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   Chapter 629 The Zhangxin Parasite (Ⅸ)

Phoenix Reborn: The Peerless Fourth Lady By Yi Ying Characters: 5880

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Looking at Jingxuan, Yvning said resignedly, "Jingxuan, don't be angry. Yaochi has always been like this. But I'm glad that he has been protecting Yanyan well. Even if he didn't have other tasks this time, Yanyan wouldn't have ended up like this."

When Jingxuan was about to speak, he heard another voice, "master, our men found the princess, but she was injured."

Yvning frowned at the person and asked, "are you sure it's Princess Zhaoren?"

That man looked at Yvning and nodded earnestly. "We always think that she is Princess Zhaoren. But she doesn't admit it, the man beside her also does not admit it either."

"A man?" Jingxuan asked in surprise, "do you mean there is another man beside Yanyan?"

Hearing Jingxuan's words, the man said respectfully, "there is indeed a young man who is about the same age as your majesty. He insisted that Princess Zhaoren is his wife, but he didn't accept our questioning."

"Where are those people now?" Yvning asked anxiously, "do you know where they have gone?"

The man looked at Yvning and shook his head helplessly. "We sent people to track them, but they were smart enough to dump us. Now our people haven't come back, and the news hasn't been sent back either."

Looking at Yvning, Jingxuan said seriously, "it seems that this person is very powerful. I guess all the people I sent out have died, so our people are useless."

Yvning looked at Jingxuan and nodded earnestly. "Jingxuan is right. The ordinary people we sent out are no match for them. If Yanyan, who has lost her memory, can also help that young man, it only proves one thing, that the man doesn't want to hurt Yanyan. If so, why did he take Yanyan away?"

Looking at Yvning, Jingxuan said seriously, "in that case, this man wen

oint her, she will do something against the fata. This is Qilian Qingyan. That's why Junmo was poisoned by the Heart-devouring Parasite in the end. "

Jingxuan soon understood what Yunhen meant.

In the past, Qilian Qingyan couldn't tolerate betrayal, and now, Su Qingyan also couldn't. That was why she agreed to the marriage. She was sure that he could give her the life she wanted. If this life really didn't exist one day, she would probably choose to forget him.

"Master, I understand what you said. Don't worry. I will treat Yanyan well and won't let her down all my life." Jingxuan looked at Yunhen and said seriously.

However, Yunhen shook his head as if he had experienced such a thing. "Jingxuan, there are some things that you can't say with your mouth. Junmo also said that at that time, but in the end, she married Weisheng Junyan and ended up like that. If you really don't want to be on the way of Junmo, you should treat her well. As for other things, you don't have to think about it. "

Jingxuan looked at Yunhen and nodded earnestly. "Master, I see. I'll try my best to treat [Yanyan better in the future and make her believe in her choice."

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