Qingyan and said in fear, "I didn't hurt you."

Qingyan covered her arm and walked towards Hongyingstep by step. "I know! The wound on my arm was caused by myself, but now there are only two of us! Who knows I hurt myself? "

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